Lycanthropes: Beginning.

By Adam Carlile.


Chapter 1.

My name Adam, Otherwise know as Bladewolf, I was just an normal, average 18 year old, who was only going on a special weekend school trip to relax after finishing Exams from the A-levels.  It is the last school trip we are going to have before we break up from school, for good. But instead, major events happened there, which had changed my life forever.

June 2003, my friends, Stuart, Chi-Wai and Tim and me went on a weekend school trip to a hotel just on the outskirts of the Yokely, a lot of students and teachers attended this school trip and nearly filled two busses. It had taken a long four-hour journey to get to our destination. (It could have been quicker if someone hasn’t been sick on the bus!).

At the hotel, we ended up squeezing seven people to a room as the teachers misread of what the capacity of the hotel was (retards). I did mange to stay in the same room with a couple of my friend, plus four other people, two of them already when down stairs to the bar, while the other two, who we don’t tend to get on with, stayed up with us. They were smoking their cigarettes while we were sorting some beds out to sleep on.   One puff of smoke from Lewis annoyed Stuart.

“Why can’t you put those bloody things out!” Stuart moaned at them.

Nathan takes out his cigarette from his mouth before replying, “Sod off Stuart, its not like it is going to kill you!”

“So! I don’t want to smell like fags, its smells awful!”

“Well I’m not going to put these out yet, not till I’m finished anyway” Said Lewis placing the cigarette back into his mouth before blowing more smoke which went straight towards my face.  I coughed quite heavily from it.

“Well can’t you at least smoke outdoors?” I said while coughing.

“Nah We can’t be arse to go down there” Said Nathan acting as if he was lazy.

When more smoke was being puffed out from their mouth, we basically had enough.

I stood up and walk towards the door “Right, I’m going downstairs to the bar to get some drink, Are you coming Stuart and Chi-Wai?” I asked

Stuart replied “Yeah I’ll come”

“Me to” Said Chi-Wai picking up his wallet off the desk while on his way out towards the door.


Chapter 2.

We walked down the hallway heading towards the bar were it seemed to be a bit quiet (and doesn’t smell as bad than in our room).

“I’m glad that we have got away from those twats” Said Chi-Wai

“Aye, at least it gives us some breathing space away from them” I replied

“Sadly we have to get up their later on, as we have got a late night hike” Said Stuart.

“Late night hike?”

“Yeah, Mr. Oliver said we have to go on the hike to exercise our legs and gets some fresh air after a long journey on the bus” Stuart Reminded me as I have totally forgotten all about it (damn I’ve left my torch at home!).

“Well we really need some fresh air after being put in the same room as Nathan” said Stuart opening the door to bar.

I went through the door and went straight to the counter where drinks are being served, Stuart and Chi-Wai followed and while at the counter, I pulled out my wallet from my pocket, “Do you two want any drinks? Because I’ll buy you them.” I politely offered.

“I’ll have diet coke please” Chi-Wai replied

I looked back at Stuart “What about you Stuart? Do you want any drink?”

“No thanks, I’m not really thirsty,” said Stuart

When the Land Lord came towards, us I ordered two drinks, one normal coke, and one diet coke, Stuart went to sit down at the table While Chi-Wai was waiting for his drink. Once we got our drinks we went to sit down at were Stuart was waiting for us. We talked to each other, about what we are going to do once we get our results in August.



Chapter 3.

            The sky has fallen to near total darkness.  The full moon is shining bright in the night sky, so bright that we could just able to see were we are going and only using our torches to watch out for logs, which lay hidden in the dark floor.

            We already walked a couple of miles, mainly walking through the Welsh Woods (We haven’t found a Welsh person shagging a sheep yet).  Tim was already getting board and fed up of hiking, to amuse himself, he started to lob stones over the group of students who are ahead of us. He threw stones for several minutes, and Chi-Wai was getting a bit concerned.

            “Tim I think you better stop now” Said Chi-Wai

            Tim lobbed another stone “why”

            The Stuart shouted “heads up” as several stone thrown from the group in front of us went flying towards us, on of them hit my arm, and the other skimmed my head.

            “Stop that you two!” Shouted Mr. Oliver, our deputy head of 6th form.

            “Look they threw some too, sir,” Said one of them being childish

            “I don’t care, I saw you throwing stones at them! If I catch you two, throwing stones again, you both will be sent back to the hotel!”

            Then we heard a voice from somewhere, which alerted us “May be you all should go back”

            We looked around to see who said it, but no one seemed to be suspicious about making these comments, it is probably the group behind us who are usually where the “dick heads” are, we decided to ignore it.

            Then we heard bushes rustling to the left of us.  Mr. Oliver turn his light of his torch towards the bushes “Who’s there?” he said and the bushes rustling again.  Mr. Oliver then went to have a closer look.  Mr. Oliver went to look over the bushes.

            Then jumping out of the bushes a large dog like creature went up and clamped its jaws on Mr. Oliver’s neck. Many of our student screamed in horror and as they tried to escape, more of these creatures came out of the bushes, and some (for bizarre reason) was wearing clothes? This can’t be right, as we were being ambushed.


Chapter 4.

            We tried to escape from them as more came through the bushes; some of the students was brought to the ground, I felt adrenalin pumping through my bloodstream and my heart pounding as fear got to me, those creatures howled and snarled in the night sky. I tried running as fast as I could.

            “Hey Adam, Wait! Don’t leave us behind” shouted Stuart who was lagging behind with Chi-Wai following behind him.

            “Hurry!” I shouted at them, who they are trying to out run the two werewolves chasing them.

            I allowed Stuart and Chi-Wai to catch up, with me; its best to stay together is any of us stand the chance of surviving.  We dashed further into the woods, running past trees and leaping over the logs. I threw my torch to the ground to distract the creatures. It worked but only for a short while, after they sniffed around the torch, they continued to chase us. As we tried to run away from them, I could see the green building behind the silvery fence.

            “Hey, Adam, Stuart, there’s a building behind the fence, If we go over the fence and into the building we should be safe in there” Said Chi-Wai, panting heavily

            Looking at the building I was a little concerned “Are we suppose to go there?”

            “Don’t care” Stuart Replied, “as long as we are safe from them, it will have to do”

            We then slammed ourselves against the fence and started climbing as fast as we could. The werewolf wasn’t far behind, but as long as we get over the fence we should be safe for a while. As we raced to the top, I was first up there; I took my coat of and slung it over the barbwire so we don’t injure ourselves for going over them. I mange to get over it and dropped to the ground, followed by Chi-Wai who fell to his knees, Stuart was last to go over, while he went over his coat was caught on the barb wire and was torn heavily, but it didn’t concern him as he was more bothered to get over the fence. Then as he touched down the muddy ground, we moved quickly away from the fence. We then stopped and turned around and saw the wolf-Creatures stop just away from the silvery fence, instead of going over the fence after us; they stayed on the ground snarling at us. They then stood up on their hind legs and did a mixture of bark growling angry that they had lost their prey.  

            Then they stood up on the hind legs would, could see a good sight of what actually are they. They stood well over 7ft probably even 8ft but we weren’t exactly sure, but they are bigger from us. Their heads looks like a wolf and their body was covered heavily of fur, they had a Wolf like tail and their hands are shaped like our human hands but covered mainly in fur with paw pad on the palm of their hand and at their finger tips. They are very physique; so much so, you could see their muscles quite well. Strangely the muscles look like you will probably get for a human, six pack and seemly powerful biceps.  Their legs are also in a shape of a human form except to their feet, it was clearly in a shape of part of a hind leg of a dog, a digitgrade walking species. Other final thing about them, they were wearing slightly torn trousers.  One was wearing jeans; the other was wearing combat trousers.

            What we are seeing is unbelievable. “What the hell are they?” I asked.

            “Looks like werewolves to me” Chi-Wai replied

            “No way! They can’t be! They don’t exist in real life!” It was hard for me to believe it because I’m sure Werewolves don’t exist, if they do why there are no reports of them?

            Chi-Wai looked at me “Well they are massive for a wolf, and seemed to have a few features of the wolf and human combined, they must be a werewolf”

            “If they really are werewolves, I must dreaming, are you sure they are not the oversize Healthy wolf?” Said Stuart who also found it hard to believe

            Chi-Wai starting to get little annoyed of us asking, more or less, stupid questions “Look if it was an over-size healthy wolf why the hell it is wearing trousers!” He pointed out.

            Stuart turned around away from the fence not looking at the werewolves, “you may believe all that crap Chi-Wai, but I certainly don’t!  I’m going inside”

            “Me too, I’m hoping to get some sleep in there and hope it was all the dream!” I said.


            “Don’t start arguing and just going side” Stuart said to Chi-Wai who basically gave up arguing with us, We turned away from the wolves and didn’t look back as we head to the Fire exit door which was left a-jar.  Stuart opens the door and looked down onto the floor, with horror.

            “What the Fuck!” he swore in shock, and I went into the room to see what Stuart had found. When I look down, I froze.


Chapter 5.

            “Jesus!” Said Chi-Wai who just came into the room shock of what he had seen.

            It was a dead body for sure, with the white cloak covered heavily in blood, its chest was torn out and most of the organ where missing leaving the stomach and the intestines which scatter along the floor.  The limbs of the body was missing, one arm and both legs torn out. The head was intact but literately shredded and the neck had a clear indicating that it was clamped around the neck, similar style of attack, which killed Mr. Oliver. This didn’t look good.

            The room was dark and we could hardly see anything around the room, only our torches were our last available light.  Chi-Wai moved his torch around to see if there is a werewolf in this room. We stood silence for a few minutes, but after that we felt more relaxed, as we became sure that no one else is in the room.

We don’t exactly no the size of the room as we were mainly surrounded by boxes, some are nicely place for us to climb to the to of the boxes as the height of the room is quite big.

            I walked back a little and felt something, which made me jump and turned around to see what it is. But all it was the arm probably from the corpse, which was torn off. It was holding a long brown leather case, which had something in it; I picked it up to see what it is and pulled it out, revealing a long, and straight blade, it was a sword.

            Chi-Wai shined the torch at my face “Did you find anything?” He asked

            I showed him the sword “Only this” I replied

            “A sword?”

            I nodded “yes a sword”

            “What hell the sword doing hear?”

            “Probably that dead guy used it for self defence” Stuart interjected

            “Well he didn’t do a great job defending himself then” Said Chi-Wai looking back at the dead body.

            I put the sword back in its “Oh well I’m keeping it now, it might become handy”

            “What to shove it up your ass to get pleasers of it!”  Stuart said being sick minded as he usually does.

            I wasn’t impressed by Stuarts comment; I wasn’t in a mood for sick jokes. “Stuart, I’m not in the mood for you making sick minded jokes trying to make someone as if they are Gay!”

            “Look I was only trying to lighten the mood a bit,” Stuart moaned.

