Well VCL..this is goodbye. It's been nice, but after some heart-breaking, soul-shattering issues, I'm leaving. I'm leaving Elfwood as well, and I am closing down FoxFlight studios. This may, or may not, be perminant. I'de like to point everyone's attention to this site: http://www.subatomiclaundry.com/fury4jesus/ This guy altered the picture entitled "numb" in my digital gallery. A heartfelt picture that was drawn through tears of mourning and shock, one of the pictures that is closest to my soul. His alterations (two of them, though he removed the first, and I have uploaded it to foxflight) can be found here: http://www.subatomiclaundry.com/fury4jesus/comix/sadhell.gif and here: http://foxflight.artistrealm.org/sadhell.gif I am very offended, hurt, shocked and angered. So this is what will be left of my gallery. A .txt which is this file, and nothing more. This behavior has proven to me that art has become nothing more than clip-art, something that can be taken, used, abused, altered and re-distributed, despite how much work, and how much feeling the artist puts into it. Artists have become defaced, de-valued, and forgotten. All that is left of us is the images that people think they can take without any kind of action from the artist him/herself. "This is my 45th depressing tune...they're looking for money as they clean my artistic womb...and when I give birth to the child I must take to flight...cus the black in our pocket wont let us fight a proper fight"-Six Pence None the Richer. A dear friend (and fellow artist) once told me-"Life is tough baby...life is so tough, but dont let them jade you...gaurd yourself, and you'll never get jaded"-Walter, who is, in all honesty, like an uncle to me. Thank you, Furry4jesus. You have jaded me. You have so deeply hurt me by altering the pictures I once held so dear, that none of them will ever be shared again. I am 17 tender years of age...I have gone through hell and back in my life, and my art is my only escape. WAS-my only escape. Now it is nothing. You have raped my soul, the very fibers of my being, by doing this. I may take you to court, I may sue you for everything you've got...but I will remained raped, and nothing will ever undo that. I hope you feel good. I hope you feel real fuckin good. I hope you are wallowing in the tears I am wallowing in. You have broken me, because there's only so much I can handle, and I cannot handle this. Thank you, for shattering my dreams, my soul, my heart. I was depressed already...I am a depressed child, but you took the ONE thing that means anything to me anymore, and raped and pillaged, de-faced it and made it mean nothing. and as they say... thats all folks. -Kelley Goodwin