He looked over her muzzle into her beautiful, blue, sapphire, eyes. They shimmered in the dim light of the bar. Her longing eyes begged for him to hold her in his strong arms. He knew what she really wanted. He wanted it too. He wanted to be with her, to feel his furr against hers. They sat there, staring at eachother, burring themselves in each other\x92s gaze. Slowly their mouths came together, their tongues intensely playing with each other. They held the passionate kiss until their lungs stung with the need for air. They parted and he ran his paw though her velvety soft, headfurr. For a moment longer they longingly stared at eachother. Smiling, he stood up from the bar and put his jacket around her. She took his paw and stood up. Holding each other\x92s paw, they walked out of the musty, smoke-filled bar. The chill of the night air made her shiver so he held her close to him. A loving embrace as they walked down the street to their rustic, old hotel room. Still keeping one arm around his love, he opened the door.

She gracefully walked into the room and set his coat on the small bed. He watched longingly as she walked towards the bathroom. The light green dress she was wearing brought out the curves of her buttox, and revealed the seams of her laced underwear. She turned and canted to him as she disappeared into the bathroom. He smiled slyly and put the "do not disturb" sign on the outside of the door. He quickly made out of his suit and pants to his silk boxer shorts, and he took the coat off the bed.

She returned from the bathroom in a pink robe to se her lover lying on the bed. She smiled showing her white gleaming teeth, as she walked to the bed. She opened her pink robe, revealing to him her young, supple breasts.

He quirked a brow and she let her robe drop to the floor. She quickly climbed onto the bed with her lover. She crawled up to him and sat on his chest, he wheezed out a painful breath and she smiled devilishly, he smiled to.

He stared at her soft, white, belly furr as he ran his paws through her red, back furr. She yipped slightly as he ran his claws lightly through her furr, and even louder as he ran them over her aroused nipples. She smiled and moaned as she rolled over onto her stomach. He leaned over and nuzzled the side of her head lovingly.

He got to his knees and started to massage her back. Soon, he made his way up to her neck and then down again to her back. When he was finished, he again leaned over and nuzzled her neck and head.

He wasn\x92t disappointed that she had fallen asleep, and he had lost his chance to mate with her. To him it didn\x92t matter because he loved her, and she loved him.

He smiled to himself and curled up beside her so she wouldn\x92t get cold during the night. Anyway, it was their honeymoon. He had the whole other month to have her. He wasn\x92t worried.