            Chi-Wai interjected “Adam’s right, there’s really no time to make sick jokes in the situation like this. For starters we really need to get the light on”

            I snatched the torch of Chi-Wai and looked around the room for the light switch, but however I can’t find it “The Problem is where is the switch?”

            “Maybe its probably on the other side of the boxes” Said Chi-Wai

            Both Stuart and Chi-Wai Turn around facing me “And Guess who is going to have to go over the boxes to switch the light on”

            Their body language shows it. Telling me that I’m the one who will have to go over the boxes to get the light switch. I wasn’t keen about it “You’re not telling me that I have to go over and switch it on?”

            Chi-Wai Nodded “You have the torch to find it”

            “And you are the tallest here that can reach the boxes” Stuart add

            I sighed “That is a lame excuse, especially when it comes to size, me and Stuart are more or less the same height” I Pointed out.

            “Would you rather get killed for not being able to see that there was a werewolf in here?”

            I give up with the argument, I lost two to one and I can’t really put in a strong view to change their decision. I huffed loudly “OK I’ll go up, at least it shows how much shit scared you are”

They didn’t reply and I started climbing up the boxes to get over them and to find the light switch to gets some light in here.



Chapter 6.

I mange to get over the boxes, climbing down wasn’t much trouble for me as it was nicely place for me just to walk down as if it was stairs. With the sword by my side as my only defence, I jumped of the final box.

I got my torch and shined it around the room looking for the light switch; it didn’t take me long as I have found it next to the door, which was left slightly ajar

            “I found it!” I shouted

            “Switch it on then!” Stuart shouted back

            I went to the light switch and as I went to press the switch, I heard something; it was sort of a clicking sound. I looked around with my torch providing me with light.  I found nothing but boxes.  I heard more clicking sounds, but this time it is louder and sounded like it was closer.

            “What’s taking you so long to switch on the light?” Shouted Chi-Wai who startled me a little “are you going to switch the light on or what?”

            “Yes I was about to” I shouted back at Chi-Wai. 

            I decided to ignore the clicks and just switch the light on. I flicked, and the lights came on lighting up the room. But then I heard a loud dog like growl, which made me, froze.  I’ve dropped my sword and slowly turned around and looked up at one of the high boxes.

            “SHIT!” I swore as I was pounce on and knocked do hard onto the ground by a large white werewolf, wearing brown trousers.

            It slashed its claws across my abdomen, releasing a lot of blood. I screamed in agony. I watched as its jaws open wide, about to launch a devastating blow. It then launch its attack, I moved my arm to shield my face just in time as it clamped its jaws on my bare skin of my left arm.  Its teeth sank deeply into my skin and blood start pouring out. I shouted louder pleading for help. But Stuart and Chi-Wai voice seemed to have been drowned by the werewolf’s growls and snarls.

            The werewolf was shaking my left arm with its jaws, trying to rip it off. In my last desperate to get it of me I reached out to the leather case where the sword is halfway in it. I grabbed the handle and pulled out the sword from its case.  I line it up and stabbed him right in its chest, releasing a lot of blood. It wailed in pain, and got off me, before stumbling backwards. He got back up, standing on its hind legs, and with one arm across the chest to stop more blood flowing out, slowly walked through the doorway and out of the room, leaving a trail of blood.

            When the Werewolf was gone, I had a quick look at my arm where he bit me, it looked quite bad, Blood pouring out of teeth marks, I felt tired and in pain from injuries. Feeling so tired, I looked up at the lights and closed my eyes, getting some rest.



Chapter 7.

            The sudden bright light shined at my face, which forced me top wake up to see where the light was coming from; My vision was a little blurred at first until it corrected it self after a short while, and when it did, I found myself in room made out of wood, (a cabin maybe?) with bright sunshine beaming brightly through the window. I tried to sit up but I felt a sharp pain across my stomach, I look down and found that my abdomen was wrapped heavily in bandages with blood seeping through. I looked at my left and which was also wrapped in bandages, but no blood seeped through.  I also feel a bit dizzy and got a splitting headache. I felt my stomach grumble in hunger what time is it?

            “Ah you are awake now?” I looked to my right, and saw Chi-Wai and Stuart standing besides the an Artwork picture

            “Where am I?” I asked

            “In a Cabin, just on the outskirts of Yokely woods” Chi-Wai replied

I Sat up and turn around to sit on the edge of the bed, I rub my head and my eyes, I feel dizzy and got a splitting headache like I’ve wasted myself on Friday nights.

            “How…How I ended up here?”

            “One of the werewolves helps us out”


            I looked up at Chi-Wai and gave him, a funny look.  Did I hear right? Did he say Werewolves helped us out? I’m sure I didn’t hear right and my only reply to him was “What?”

            We heard the door open and looked towards it and see a woman with long brown hair, wearing black trousers and t-shirt, walking through the door with a clip board. She looked at me and smiled “Oh, You are awake now?” She said, putting the small glass container on the table next to. “How are you feeling?” She asked.

            “Apart from the obvious injuries, I do feel dizzy” I paused to rub my painful head “And got a splitting headache”

I then looked up back at her “Anyway who are you?”

            “I’m Dr Claire Wright” She replied

She started writing the some notes on the paper held by the paper, she then looked up at me and then put her hand in her right front pocket bringing out a syringe.  “I’m going to take some blood samples, to see if you have been infected”

            “Infected? By what? I asked her,

            She didn’t reply, instead pulled out the belt from the lower pocket “Put this tightly around the arm”

            I did as I was told, as grabbed the brown leather belt and tighten it around my right arm, I tighten it so hard my veins become visible She then put the needle in my arm and then pulled the top syringe and blood poured into the container, eventually she pulled the needle out of my arm and I released the belt of my arm before handing it back to her.

            “You didn’t answer my question?” I said

            Stuart interjection “Yeah about the Infection you said you are going to tell us about?”

            “And don’t forget your story behind this” Said Chi-Wai

            Dr Wright looked back and looked very annoyed “I’ll tell you once I have a quick check of his blood samples”

She then walk out of the door and slammed it shut

            “What was that all about?” I asked Stuart and Chi-Wai.

            “Errrrm… we try to find what is going on around here,” Chi-Wai spoke out “We were asking them and we kind of, pissed them off about it”

            “They say they’ll tell it to all of us when you wake up” Stuart butted in.

            I looked back at the door “But then she obviously didn’t”

            “One thing I don’t understand is, why they are keeping it like a big secret when we already know half of it?”

            I leaned forward to pick up my T-shirt and jacket, which was left on the floor “Well enough of that crap for a moment but what exactly happen last night while I was Knocked Out.”

            “While you we knocked out, we went up the boxes to check to see what happed” Said Chi-Wai.

            “We found you on the floor, bleeding to death.  Then another werewolf came into the room through the air vent.” Stuart injected.

            I put my T-shirt and jacket on, “Then what happened”

            Chi-Wai went to sit down on the end of the bed. “At first we though he was going to finish you off, but instead, he was trying to save your…”

            “Woo! Did you say werewolf trying to save my life? I almost got killed by one?” I interrupted.

            Chi-Wai nodded, “yes he did, he patched up the worst of your injuries. We didn’t know what to do as we were amazed that he was actually trying to save your life,”

            I looked up to the ceiling having some thoughts what the hell is going on? I don’t understand what fully what is going on, I was attacked by a werewolf and was saved by another? I looked back at Stuart and Chi-Wai, “How did we get out of here? Did he see you?”

            “Yes” Stuart nodded “He forced us to go with him and help to bring you out of there, and we ended up at this cabin which we are in now”

            I stood up and went towards the door and pulled down the handle,

            “Where are you going?” Chi-Wai asked.

            “To ask them something” I replied and opened the door.


Chapter 8.

            When I went in the room, I found that all the windows was blocked of by the wood I saw Dr Wright who was next to her laptop with the screen showing a picture of the blood cells. She was looking down into the microscope, and next to her was a man with a very short hair and wearing combat trousers and green tank top.  He looked behind only to see me by the door

            “What the hell are you doing here? You were supposed to stay in the room!” He shouted at me

            “Hey! I was only going in here to ask you something” I back chatted

            “I don’t care, just go back in!”

            “That’s enough, Night Breaker, leave him be,” said a deep voice behind me. I turned around to see who it was and then stumbled backwards in shock for what I saw.  Wearing Yellow tracksuit bottom was a werewolf (Those things actually speak?). His pattern on him is that his face was mainly white on his fur, which goes down across his belly with a light grey colour surrounding it. His arms were grey on top and white at the lower arm. His tail was grey with white shaded by the shadow, and his feet were creamy white, which was messed up from the mud.  The size of him was massive, I estimated that he was probably well over 7ft probably even 8ft.

            Stuart came into the room and saw me next to the back wall, “Hey relax Adam, he’s on our side. He’s the one who save your life”

            His words seemed convincing that this werewolf is on our side. I went to sit down on the chair near by the fireplace.

            “Don’t worry kid, I know what you been through last night” said the werewolf.

            “Who are you?” I asked him nervously

            “My name is Fu-Young” He replied.

            Fu-Young the werewolf, looked up at Claire who turned around to see what his going on. “Have you got the results yet?” he asked her.

            Claire looked down onto the floor for a short time before looking back up facing him “Yes” She replied, “He’s positive”

            Fu-Young crossed his arms “I’m not surprised,”

I looked up at Fu-young, before looking back at Dr Wright “Positive? Me?”

            Claire nodded, “Yes you”

            Stuart came into the door, “What’s going on?

            Fu-young looked directly at Stuart “If you get your other friend out, I’ll tell you.”

Stuart acknowledges and went back into the room to fetch Chi-Wai. It was a very short while before Chi-Wai stepped into the room followed by Stuart. They then sat down at the old tattered green settee next to me, which was slightly damp, but really they got no where else to sit comfortably as all the seats where either taken or someone was in their way, and sitting on the floor isn’t exactly comfortable.

            Claire Tuned around in her swivel chair to face us, while Fu-Young and Night Breaker (as Fu-young calls him) brought the chairs closer to us and sat down on them.

            Fu-Young first turned towards me “First thing first, we are going to tell you something, Adam, I’m not sure whether to you a good news or bad news”

            Already I begin to have a little bad feeling about this what he is going to say to me, his words isn’t exactly positive. “What do you mean?” I asked him.

            “You are…. going to change into a werewolf”

            I heard gasps from both Stuart and Chi-Wai who immediately looked at me seeing my reaction.   I hardly gave any positive or negative reaction about it; only being a little shocked about it, I just looked my bandage up arm, thinking about it, Me? A werewolf? My first thought about it is unbelievable. I didn’t really take it in seriously, “You’re taking the piss, are you?” I said to them.

            But Fu –Young shook his head indicating that he was being serious “No I‘m not” He said.

            His words sunk into me, I just couldn’t believe it.  I looked back down to my Heavily bandages on my left arm. I not sure what to think about it, is it a good thing, or a bad thing. It sounded so unbelievable I couldn’t really fully take it in that I could be a werewolf.

            “The Blood sample I’ve Taken from you, was shown positive that you have got a Virus” Dr Wright explained.

            “Virus? What has Virus got to do with it?” asked Chi-Wai

            “The Virus Responsible for making Human into Werewolves, by changing the DNA of the cells.”

            “I thought changing DNA of an Animal cell is impossible, they usually die through rejection,” Stuart pointed out.

            Night Breaker spoke out into the conversation “It is possible if you use the virus, as they are well known to change the cells DNA to produce more of them, but this Virus is different, instead of producing more of them, they just change the DNA of the cell Mutating it and slowly pass it on to other cells through mini harmless viruses it produces. They do it so quick the host is ready to transform by the next night without rejection”

            “Without rejection?” Chi-Wai interfered “I’m sure there must be some chance of rejection”

            The room fell a bit silent for a short while.  “I really like to here anything like that Chi-Wai” I said Sarcastically to Chi-Wai.

            Just thinking about it made my headache a bit worse.  I was wondering whether there is connection between my headaches, and the virus, so I decided to ask,  “Claire, I like to ask you a question?” I said to her, and she turned to face me

            “What is it?” She said

I rubbed my forehead a little where some of the pain is before replying, “Does headaches has something to do with this?”

            “That’s a down side of this, during the transition period, you will feel dizzy and have a massive headaches. But they will be gone after your first transformation.”

            “First transformation? You saying I will transform more than once?”

            Claire nodded “During the day you are in your human form, but at night at full moon, which is three days a month you will become a werewolf unless you suffer a lot of stress during the day which could trigger off your transformation”

            That gave me some a sigh of relief, I don’t have to worry about my mum seeing me as a werewolf or hide away because of it.  But then I looked at Fu-young who were still in his wolf form. Why? “How come Fu-Young hasn’t changed back into his human form?” I asked them

            “I haven’t exposed myself directly to the sunlight” Fu-Young Replied

            “I suppose the virus work by photosensitive effect or something like that” Chi-Wai suggested

            Claire nodded “That almost exactly how they work,”

            Night Breaker interjected, “There’s something else you need to know, when you first transformation, it will be painful, but after several transformations it won’t be as painful”

            Having already got a headache and a sore arm is bad enough, but getting more pain during transformation is a least thing I want, I hoped that the transformation wouldn’t last long. For now I have got other things in my mind, having some nerves about my first transformation, all I know that I’m infected with this virus which turns me into a werewolf tonight as it is full moon. Also I’m worried about how other people, especially my parents, are going to react. If they found out I am a werewolf. It sounded unbelievable, but after last night, I have to go along with it.

            “There, something which bothers me, what the hell is going on here? Why everything seems to be out of control?” Said Chi-Wai changing the subject slightly.

            Claire “Ah yes I’m just about to get on to that. I am going to this from the start”.


Chapter 9.

            It all started a couple of years ago. The American Military and Government strike a deal to make a super human capable for military use and gave a codename OMEGA PRODJECT.  Several companies bid to go ahead with the project, and the winner to go ahead with it, the winner was the World International Genetics Engineering Research Company or WIGER for short.  The company grew and now has 54 sites around with the world developed in countries like America, Germany, Australia, Canada, Russia, Italy and here in Britain.

            By using the different strengths of various animals, we could use them to create an ultimate soldier. There were two different methods to create a super soldier, first method was to make a designer babies, but that never went ahead due to an international law to ban designer babies and cloning. This led us to a second method, and that was actually to change the DNA of a human.  But the problem of this method is that it was seemingly impossible to do, but the lack of choice we have we went ahead of it.

            Me and my husband James worked together at the WIGER Company here, in Yokely village.

            “Hey wait a minute! You saying that you are involved in this?” Chi-Wai interrupted.

            Claire nodded “Sadly yes, but can you not interrupt please Chi-Wai?”

Chi-Wai then went tight lipped for what he was going to say to Dr Claire Wright and allowed her to carry on.

            James and I worked hard at this for over a year, even though I and my other colleagues lost hope, James encourage us to go on, he strongly believed that it can be done.  A lot of tests went and failed and still found no solution, we continued on.

            Then 9 months ago. We had a phone call from on of the Other WIGER Company based in America. They said that they said that they would give us something special providing we kept our mouths shut about it, something that will help us in the Omega Project, which would find a way to create a Super Soldier in no time. At first we hesitated, realizing the risk with could probably loose our jobs, but after a lot of persuading from James we accepted the offer.

            When our packaging arrived, we were shocked for what we have seen. We were given 4 REAL werewolves, 3 were dead and only one had survived.

            I interrupted Claire’s story “I supposed that you are the one who survived? Right Fu-Young?”

            Fu-Young looked down and looked bit upset about the comments I said, “Yes, I’m the only survivor. My pack died of dehydration and during the flight here, the plane we was on was miles to hot for us.”

            “There’s something which I don’t understand, if werewolves existed all this time, how on earth you mange to hide you secret that werewolves actually existed?” Asked Stuart

            “We kept a low profile, hiding in old buildings, caves and in America, the sewers” Fu-Young replied

            “Err excuse me?” Claire interjected “do you want know what’s going on here or not?”

            Fu-Young’s right ear twitched to the right towards Dr Claire Wright before slowly turning his head slightly towards her and just seeing her with his corner of his eye “You may continue Claire” he said.

            Even though only one survived we still researched on all of them. Taking blood samples and running some tests on them. We already know that werewolves change from human form into beast form at full moon; we didn’t know the cause until we looked more closely at the blood samples.  What we saw, astonished us in every blood samples we took from the werewolves we were given, had viruses.  They were no ordinary virus, instead of attacking the body and kill the cells, it actually clings on to them mainly on white cells and on certain light, namely the same sort of light source from the moon, it reacts releasing drones, the smaller versions of viruses itself and mutate the cells changing DNA and transform them into a half-man, half-wolf creature.

            James got exited from our discoveries and immediately let NATO good news that we are now made our discoveries but with and added twist by saying that we found it ourselves, James even made copies of the virus with camera as the evidence of him making it. Of course we didn’t mention about the werewolves.

            A couple of weeks later we were given some prisoners who originally was going to put to death for their crimes in the United States, But however they was giving a life line only if they were going to be used as a guinea pigs in the Omega Project. They agreed, signed a deal and were sent here. They was still locked up in cages for security reasons, then one by one they were injected with the virus and once all 128 of them was infected with the virus, all the had to do is wait and giving the constant check of their condition and health.  

            However little I know that James also inject himself with the virus, I never knew about it until it was too late. On the night of the full moon he reacted in the same way as the criminals did before at nightfall he transformed into a white beast werewolf.

            Since then he changed dramatically, from a nice guy to a demented scientist who has his own plans. He had taken advantage to the Omega Project, he tested his and their abilities by taking on innocent people who are not involved, those who opposed James, were killed.  He created his own army and working with criminals and terrorists. He even gave his own name.  He called himself Vang.

            I tried to stop him from doing this, but he refuse, saying it is part of the experiment.  But attacking and killing innocent people is wrong, I didn’t want to be involved with this no more, not like this.  I decided to flee away from this, with help of Fu-Young and Night Breaker, we mange to escape the complex, but not the village as we don’t have public transport to get us out of here, I don’t drive a car either.  We had no choice             but to stay hidden in the village as trying to escape would risk us going back to the Complex which then to be experimented on or even killed. I stayed here in the cabin continuing my own research, trying to find a way to change werewolves back into a human completely, whilst Fu-Young and Night Breaker will try and stop James once and for al while protecting me here.

            That is my side of the story.


Chapter 10.

            “Man you lot been through a lot” I said with the lower tone of my voice as my headache starts to get even worse.

            Claire nodded “Yeah, we have”. Claire looked down and started pulling and fiddling with the ring. She seemed to be a bit upset just after telling us the background information.

            My headache is thumping harder and harder, the pulses of pain co-insides with my heart beats.   Feeling sick and dizzy didn’t help either; once again I rubbed my forehead for a short time.

            Meanwhile Night Breaker went around the kitchen area to get something from the fridge, of course the cabin does have some electricity, and by the looks of one of the sigh hung on the wall, it was once used for the scout camp.

            My memories of once been a boy scout still lives on, especially when I went to an international summer camp based at Lincoln (the nearest city to my home village). Warm campfire, abseiling down 70ft wall, and my favourite, rifle shooting.

            Then I had sudden flashback. A flashback from when I was attack from last night, by a white albino wolf, sharp pain from my arm reminded me from when I was bitten on my arm before being slashed across the stomach.

            I then Here Stuarts voice “Adam? Are you felling O.K?”

            My flashback stopped and looked up at Stuart “Yeah, just a flash back from when I was attacked by a white werewolf!”

            Both Fu-Young and Claire looked at with a shock look on their faces. (Did I say anything wrong?)

            “What? What is it?” I asked them

            Fu-young young looked away slightly, and seemed angry, or something. It is hard to tell an expression from the face of the wolf. He whispered to himself, loud enough for me to hear “Vang…That son of the bitch!”

            “What is it?” I repeated

            Fu-Young slowly looked up looking at the fireplace “Vang… He’s the one who attacked you last night. He is the only white werewolf around here.”

            “You saying that I was attacked by that James guy? Or Vang as you call him?”

            He turned to face me before giving a single nod in reply “yes” he said.

            Night Breaker came back from the kitchen Area and brought back a plate with 4 pieces of sandwiches on it.  He passed the plate over to me. “Here, have this” he said.

            “No thanks” I refused, as I don’t feel like eating anything at the moment, especially with a thumping headache I got.

            Night Breaker placed the plate on the coffee table in front of me “I’ll put it there just in case you change your mind. But really you need to have something especially that you haven’t eaten for nearly a day now”

            “Yeah well I just don’t feel well enough to eat at the moment”

            Instead of being annoyed that I refuse to take the meat sandwich from what he made, he actually just smiled at me. “I know exactly how you feel, loosing your appetite before your first transformation but I’ll advise you to eat it though it’ll do some good”

            Chi-Wai gave a funny look at Night Breaker “How would you know? You’re not a werewolf as well? Are you?”

            Night Breaker folded his arms and laughed quietly “In matter of fact I am”

            Shock and amazed, Chi-Wai went speechless, he took of his glasses and rubbed the top of his nose.

            Night breaker looked through the window, watching the sun setting. It is getting closer to the time were I will start to transform into a werewolf.  Already I’m getting some nerves about it.   From where I was sitting, I could see the milky moon in the dark blue skies where it gets brighter as the sky blue turns more navy in colour.

            Claire got up from her chair, and went into the kitchen area. She opened one of the cupboards and pulled out and old fashioned kettle, were you have to put it on a stove to boil the water rather than the modern electrical ones.  She then went towards the sink and placed the kettle underneath the tap where she started to fill up the kettle.

            “Anyway, There’s something I like to ask you three” Said Claire as she place the kettle full of water on the stove. “Other than being chased by werewolves, why are you lot here in Yokely?”

            “We where on school trip for a weekend, and we went on a night hike with our teachers” Stuart answered.

            Night Breaker turned away from the window turning his attention towards us, his smile turned into frown looking a bit shocked.  He’s not the only one, as Fu-young seemed to be a little concerned.

            “How many people that went with you?” Said Night breaker

            “About 50 including the teachers” replied Chi-Wai

            “Where were you saying?

            “At the Cottage Hotel Deep into the woods”

            Fu-Young clicked his fingers and pointed to Night Breaker “Night Breaker, you check the hotel and see if the group is alright, If you find that some members of the group has been bitten, put them into a separate room and let me know when you get back”

            “I’m on it” Night Breaker acknowledged and immediately went put through the front door and slamming it shut behind him as he went out.

            “Hey what us three? Shouldn’t we make our way back to the hotel?”

            Fu-Young looked at Chi-Wai “I advise you three to stay here for while, at the moment it is unsafe as some of Vang’s men will be travelling through the woods heading toward the WIGER building for a meeting. It won’t be safe until nightfall. Once nightfall we will go out and head towards the Hotel, we must get their before the meeting finishes, which is around eleven to half eleven, depending on how long the meeting is.”

            “What about Night Breaker? Why he’s allowed out?” Stuart pointed out

            “Night Breaker know this place well and all the best hiding places here, we used them while we managed to escape the WIGER Company”

            “How long is nightfall?”

            Fu-young had quick looked through the window “I say nightfall is about 40-50 minutes”



Chapter 11.

            As time came very close to when sun disappears in the horizon, I started to eat the ham sandwiches that Night Breaker Made for me, while Stuart and Chi-Wai was talking to Claire and Fu-Young, mainly talking about school.

            While eating this sandwich, I notice the taste was a little odd; there was something on it. It wasn’t the butter, but something else, which is watery and has an odd taste to it. But the taste was very familiar. I peeled back the white bread to see what else is in the sandwich.

            “Blood?” I said to myself staring at the ham soaked in red blood. No wonder the ham tasted a little odd. I can’t believe that Night Breaker gave me a bloody ham sandwich.

            “That fucking twat” I swore and it attracted attention from all four of them who were chatting to each other.

            “What’s up?” Chi-Wai asked.

            “That Night Breaker guy gave me a raw ham sandwich with blood in it!”

            Fu-Young laughed about it “How do you feel?” he said.

            “Why you ask?”

            “Do you feel any better?”

            I realized that my headaches started to ease of a bit and my dizziness started to got away. Weird, a few minutes ago it was agonizing and now it was slowly going away.

            “Do you feel any better?” He echoed

            I answered quietly “Yeah a little” I said.

            Fu-young managed to make a smile expression on his wolf face “Drinking or eating blood can help to get rid of head aches for werewolves like us”

            “Is that why Night Breaker put blood on the ham sandwich he gave me?”

            “Yes but it is also used to help to keep full control of your human side”


            Fu-young nodded “yeah, sometimes your wolf side of you makes you be like a wolf, you know being territorial, aggressive behaviour, etc.  But luckily these rarely happen”

            I rubbed the back of my head “Man, I never knew that”

            “I seen a werewolf film that mentioned about that before” said Chi-Wai, entering into our conversation.

            He then clicked his fingers a few times helping him trying to remember something “Oh what is that film? I can’t honestly remember” 

            “I know what film you mean, In fact the guy directed and made that film is actually a werewolf himself”

            We all looked at Fu-Young; shocked about the fact the one of Hollywood’s director is a werewolf, even Dr Claire Wright was surprised about it.

            Fu-Young smiled “Yeah, he put some of the true facts about the werewolves in the film while others are just to throw humans of guard.  Even the appearances of the werewolves are false”

            “Wow, I never knew that.” Said Stuart

            “Me neither” Claire admitted

            “But wouldn’t he risk himself, being discovered that he was a werewolf?” I pointed out.

            “He carefully planned it so no-one else discover his secret, he even put his deputy in charge during the nights of full moon” Said Fu-young.

            As we talked away listening to more facts about werewolves from Fu-Young, I felt a little odd. It started to feel warm in here, and its gradually getting hot. I felt sweat coming off of my forehead.  There was no fire burning at the fireplace.

            “Its starting get a bit hot in here” I said wiping the seat of my forehead.

            “You becoming hot? I still feel cold,” said Stuart

            “Yeah I’m freezing in here” Said Chi-Wai

            My hands then started to feel strange; it was an odd tingling sensation and started to sting a little. I looked at my hands to see what is wrong with them.  They started to move and twitch about uncontrollably

            Stuart was getting a little concerned, “A you feeling alright?”

            I looked up at Stuart “I feel a little odd, my hand they…”

            “Adam, your eyes! They changed to golden yellow colour!” Chi-Wai shouted interruptedly.

            Fu-young had a quick glance at the night sky through the window “Its time”


Chapter 12.

            Hair started to grow on my arm, and I could see my hands slowly, paw pads started to appear on the fingertips and the palm of my hand with hairs growing in between. I started to panic a little, as I couldn’t have full control of my body.

            Then a sharp pain went through my legs and forced me of the chair and on to my knees. I could feel my clothes getting tighter as my muscles began to grow larger.  More hair started to grow all over my body, grey and white in colour.

            Sharp pain then reached my back and stomach forcing to go down on to all fours as I could feel my back arching forward and developing big muscles. During the process the bandages across my Abdomen ripped apart and fell onto the floor revealing some heavy claws marks on my skin. The bandages was soaked in blood that gave me a good indication how much I bled the night before.   My jacket however, didn’t rip apart. The reason is, is that my jacket was unzipped which allowed my muscles to grow out in the transformation.

            The sharp pain, all around me is becoming unbearable; I could feel my organs moving around in my body, making me feel sick. I could hear my bones crackling and stretching. I screamed in agony of pain is tightening around my body.

            Then I could see and feel that my mouth is slowly starting to form into a muzzle. During that process I fell short sharp pain before I heard I rip in my jeans, in three different places. I turned around to look and found that a bushy tail had busted through the back of my jeans just above my ass. Lower down, I could see my muscular back legs ripped open the lower leg of the jeans.   Further down I could se that the hind legs have developed, destroying my socks and trainers as they were transforming. 

            I turn my head around to the front as my transformation reached its final stages. The pain is easing of now and my muzzle has just finished. I then straightened up my back and looked up at the room stretching my entire body and gave one big howl at the moonlight.

            It has been done. I am a creature of the night.  I am lycanthrope. I am a werewolf.


Chapter 13.

            Chi-Wai stumbled backwards and fell over the small table, my howls made him jump big time. Stuart also went a jumpy, but not as much as Chi-Wai did who fell over the coffee table (that idiot). Claire, however, was deeply shocked, so much so, she put her hand in front of her mouth and gasped.

            Fu young reacted the least; he was the odd one out, as he had seen transformations before. He walked up towards me, “You’re alright, Adam?”

            I slowly relaxed and had a quick look at my newly formed hand, (or should I say paw) “ I’m… fine,” I slowly replied as talking with a newly formed muzzle feels weird.  Not only that also I noticed my voice had changed a little, it sounded deeper than my normal voice in my human form.

            I then raised my left arm to check my muscles.  My arms are thick covered mainly in grey fur, all the way down my arm until where my paw pad are on the palm of my hand where white fur grown between them. The bandage on my left arm was still intact, but the tape came off the bandages became loose allowing room for my biceps to grow.   I also noticed that my shoulders were a lot broader and my back feels a little stiff but I can still move it fine. I had noticed that my height had grown a lot.

            Senses had improved including hearing, were I could easily here trees rustling in the wind a lot better and a lot clearer. My sent of smell has vastly greatened, so much so I could easily pin point the individual scent from different people (and I could tell who had just farted… Stuart!). My biggest surprise to me is my eyesight were my vision is a lot clearer and a lot sharper, but that’s not what I’m surprised about, I surprised that I could still see colour well as what I heard from most documentaries (yes I am that sad), that dog species only see black and white.

            My feelings about me being a werewolf is still a shock to me, its unbelievable and seems unreal, like you are in a dream that you would never be able to wake up from. I feel funny in the way, but I’m not sure how to describe it, I feel a bit light, but not exactly in weight terms, but you know, you just feel light like you had been drinking heavily on a Friday night.

            “How does it feel?” Fu-young asked

            I slowly turned my had towards Fu-Young “It feels…weird” I replied

            Fu-Young folded his arms and laughed quietly “It will do for a while. After…”

            “Yeah, yeah I know, after a few transformations I’ll get used to it.” I interruptedly said, finishing of his sentence. Of course I did knew that he was going to say that, he said it a few times already.

            I tried to stand up like I normally would as a human, but my newly formed legs made it feel very uncomfortable and off balance I fell backwards because of it. I forgot that my feet had changed to a hind legs style legs.

            Fu-Young laughed a little, watching me struggling to get up  “Try tip-toeing,” he said.

            Taking his word, I tried to go on my toes. It worked, strangely I felt more comfortable and maintain my balance. Weird, it doesn’t feel that way if I was in human form. It feels different, but at least I could get up and maintain my balance.  

            Man, I really have grown. I most have grown at least a foot or two. I now make both Stuart a complete short arse.

            I look towards the coffee table where Chi-Wai had fell over. He was still down on the floor. “Are you alright Chi-Wai?” I asked

            “Yeah, I’m alright. I just fell over the table,” he replied.

            I grabbed his arm to help him back on his feet.  Chi-Wai then cleaned his glasses before putting them back on.

            “Amazing” Said Stuart who was still shocked of my transformation. “You look awesome in your wolf form”

            “Hey, thanks” I said taking it as a complement.

            Dr Claire stood up from her chair “err guys, I know you are amazed that you seen a transformation of a werewolf, but don’t we need to start heading towards the hotel before Vang’s dog soldiers start roaming about the woods”

            “That’s a good point Claire,” said Fu-young

            “Yeah,” Chi-Wai agreed “I hope the rest of our lot understand about the situation including that some werewolves are not evil otherwise we could end up having a night search and ended up finding more dead bodies”

            “The problem is will they believe Night Breaker?” I pointed out

            “Well, Don’t forget that they did see the werewolves last night, and Night Breaker is a werewolf himself. They might just believe him on that occasion,”

            “And what about the rest of the sixth formers?” I said, “Will the information get around in time?”

            “That’s what I’m worried about” Said Fu-Young who began to become a little uneasy about it, “It takes about, just a quarter of an hour to get there, if you ran. And you’ll need more than twenty-five minutes, to spread the information across.”

            “We really ought to now,” said Claire

            I started walking towards the door, as I was a little eager to go “Yeah lets go!”

            “Wait!” Fu-Young called me back. He then knelt down by the settee and put his arm under the chair to get something “I’ll think you’ll be needing this”

            Fu-Young then pulled out underneath the chair a brown leather case with, what’s look to me the handle of the sword. He then threw it to me and I caught it by the strap of the case. I then pulled the handle to have a look at the sword.

            “Hey” I said “It’s the sword I used to save myself from last night!”

            “I thought you might like to keep that sword, just in case it might be useful to you…again”

            It was nice for Fu-Young to actually picked up the sword for me while I was unconscious; treating it like it was already part of my property (even though I only found it near the dead body last night).  Since last night, I’ve kind of grown attached to the sword as it came in handy. So I decided to accept the sword of Fu-Young and slotted the blade back into its case.

            “Thanks Fu-Young” I politely said.

            “Your welcome… Bladewolf

            We all three of us turned our heads towards Fu-Young, “Bladewolf?” said Chi-Wai, like me, was a little puzzled why Fu-Young has just called me Bladewolf.

            “Every werewolf has a Nickname. It is best to have one, if you don’t want to reveal to the outsiders that YOU ARE actually a werewolf.” Fu-Young explained,

            “Yeah but why call me Bladewolf?” I asked

            Fu-Young looked at the case with a sword in it I was holding “You seemed to like that sword, and probably keep it, so I thought you might give you a Nickname related to the blade of the sword, so I came up with Bladewolf. Do you have any problems with that name?”

            “No” I said, “I think that name is good for now.  Well at least it is the better name than what my parents gave me”         

            I put the belt, which was holding the case of the sword, across my body, and tightening the strap so the case was securely tight on my back. Sword was positioned, diagonally across my back with the handle sticking out behind my right shoulder, ready in position to pull it out quickly, just in case we may have to get into a fight.

            Fu-Young then pulled out from under the settee is a wooden poll with a spearhead at one head at one end. He then walked towards the door and slowly turned the handle. “Come on, let’s go,” he said.


Chapter 14.

            We walked quite fast through the woods heading towards the hotel. There’s no point taking our time to get there, as we only got a small time gap before the others start roaming the woods again.

            Its not really the best situation that you got humans around you and then the other werewolves who may see you will try and will most likely, If they work with Dr James Wright A.K.A Vang then we could get into a massive fight and putting the Humans in a lot more danger.

            That’s not the only problem; we can’t exactly run towards the hotel as fast as we can neither. Firstly Humans don’t run as fast as werewolves (as we found out last night).  Secondly, I’m still trying to get the use of walking on hind legs, as I’m new of this werewolf stuff.

            So the only thing we can do is just to walk fast.  When I’m walking, I had to tilt further forwards than I would normally do as in human form. This helps me maintain balanced. I noticed that Fu-Young is doing the similar thing but slightly more straighten, so I assume that I am using the right method of walking in wolf form.

            While we were walking in the heart of the woods, I was re-wrapping the bandage around my left arm, which became loose after my first transformation. My arm still aches, and I have no-idea whether or not my arm is still bleeding.  I rather not look at the moment.  My abdomen however stopped bleeding, but I could still just see the three claw marks, were I have been slashed across, through my fur, leaving long red scabs.

            The bright moonlight in the night sky aided our visibility, giving us some light into the woods, which helps us to know where we are going.

            Fu-Young had taken a lead of us, as he knows this area well, and knows where the hotel is. He used his spear like a walking stick, helping him up some steep hills and over the logs.   However he seems always on high alert, using every bit of his wolf instincts, constantly sniffing in the air and ears twitching trying to pick up even the tiniest suspicious sound that could alert him into attack mode.

            However, we didn’t have any problems, and we had no confrontations, which was a relief. It’s taken us just over half-an-hour before we could see the hotel.  We could see that most of the hotel lights are on. But however, some windows have been smashed,

            This isn’t a promising site. By the looks of it, the message failed to get across in time.  And some sixth formers had probably been infected and transformed into werewolves just like I have.

            Fu-Young then ran the rest of the way to the hotel, after seeing another werewolf at the gate, the Fur all black in colour.   But Fu-Young didn’t react in the way that he or she was the enemy. But someone he closely recognised. It is probably Night Breaker in his werewolf form. As it was the same combat trousers he worn in the cabin, only his boots and tank top is missing, probable rip to pieces during the transformation.

            Me, Stuart, Chi-Wai and Claire, ran to catch them up.

            “What happened?” Claire asked, panting a little.

            “The message failed to get around the hotel in time” Answered the Dark fur Werewolf “Most humans freaked out when they saw the infected transformed. They legged it and then locked themselves in the cellar of the hotel, the rest I told the to stay in the Pub lounge”

            “How many of them has been infected and transformed into a werewolf?” I asked.

            “About twenty-one of them, but two died of body rejection, and one committed suicide, which make eighteen left”

            “Night Breaker, what are the current casualties there? Fu-Young asked

            Night Breaker sighed for one moment before he answered, “Excluding the Lycanthropes, only several of them has been injured, obviously not bitten. However the confirmed death toll I heard from them are nine,”

            Eighteen students has been turned into werewolves, that’s under half of our group that went on this trip. As for the deaths, how are we are going to explain this to their families?

            “This is bad,” I said

            Fu-young nodded “I know”

            “I think we better to get inside to check on the students,” Claire suggested

            “Yeah, and explain to them the whole story about this shit going on here”


Chapter 15.

            We went into the hotel through the front door.  Fu-young and me had to duck slightly to get into the room because of our height. As I could here people chatting from were the Pub lounge is. The door to the lounge was left ajar. Claire opens the door wider.

            The room was mainly crowded of werewolves plus a dozen of human, which all turned their heads towards us, seeing a few strangers.  They all got nervous when they saw me, Fu-young and Night Breaker walking through the door. They started shuffling back away from us.

            “Hey, don’t be scared, it’s me…Adam” I reassured them.

            “Carlile? Is that really you,” Said Lewis who hasn’t been infected by the virus, and remains a human.

            “Yeah” I confirmed

            “Bloody hell! Adam. We thought you were dead?” Said the black werewolf who sat behind Lewis.

            “Anyway, where is Stuart and Chi-Wai” Joanne asked

            “We’re here” Chi-Wai replied as he and Stuart had just walked into the room.

Everyone relaxes, realising that we are on their side.

            “Where the hell you been last night?” said Lewis who went closer to me

            “Yeah, where did you stay?” said one of the other werewolves.

            Questions came firing at us, like the press trying to get comments from a celebrity. They wanted to know what happened to us, and where we have been, and how we survived last night

            Stuart tries to calm things down “Hey! Give us a chance, we only just came in. We’ll tell you later what happened” Stuart looked around the room noticing that not everyone is here “Where are the others?” he asked

            “They locked themselves in there,” said the white and grey werewolf pointed towards the wooden door. He then looked down at his paw pads on his hand “They freaked out after seeing us changed into monsters”

            Fu-Young went to the door that the werewolf had pointed to “This door?” He said pointing to the wooden door.

            “Yeah that one” said Lewis

            Fu-Young, then punched through the door a few times creating a large hole in the door.

            Standing behind the door, was my electronics teacher, Mr Banford who was shaking, on the ground. Scared for what he has seen.

            “Please don’t hurt us,” He whimpered.


Chapter 16.

            It’s taken at least an hour to eventually gain trust from the half of the group who decidedly lock themselves in the cellar. Well the cellar they hide in didn’t do much good as Fu-Young had demonstrated by destroying the door. (I wonder how strong the werewolves really are?)

            For at least half an hour, and several interruptions, Dr Claire and Fu-Young told them why hell is breaking loose in the welsh woods of Yokely. The reactions from them are shows a lot of disbelieve, hard to come into terms of what is happening around them.

            They then told us their side of the story, later discovering that the hotel owners went missing and never seemed to have returned to the hotel. And the bus Driver has been killed, murdered by Vang’s werewolves.

            Some new werewolves are mentally suffering, disorientated of what is happened to them, they can’t quite come into terms that they are now werewolves and can’t do anything about it. A few of them think it’s just a dream, but not matter how much they tried to wake themselves up. They are still here as werewolves.  

            To be honest to myself, I too think it is just a dream.  I don’t exactly know why I think it’s that way; it’s just a feeling. Werewolves actually existed? I thought it was just legend or only just some Hollywood crap. But sometimes I even feel I’m actually dead, because, I just don’t feel right. I don’t feel that I’m me.

            I tried to take my mind off a few things by finding who’s turned into a werewolf and which one is that person. I discovered that the black werewolf who sat behind Lewis when we came into the room was actually Nathan. He was bitten on the leg and from there; the virus infected him, which later turned into a werewolf. I also manage to tell apart between most werewolves here.

            Meanwhile, Tim was one of the lucky half who never got attacked what’s so ever. All he’s doing is taking the piss out of us werewolves, just because he didn’t get caught and infected. (The way he’s going, someone can arrange it.)

            I looked around the room and saw my physics teacher, Mr Wilk, talking to Fu-Young and Dr Claire Wright

            “Aye, he’s a hardworking lad he is” I overheard from Mr Wilk “He’s always get his homework done, even though he hates getting them”

            “Just a typical Lad” Said Claire “ I never knew that Adam is that good in Electronics, despite the poor physics grade”

            “Yeah well he did tell me he struggled on Quantum Physics, at least he flies through Astrology, and will hopefully bring his grade up”

            I butted into the conversation “What are talking about?” I asked them

            “Oh we just talking about you, Stuart and Chi-Wai” Fu-Young answered “I never knew that you three are quite smart”

            I laughed quietly and rubbed the back of my head “You never really asked us about our grades”

            “Anyway, I heard what happened to you,” said Mr Wilk, changing the subject “Even though you turned into an oversized dog, but at least your alive”

            “The problem is sir, how I’m going to explain this to may parents”

            “You Don’t!” Fu-Young snapped, “If you do, you could put our lives in danger. Who know how they’ll react about our existence!”

            Fu-Young sighed a little and relaxed “I’m sorry if I shouted at you, but you must understand that most humans will take it the wrong way. It’s not worth a risk.”

            “But how I’m going to keep this away from them? My brother barges in the room without asking!”

            Fu-Young looks down on the floor, knowing that it will be hard for me “I think you should try putting the lock on your door” He suggested “I rather you risk getting yelled and ended up getting thrown out, rather knowing about you are actually a werewolf”

            That’s not the idea I really like, or the risk.  I don’t really like to get thrown out just because I’m trying to hide a secret that they shouldn’t know. Where else can I go?  My dad won’t want me because he’s at work all the time. And I don’t really like to explain the whole thing to Nan of why I’ve been thrown out.  Especially when she’s currently ill at the moment.

            Thinking about keeping the secret, how are we going to cover up about the deaths from last night? How can we tell the families of the dead what actually happened?

            “We go one problem… What about the dead?” I pointed out

            “That’s a good question, how are we going so sort that problem out?” Said Claire

            Fu-young smiled “Simple, we just use the bus and crash it on a quiet road”

            Mr Wilk looked at Fu-young with a negative look on his face “You got to be kidding” he said

            “It’s the only way we could cover up the whole thing including deaths”

            Dr Claire Wright looked up at Fu-young, a little disgusted of the plane “Is that really necessary?” she said

            “Do you want more innocent to die just because they are werewolves?”

            That hit us hard. It made us realise that it was the only option. Even we didn’t like it, but its better than getting risking getting us killed as well after revealing that we are beasts. It sounded a little selfish but what else can we do?

            Fu-Young had a quick glance of window “We really need to get here right now” He ordered, “Knowing them they could be searching for us finishing their job”

            “Why would they do that?” Asked Mr Wilk

            “They want to kill the witnesses, before they reveal about their existence. We haven’t got much time”

            Mr Wilk acknowledges. He went up to stand on one of the chairs to get everyone’s attention.  “Everybody listen!” he shouted at his top of his voice.

            Everyone stop talking and looked up at Mr Wilk who is standing on the stool, wearing a dark green coat.

            When every one was paying attention, Mr Wilk started to make an announcement “You all need to know that you need get your stuff ready now as we are going to leave this place”

            “You mean, that we are going home?” Said one of the girls at the back of the room

            “Yes we are” he replied, “We need to get your stuff ready as quick as you can. Please hurry up and don’t lounge around. Off you go”


Chapter 17.

            We helped each other to pack our clothes and belongings into the bags.  Luckily for me, my clothes were already in the bag, neatly done and folded nicely. All I did was just put my Internet incident book in and that was it, as I never really bothered to take my clothes out and put them in the draws when I arrived.

            I’ve taken out my spare white trainers and my yellow. So when I change back to my human self in daytime, I could put them on, as my Old black trainers and my Red T-shirt was destroyed in my first transformation.

             Meanwhile Nathan and Lewis were still fagging their way through the last, 10-pack menthol cigarettes, while putting away some of their clothes. Nathan didn’t seem all that too bothered about being a werewolf, he just treats it as nothing. Though it does look funny, wolf smoking a cigarette. You never really going to see anything like this unless you actually seen a werewolf smoking a cigarette.

            When I’ve finished packing, I started to bring my case down stairs and into the lounge. While I was on my way down I noticed that some Lycanthropes showing of their strengths a bit. Trying to carry as many cases as they can or how many humans they can lift up. Sam the only all white werewolf was carrying two human girls on his shoulder, each holding their own suit cases as he carried them down the stairs.

            I can’t believe how many of the new werewolves are enjoying themselves, some testing their new abilities. I amazed that some, mainly the lads, thinks its cool being as a werewolf. However the three only Female werewolves are not entirely happy. They are sulking and depressed. Fu-Young, Night Breaker and Claire are having a word with them about it, trying to give them a little comfort. It’s seems to be working a little, gradually the female werewolves are coming to terms of what they are.

            Slowly I made my way down stairs and headed straight outside towards the bus were the door to the luggage storage was opened.  I put my suitcase in and slide it next to all the others, towards the back.

            I couldn’t stop thinking about me being a lycanthrope.  I still can’t believe that I am now a werewolf. I looked up at the night skies, looking towards the moon, which shined brightly lighting up the night sky. I could make out make out the face of the moon. One eye smaller than another and looks like it was whistling. Well that’s how I see the moon with my imagination.   

            I then looked at the bus window where I could see myself in the reflection.   On the reflections I could see that have white fur surrounding my eyes and stretches around my muzzle with just the top bit of my muzzle remained grey like the rest of my head. My eyes are not the same colour I had in my human for. Instead of Crystal Blue eyes, I have got Golden yellow eyes. My wolf head looks exactly like the wolves in the wild, unlike those in Hollywood where they seemed to be too closely to human like.

            Suddenly I could see Fu-young in the Refection, slowly walking towards me.

            “Are you O.K Bladewolf?” He asked in great concerned.

            I turned around to face him “Yeah, I’m fine,” I replied, “Just thinking over few things”

            Fu-Young folded his arms, “What’s on your mind?”

            Fu-young know that I’m bothered about something; he’s becoming a kind of the person that you go to if you have problems.

            “There’s something I would like to ask you, about us werewolves” I said

            Fu-Young’s ears twitched and moved facing forward to face me “What is it you want to asked?”

            “Do we get killed instantly if we get shot by a silver bullet?”

            Fu-young shut his eyes and looked down “No not really” He replied and then looked back up towards me “You can actually survive being hit by a silver bullet provided you don’t get shot in the heart or head of course. But however it causes massive irritation and would make you very weak.  Silver acts like poison to us werewolves. If not removed from the body or been treated, you could die.”

            “You saying silver can probably burn us?”

            “Yes, just one drop of pure silver on your skin or fur, in human or werewolf form, it will be itchy and burn your skin like some strong bleach would. You even sometimes get an allergic reaction on your skin from silver”

            “I suppose that is a major downside of being a werewolf” I said in a low tone voice.

            “Hey look on a bright side, at least we can grow our limbs back if we loose them, We just wait for next month’s full moon and it will be good as new”

            I looked up at Fu-Young with astonishment “You mean we can actually regenerate?”

            Fu-young nodded “That’s not all, we are Immune to eighty-nine percent of illness, we don’t even get cancers or STDs”

            “What is the other eleven percent?” I asked.

            “Just some other minor illnesses. But otherwise there’s nothing much to be concerned about”

            That’s a good thing. Not getting painful cancers or catching STD. But what about werewolf’s ability?

            “Fu-Young, I’ve notice that some of the new werewolves are showing of their strengths a bit. How strong exactly are we in this form?”

            “Enough to break through a brick wall.” He replied, “Also In our human form we not be as strong as in our werewolf form but however you do retain some strength”

            Being a werewolf could be a good thing after all.  Still I had mixed feelings about it.  On one side, I feel great and never felt, so strong, so free. But then on the other side, I feel worried if my parents find out. Or even worse so, what if some authorities find out?  Will they hunt us down?

            Fu-young know that I feel un-easy about being a werewolf.  Well I am the one who asked a lot of questions about it.

            Fu-young then looked at the bright moon, “Give yourself a couple of months, then you’ll most likely to enjoy it.” He said, “Because you see, you eventually know how much fun being a werewolf is”

            “How?” I asked

            “Knowing you and the others, you all will probably take risks, risking yourself getting exposed. It’s not advisable but teenagers usually do these stupid things for fun.”     Fu-young weren’t lying about teenagers taking risks. Especially some of our lot, who already did some joy riding and experimented with drugs.  It just these teenage things we do to get thrills and excitement from. Addicted to adrenalin.

            Fu-Young then pat me on my shoulder, “You better go back inside until we finished loading the bus” said Fu-Young, who then picked up a couple of suitcases which was drop off by a couple of human student.

            “O.K” I acknowledged and started to walk back into the hotel.








Chapter 18.

            Unfortunately while I was waiting in the Bar My abdomen started to bleed again after getting it caught on one of the sharp edge tables.  Luckily we had some more bandages, so I’ve taken a few packets and wrapped them around my bleeding abdomen.  Also I’ve re-done the bandages on my arm to stop it dangling about and getting it caught on a few things.

             Stuart and Chi-Wai had just loaded up their bags onto the bus and came back into the Bar.  . I noticed that as they walked in, they nicked a few bottles of Vodka Ice and a couple bottles of Bicardi Breezers. Well, the owners of the hotel aren’t here as they ran away in fear after seeing half of our group changing into werewolves. I’ve put the sword, under the table, out of sights of some people who were wondering why I was carrying it Stuart and Chi-Wai sat with me at the table in the far corner of the room. Tim later joined us, also he nicked a few bottles from the counter, but this time it is those posh non-Alcoholic fruit drinks.

            We didn’t need those bottle openers as they just relied on me to open the bottles with my bare hands. For me as a werewolf, it wasn’t really that hard to open the bottle as my new strength really gets the job done easily.

            Tim wanted to know what happen to us last night and how we all survived. And why I’m the only one in our small group who ended up getting attacked, which later led to me becoming a lycanthrope.

            “Its looks a bit nasty” Said Tim, talking about blood seeping through the bandages that was wrapped around my arm and abdomen.

            “Yeah, It was a bit nasty, when we saw him” Said Chi-Wai before taking a sip of Biccardi Breezer.

            I had a quick glance at my left arm where it was still seeping some blood through the bandages “I didn’t know how exactly bad it was until we ended up in the cabin,” I said truthfully. “I went unconscious after being attacked”

            “How come you manage to survive?” Asked Tim “Why didn’t the werewolf finished you off?”

            “I stabbed him with this sword I found” I explained, pointing at the sword which lay flat underneath the table. “He went away in agony”

            “Then this werewolf came in and helped us” Said Stuart pointing at Fu-Young. “We didn’t trust him at first, but he black mailed us, leaving us with no choice”

            “Adam, that Lazy bugger, didn’t regain conscious until the evening” said Chi-Wai Beating me down a bit.

            “It’s not my fault that I got sent over boxes to switch on the bloody light, only then I was attacked by an 8ft, nearly 9ft wolf, which nearly killed me!” I protested.

            Chi-Wai snorted, as he really hasn’t got anything to else to say about it. He just took another sip of Biccardi.

            Tim picked up his bottle of peach and orange fruit drink “What were you two doing when Adam was unconscious?” Tim then took a sip of his drink.

            Stuart and Chi-Just looked at each other “We did nothing but talking to each other” Said Chi-Wai “We were told to stay in the bedroom until Adam wakes up”

            Tim sniggered a little “Obviously, you had an exciting day then” He said sarcastically, and taking another sip of his fruit drink.

            “When Adam eventually woke up, we were then told about the werewolves in Yokely and the cover up behind it.” Stuart takes a sip of his vodka Ice drink before continuing. “We were then told that Adam is going to become a werewolf because he was bitten and been infected by this virus”

            We all then went silent as we can here one of the teachers giving someone a right bollocking for something. The teacher that was shouting was Mr Wilk. You could easily tell if it was him who’s shouting because he always says ‘Stop acting like a child’ to the person who is being told of.

            While we were listening, I picked up my vodka Ice drinks bottle, and tried to drink out of it. I said tried because I never drank out of the bottle when I have got a muzzle, the newly formed mouth. I had to move my arm further out than I would in my human form to drink the bottle how you should do. Then I tilt my head backwards for a short while with the bottle to pour the vodka Ice into my mouth.

            It felt weird as I could feel the lemon taste liquid going down my long tongue.   However, half of the drink came out of the sided of my mouth, spilling in on my fur.   When I tilt my head forward to stop drinking. Some of the drink started to come out through my teeth; so I had to lap it back in like a dog, to get the liquid back of the throat before swallowing it. I wiped my mouth to get rid of the juice that spilled around my mouth.

            When the shouting had stopped, we just laughed a little over it before we went back on what we were taking about.

            “Anyway” Tim spoke out “There’s something I like to ask you Adam, which I hadn’t be able to ask the other werewolves… What does it feels like when you transform and become a wolf?” He asked with curiosity.

            I began to explain my experiences to Tim “It feels weird and painful when you transform into a werewolf. You feel hot, pains and tightness all over your body.  You can even feel you skin and bones stretching trying to form a wolf features. The worst on it is that you feel sick from when you could feel the organs moving around in your body. Its not really a nice feeling”

            “I never knew transformations really do hurt!”

            I smiled at Tim “Hey I’ll get used to that, eventually”

            “There’s one problem, which I’m concerned about. Adam” Said Tim Changing a subject a little, while finishing of his fruit drink.

            “What is it?” I asked.

            Tim put his empty bottle down, “How are you going to keep your secret away from your family? Especially from your brother who always walks into your bedroom without asking”

            That is the problem. My brother always walks into my bedroom without knocking on the door or even asking. He is a nosy little git who can’t keep his nose out for what I’m doing. If I turned into a werewolf and my brother walks in.  There would be a lot of problems, not just for myself, but others like me.

            I sigh for a brief moment “I’ll probably have to put a lock on my bedroom door. My parents may not like it, but it is probably the only way, for now.”

            “What about when you are transforming? The noise you made from transforming is loud enough for anyone hear!” Stuart pointed out.

            “I’ll just have to try to shut my mouth during my transformations” I said

            Mr Wilk walked into the room. He clapped his hands a couple of time to get everyone’s attention. “Right you lot!” He shouted, “I want you all start to make your way e car park and get on the bus!”

            He then looked towards us with some half-empty bottles on the table. He pointed his finger at us “If you lot gets sick on the bus, you will be cleaning it up” he said.



Chapter 19.

            Me, Stuart, Chi-Wai and Tim waited patiently at the back of the queue, waiting to go on the bus. Mr Bamford has taken the driver’s seat of the bus (as he is the only one that could drive the bus out of us last survivors). The dead, dismembered bodies are already on the bus, ready for the stunt that we are going to perform to be used as a cover up.

            Meanwhile Fu-young and Night Breaker were guarding the bus, just in case Vang’s werewolves decided to attack the bus.  Fu-young was standing next to the door while Night Breaker was behind the bus. Dr Claire Wright however was just in front of me, also ready to go onto the bus.

            The queue went down quite quickly as everyone wanted to get on the bus to go home, as they completely had enough.  Especially what we went through in the last twenty-four hours of hell. It didn’t take long before I went into the bus. The bus was nearly full, and the back seats were already taken.  The only seats was left was near the front.  So I sat on the right side of the bus at the front next to the window.

            Unfortunately because I had grown a lot in size during the transformation, I could nearly tough the bottom rack with my head when I sat down, I had a bad feeling that if we go over the bumps, I could bang my head on it.  I noticed that other werewolves are having a same problem and some ended up leaning forward to allow more room between their heads and the rack.

            Chi-Wai Sat next me while Tim and Stuart sat on the left side of the bus on the same row. Fu-Young and Dr Claire Wright sat net to each other just in front of us.  I could hear Fu-Young moaning about the lack of room, obviously having the same problems as us. Humans however are lucky; they don’t have to worry about space, much, because of their size. They just sat down at their seats like they normally would.

            When we were all ready, Mr Bamford started the bus engine and headed out of the car park. He was not wasting anytime, as he knew that Vang’s werewolves could get us at anytime now. With the headlights at full beam we headed out towards the open and out of the woods.

            Suddenly we heard a large thud from the top of the bus.  Everyone looked up and fell silent.  One by one a few more thuds was heard loudly.  It wasn’t hailstones because the weather out side is clear skies. I couldn’t be conkers falling onto the bus because the conker season isn’t until autumn.

            I felt a chill down my down my spine as it could only possibly mean one thing. “Please don’t tell me it them!” I muttered to myself

            Fu-Young got up from his seat. He then went to push up one of the five sunroofs on the bus to see what has fallen onto the bus.

            “Shit!” He swore as someone on top has ripped of the sunroof. 

            It was a werewolf; all white in colour with blood stained bandages across its chest was standing directly above us on the roof.  I had a sudden flash back remembering that I stabbed the very same werewolf in the chest, the very same place where the bandages are. I know who it is.  It is the same werewolf that attacked me and gave me a disease that makes me into a werewolf, the only white werewolf other than Sam. It was Vang. 

            Vang leaned forward slightly over the hole he made “Going somewhere?” He snarled at us.


Chapter 20.

            Fu-Young stepped back a little, with his ears position backwards and gave a fierce wolf expression on his face. He growled loudly at the white werewolf. “Vang!” He snarled.

            Vang then looked at Claire who moved further towards the window “You Not going to kiss be goodbye? Darling!”

            “Leave Her alone!” Fu-Young snapped.

            “Oh is that your new Pet, Claire!” Vang mocked.

            Fu-young didn’t want to take more of this; he growled more loudly and then went up onto the chairs to go after Vang. However he slipped and fell back onto one the chairs.

            Everyone on the bus started to panic, including Mr Bamford the bus driver. He loosing concentration, and the bus started to move further centre toward the road.

                        Another Sunroof was then ripped of from the back of the bus. A light Grey and white hand of another werewolf on top of the bus, came down and grabbed the hair of one of the human girls who sat near the back of the bus. She screamed on the top of her voice as she was being pulled of the seat, being lifted up by her hair.

             I decided to help her out, before she ended up meeting her doom. I got up from my seat and pulled out the sword from its case that was strapped on my back. I went up to the girl who was slowly being pulled up by the grey and white werewolf, who was holding her hair. Then I swung my sword and cut of the arm of the werewolf.

            The girl fell back onto the chair with blood from the injured werewolf, sprayed onto her.   The hand was still holding her hair for a while before dropping off onto the floor. I could hear the werewolf wailed in pain, blood was still pouring out of what is left of his arm, some of it being sprayed all over us.

            Another werewolf the jumped through the second hole, narrowly missing me.   The Dark Brown werewolf growled and punched me hard on my muzzle, knocking me on the ground. 

            Then the Dark Brown werewolf was bashed into one of the chairs. Thanks to Nathan who decided to stand up and help me, along with other two of other werewolves who decided to join in, nailing the brown werewolf and busted his head wide open. Blood poured out of his head and mouth, wining like a real dog in pain.

            Fu-Young picked himself up before grabbing my arm, and pulling me back up onto my feet.

            “I need you to help me on top of the bus!” He shouted

            “What? You mean on the roof of the bus!” I said, putting the sword back in its case.

            Fu-Young nodded in reply.

             “You got be kidding me!” I shouted, as I didn’t like the idea of going on top of the bus.

            “Just get up there! Dam it!”

            Fu-Young then stood back on to the chairs to get up on top of the roof of the bus. This time he was successful managing to crawl his way to the top, getting kicked and punched while he was climbing. I then started climbing onto the chairs myself, going through the same sunroof as Fu-young. It was the only way up to the top. The big fight between the brown werewolf and our lot who are also werewolves blocked of the other sunroof. Climbing on the chairs wasn’t easy, as I’m still not used to using my hind legs. I grabbed hold of the roof and slowly pulled myself through the sunroof and climbed on top of the roof.

            Luckily for me, werewolves were too busy beating up Fu-Young who was outnumbered four to one, so I was able to get on top of the bus without getting punched. I ran down the bus and shoulder blocked the light grey werewolf sideward. I shoulder blocked him so hard, he went of the bus and fell onto the tarmac rolling down for a short distance fading away as the bus moves quickly away from him.

            Three werewolves then turn their attention towards me realising what I have done. They snarled and growled and slowly came towards me. One of them, then charged at me, he is the werewolf who just had his hand amputated by me. As he charged at me, I quickly ducked and moved to the right side of the bus.  He just missed me and he too fell of and onto the tarmac (I suppose he’s not having a good night.). Despite not getting hit by the handless werewolf, I miss stepped my left foot started to fall of the bus. I quickly grabbed onto the rails with my single right arm, hanging on as much as I can, to stop me falling off and ending up tasting the tarmac myself.

            “Shit!” I swore annoyed with myself for making this mistake.   I may have got lucky for not ending up on the road, but I really have pulled something in my shoulder.   Some students on the bus saw me hanging on the side of the bus. They moved away from the window expecting me to break it. Instead, I managed to pull myself back on the bus.

            Then as I got up, I was kicked hard on my back, which brought me to my knees. I looked up and found Fu-Young on all fours on the far front side of the bus.  Catching some breath. I was then grabbed by the scruff of the neck and the knife was placed across the neck I couldn’t see who it was threatening with the knife and started to panic a little. A white werewolf then walked in front of me and punched me in the face.  This wasn’t good.



Chapter 21.

            I could taste the blood that was coming out of my mouth. I looked up and snarled at Vang, the albino werewolf who just punched me in the face.  I felt my ears twitch I growled loudly at him.

            Vang knelt down in front of me and examined me “Well then, what we have here?” He said “It looks like the legend is true about humans can become werewolves if they have survived the attack”

            He slowly walked around me “Those injuries looks familiar and the clothing you are wearing” He clearly spotted “You look like the same person who stabbed me with a fucking sword” His voiced rose.

            “You’re the same bastard who made me into a freak!” I back chatted.

            Vang didn’t like what I just said, he smacked me my on my injured shoulder to punish me for it. Fu-Young edged a little closer towards us, but as he did and the knife was pressed harder on my neck, reminding Fu-young that if he gets any closer I will be killed.

            “You move any closer, and I’ll kill him” Vang threatened.

            “Why don’t you leave him alone? He’s only a kid.” Said Fu-Young, trying to persuade Vang not to kill me, treating me like an innocent child.

            I didn’t like at all, being treated like a child.  But on the second thought, if it’s going to help me not to be killed I’ll have to let him to get on with it.

            “I’ll do anything to not let them go, specimen!” he said to Fu-Young “They will expose us”

            “I don’t think they will be that stupid Vang! Not after what you put them through!” Fu-Young pointed out.

            “Still not worth…”

            Before Vang could finish of his sentence, Mr Bamford slammed on the breaks of the bus. I heard a smash from one of the windows, coming from the front of the bus.  Fu-Young fell backwards, just narrowly close to the edge. Vang however was unlucky and fell of the bus sideward and fell head first onto the ground.  

            Luckily for me the wolf that had a knife across my neck got distracted and looked over the left side of the bus looking at Vang, removing the knife away from my neck. I took the opportunity to escape and crawled away from him.   I turned around to see a grey, fox like creature, looking over the edge. He was a werefox not a werewolf. While he was looking over I then pushed him hard and he too fell of the bus, just landed on Vang.  

            Fu-Young then walked four legged towards the first hole on the roof of the bus, “Hey! Is everyone O.K!” He asked them all

            “Yeah we’re O.K, some of us are bleeding to death here” Nathan said sarcastically.

            Fu-Young then looked towards Mr. Bamford “Oi! Driver, Move it!” He stressfully ordered.

            Without hesitation the bus started to move again, quickly away from the werewolves, who started to chase us down the road for a short while.  I looked across and show the dark brown werewolf, laid on the side of the road, severely wounded. I stayed on top of the bus looking back, in shock until they all faded away in the distance.

            Slowly I came back down through the hole, which was made by the attacking werewolves. I jumped down and fell to my hand and knees, still recovering that I could nearly have been killed. We managed to get away safely.






Chapter 22.

            We’ve been travelling for a several hours; we are now in the county on Lincolnshire and only around 20 miles to go until we reach Sleaford. The reason I had taken so long to get back is because we taken the minor roads and roads through think forests, away from highly populate area, so no one can see us easily.  Especially when some of us, like me, are still in our wolf forms.   Also so that we don’t arrive too early to arise suspicions. We have to remain low as much as we can without being seen by other passer bys who may end up at the bus (Which looks like it had just came out of the junkyard).

            Most of the students and teachers of the bus was sleeping.  The werewolves slept on the floor, to keep out of sights and humans slept on the seats. Mr Bamford was still driving on the bus, slowly become fatigue as he hardly slept for probably at least twenty-four hours, showing sign that soon he will soon fall asleep on the steering wheel.

            For me, I was unable to get to sleep. I just lay on the floor, in the middle of the isle, using my green jacket as a quilt. The smell of alcohol and Lemon from spilling my drink earlier was noticeable.  It smells like I have been heavily drinking all night. My head was laid next to someone’s feet, which nearly kicked me several time (probably one of the reasons I was unable to get some shut eye).

            I lay on my back with my head resting on my hands, looking at stars through the hole in the roof of the bus. I was still having some thoughts about being what happened last night.

            What have I got myself into? I am now a werewolf, a lycanthrope who changes into a wolf at night. How can I keep the secret away from my family? What happens if they find out what I am?

            Words and thought went through my head. I kept on imagining the bad things about what happened when I do get found out. I kept on imagine that I will be running for my life, being chased, wanted for crimes I never committed, or get thrown out of my house for what I am, or even get alienated for what I am.

            I had a bad feeling that my life will never be smooth running again. Constantly worrying about it for a while.

            Then I had some good thoughts about it.   Like I could use it for my advantage.  Ability to stand up for myself, being able to do better in sports and it sets up a new line of jokes so I could take the mick out of humans. At one point, I could imagine myself to become a crime-fighting hero, stopping dangerous criminals and thieves. Even though that was being over ambitious, but at least it took some mind of a few things. 

            I looked to my left towards the front of the bus were the window was smashed by when the werewolf that was attacking the bus earlier, went through the widow when Mr B braked hard. I notice that Fu-Young was moving around a lot, trying to get comfortable. He was awake. When his head moved to the edge of his seat, I could see that his eyes was still opened, but in a tired way.

            “Struggling to sleep Fu-Young?” I quietly asked him.

            Fu-Young’s ears twitched and moved around to the sides, picking up my sound. He slowly turned around to face me. His ears was slightly drooping, indicating how tired he is.

            “You still awake?” He said

            I nodded in reply “I couldn’t sleep” I said.

            “Me neither” He said, moving his arms in front of him and rested his muzzle on them like a real dog.

            Slowly and quietly, I sat up and turned around to face Fu-Young. Resting my back on the side of the seat.

            “How do you feel?” He asked “got use to being a werewolf yet?”

            I shook my head “No, still feel weird, and tired.  I just don’t feel comfortable being a werewolf,” I truthfully said

            Fu-young put his head up, to look at me widening his eyes, and ears moved up and faced towards me “I know it’s hard to be a werewolf and the troubles you may have because of what you are. You just have to live with it.”

            “I there a cure for this?” I asked

            Fu-Young shook his head “No, there is no cure” He said being negative about it “Even though Dr Claire Wright is researching about it, she would never be able to find the cure. The viruses in your blood that makes you a werewolf are very smart, they can counter the anti-virus that threatens them.”

            “You mean they are some sort of super virus?”

            Fu-Young nodded “Unfortunately for you, yes. It is one of those viruses that you can’t really get rid of it”

            I had a quick look at my hand “You mean, I’m stuck at a werewolf forever? Feeling a lot of pains in every transformation I do?”

            Fu-Young then got up from the floor and sat down on one of the seats. He leaned forward a bit to look at me. “You will get use to the pains from the transformations, Bladewolf. Also I advise you to force yourself to transform on some nights, so you gain more experience as a werewolf”

            “Force myself to transform?” I echoed, “You mean I can change on other nights even it is not full moon?”

            “Yes” he replied

            I looked up directly at Fu-Young “How can I force myself to change into a werewolf?” I asked

            “Its simple really” he said with confident “You can force yourself to transform my making yourself angry or getting stressed out.  Some Lycanthropes can change into werewolves by thinking they are werewolves.” He sat up and waved his finger in the air “You do this for a short while and then… you just flip”

            “That’s it?” I said

            Fu-Young nodded “That’s is” He said “After a while, your transformation will be quicker and less painful.” Fu young then bent further down “You got to be careful though, if you may accidentally trigger of your transformation from getting stressed, whether it is from work or family arguments. Use you gift with care.”

            Gift? I don’t really see being able to be a werewolf a gift. I just see it as a curse. Fu-Young treated it like it is a good thing to be a werewolf. But after listening to some bad things about being a werewolf, I still don’t feel easy about it.

            However I may consider taking Fu-Young’s word of forcing myself to transform into a werewolf on some nights. Probably, it could change my mind after a while, but at the moment, I still think that being a werewolf is not a good thing.

            “We’re nearly at our school” I changed the subject.

            Fu-Young looked behind him at the smashed front window “Yeah, we will soon need to perform a bus crash to be used as a cover up.”

            “I feel sorry for the families of the dead” I said with sympathy “It is tight to tell them that there children died on the bus crash, when actually they have been killed by Vang’s werewolves”

            Fu-young looked down onto the floor. “I know it’s not right, but we have to do this, to protect ourselves. Even I don’t like it. But it is the only way”

            “Aye” I sighed, not being enthusiastic of the idea.

            We both went quiet.   While we were silent, we could feel the cold wind blowing into the bus, mainly coming from the smashed front window. I notice the hair-like fur on Fu-Young’s back of his head was blowing slightly across his face. By the looks of it, he probably has got long hair in his human form (Which I haven’t seen yet). I could her the wind howling from the two holes in the roof of the bus.

            Fu-Young then turned around and looked up at on of the holes closest to him. He was looking at the starts in the clear night sky. “By the way” He spoke out “Where about do you live anyway?” He asked

            “I live in Metheringham” I answered, “It is the village which is placed right in the middle between Lincoln and Sleaford.”

            “Does anyone else hear you know that live in Metheringham?”

            I looked across the bus “Only Tim and the other Stuart.  They are both Human”

            Fu-Young turned back to look at me “I suppose that’s makes you the only Lycanthrope living there?”

            I looked down to the floor “By the look of it… yes” I answered, “Most of the Werewolves here came from Sleaford and Ruskington.”

            Fu-Young looked towards the back of the bus “A lone wolf in a small village” He muttered to himself. Before he faced me again “It could be a problem for you, especially when we need to check on you to see how you are getting on being a werewolf”

            “Why you need to check on us?” I asked

            “Who knows what will happen. Most of the Viruses are man-made copies rather than natural.  There’s still a risk that something could go wrong,” He said bitterly

            I looked down to the floor starting to feel a little dismal “Like there could still be chance of rejection?”

            Fu-Young sighed, “Don’t think negatively about being a werewolf,” he said, “I know these problems may occur, but you really need to be positive about being a werewolf.”

            I looked up at Fu-Young. He slowly moved across the bus to sit next to me on the floor, being careful not to tread on someone who is sleeping on the floor.

            “You may not like being a werewolf at first, but as time goes by you will gradually like it” he reassured me “You will eventually like it so much you will never want to become completely human, again.”

            His words brought some smile on my face.  Like it or not, I am now a werewolf, like some of others on the bus. We now have to adapt to our new abilities and getting use to being in our wolf form.  Even though there is still some risk of rejection, we must try and be positive about it.


            The bus drove into a quiet area in the hills were the stunt is to be used as a cover up of the Yokely incident. A bus Crash is going to be performed making out the deaths are caused by the bus crash. Cruel to the families, but it is for our protection. Whether we like it or not.


Chapter 23.

            It’s been a couple of weeks now since Yokely incident.  The stunt performed was a success; it fooled everyone that the reason for casualties and deaths are caused by the bus crash when actually caused by the Yokely incident.

            I honestly couldn’t remember how the stunt was performed because when I was reverting back into my human form, I fell unconscious and was out for at least an hour. The reason I was out for so long is because my body is not quite use to the changes taking place, and the fact I was awake all night and well, I just went out.  That is the reason I couldn’t really make another chapter of it of how it actually happen.

            Still I look back at the families of the dead with sympathy, not only for the lost of their loved ones, but also the fact they don’t know the whole truth of how they actually died. They didn’t die in the bus crash; they were murdered in Yokely, thanks to Vang, his Convicts, and the WIGER Company.

            Meanwhile aside all that, I manage to add the lock to the door so no-one can get into my bedroom while I transform into a werewolf, forcefully or not, so I can slowly get the use of being a werewolf.  Already, I forced myself to change a few times. It had taken several attempts to trigger the transformations. It worked fine, but still I do get a lot of pains during the transformation process.

            Fu-Young, however, went missing; I haven’t seen him for a couple of weeks, not even in human form. But Claire did reassured me that is still around and will be visiting us on a week on, week of bases, alternating between Sleaford, Ruskington and Metheringham.

            Speaking of Dr Claire Wright, She continually takes blood samples from all of us, keeping an eye on our blood, looking for some changes, and trying to find a way to get rid of the virus that makes us werewolves, whether it is a complete cure, or just to suppress it. She currently lives in the caravan, moving between the three locations were Fu-young goes.

            As for Night-Breaker, he decided to watch over the werewolves in Sleaford, keeping them under control, and makes sure they don’t get into mischief, or getting themselves exposed.

            Meanwhile, Me Stuart and Chi-Wai like the others, just gets on with our lives. Our life may not quite be as normal as it use to be, but still us free go round to each other’s house, or go to town in Sleaford or Lincoln and visit the pubs around the North Kesteven district.

            At the current present, I am alone in the woods, in my wolf form. I just walking around in the woods and slicing branches of with the sword that I found at Yokely. I kept it as a souvenir; reminding me the very time I got attacked and used the sword the sword to save my own life, only with a price of me becoming cursed and ability to change into werewolf. That is my biggest scar I have got, and will remain for eternity as a Lycanthrope.

The End.

This story and characters are copyright \xA9 to Adam Colin Carlile 2002. all names right reserved.