Star Trek vs. Sinda



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Chapter 1: Encounter

The Enterprise was a beautiful sight as the Sovereign class ship sailed close to the border of the Neutral zone. On the other side was the Romulan Star Empire, on the Enterprise side, the Federation space.

Captain Picard had been ordered check out a distress signal from a cargo ship close to the Neutral Zone. No doubt the Romulans had heard it too, but probably where cloaked on the other side monitoring the situation.

The Romulans and the Federation where still on the friendly terms since the Dominion war, nothing had yet happened to brake that ‘friendship’. So at the moment Picard was not worried about them, but he was more worried about the cargo ship. There had been mention about a ship appearing out of nowhere, not like it was deacloaking, rather like it had just appeared.

“Sir we have reached the cargo ship,” exclaimed Data, the android had his emotion chip turned off so there was no emotion on his face and he stared with cold emotionless eyes at the view screen.

“On screen, hail them,” ordered Picard and stood up from the captain’s seat and soon was staring at the cargo vessel.

“The vessel has sustained heavy damage, though not from weapon fire,” monitored the android.

“This is Captain Picard of the Enterprise, what’s you’re status,” said Picard through the comm.

“No response Captain,” claimed a young Bolian ensign.

“Data any life signs?” asked the captain startled.

“No sir, if there is anybody aboard he or she is dead,” claimed Data.

Picard stared at the vessel like it was going to tell what happened. There was something odd about this scenery, something was not right.

“Captain I’m reading a massive energy source right in front of us,” came suddenly from Data.

“Dangerous?” asked Picard.

“I don’t believe so but it would be advisable to but up our shields,” commented Data. Picard nodded and gave a young human, lieutenant Jake signal to raise shields.

“Get us further away, I don’t want to be in the way if something is exploding,” ordered Picard.

“Captain,” said Deanna Troi suddenly but she had been really silent. “Look at the screen.”

Picard looked up and saw that a huge portal had formed in front of them and out of it a starship of some short was a coming through. Picard who had sat down rose up again staring in wonder as the ship emerged from the portal that collapsed in the progress.

The ship was not big, smaller than the Enterprise, it was actually shaped similar to an old 20th century airplane, simpler in look though, more sleek and brownish in color and completely black windows.

“Sir they are hailing us,” said Data.

“On screen,” muttered Picard still stunned over how the ship had arrived.

On the viewscreen appeared a friendly face of a wolfish looking being. Silver-gray fur, wide wolfish ears, sharp looking face; the snout was completely wolfish and long. It had no clothing expect for black leather shorts, on it was a belt with a weapon and a small calculator looking device. It was seated and was obviously bipedal just like humans, as it sat in same position as one. The eyes had red tinges in them and the eyeballs where small and oil black. It was fierce looking creature, very muscular but the smile was warm and friendly. Before Picard could great it, the being looked into a direction and nodded then looked back, as it spoke in a clear English but still with an alien accent.

“Greetings, I’m acting Captain Simba of the Garja Ru’u Special Police space vessel, Kjarkonat. We pardon our intrusion in your space, but we are chasing a deadly criminal. All assistance is greatly appreciated,” it spoke.

“I’m Captain Picard of the star ship Enterprise, representing United Federation of Planets, I welcome you to our space, first you have already stated your business here, I might ask how we could help you,” Picard had not expected to hear already what business this Simba had here. He looked at Troi with a do-you-sense-anything glance; she looked at him startled and shook her head. But Simba who seemed to know exactly what Picard was doing had not ignored this.

“I pardon that your empathic crewmember doesn’t sense anything from me, my kind; Ulfarians are invisible to telepathic beings. Our brain blocks everything out we could say,” said Simba.

“What? How did you know what I was doing?” Picard was once again stunned.

“Ulfarians have many hundred years experience from living among telepaths,” smiled Simba, may I introduce, second in command Honda and third in command Hyum. Hundarians but they have telepathic abilities.

Suddenly the crew on the bridge of Enterprise could see the whole bridge on the Kjarkonat, behind Simba where two beings obviously not of his species, male and female.

Both had the same basic look, gray-brown fur, and smaller and narrower ears, rather doggish. The face was also doggish and jollier than on Simba, the snout was smaller and rounder, making the Hundarians doggish in look. Their eyes where completely black no white spot. They too where bipedal, standing upright like humans, but like Simba they only had black leather shorts and a belt with a firearm and similar calculator looking device Simba had. The female, Honda though had also short black leather tank top covering her breast area, she also had a short hair, while Hyum the male and Simba only had fur.

Both Hyum and Honda greeted with a smile, Hyum allowed a little grin to escape on his face. Honda only smiled a warm friendly smile; she was big, even though Hyum and Simba both were bigger than her, could Picard see that she was tall.

“Captain Picard, we have a strong reason to believe that an interdimensional criminal answering under the name Sinda is roaming around your dimension. Officer Honda has already scanned the vessel behind us, and it is obvious that Sinda has attacked it. Probably to gain information about his location,” explained Simba as he stood up, Picard could now see that the Ulfarian must be at least two meters tall.

“Are you sure?” asked Picard concerned, he didn’t like the sound of an ‘interdimensional’ criminal roaming around Federation space.

“Pretty much, the vessel has marks of Ru’u weaponry on it. And I wouldn’t be surprised that Sinda killed everybody inside. Sinda stole a space vessel and jumped through a dimension gate, we where lucky that these kind of vessels give a signal back to the home dimension and give us the location of the dimension, otherwise we would not be here now. Unfortunately we can’t track it, Sinda must have turned of those signals,” explained the Honda; the Hundarian had more neutral voice compared to the calm and polite voice of Simba.

“But we better examine the ship from inside, do you have any objections to that?” asked Simba.

“No,” Picard quickly said. “No objections at all, I will send a team to assist you.”

“That would be wise,” Simba smiled and nodded politely. “Simba out, Hyum and Honda will meet your team aboard the vessel.”

The viewscreen switched to view of the small ship Kjarkonat. Picard looked at Commander Riker. “Take an away team aboard and assist those officer the best you can, take Doctor Crusher with you in case if there are survivors.”

Riker nodded and walked to the turbo lift, signaling Data to follow him. Then he pressed his commbadge. “Doctor Crusher, this is Riker, meet me and Data at transporter room 3.”

Picard turned back to the viewscreen and looked at the Kjarkonat. “This is a small vessel, but for some reason I think it has good change against a ship like the Enterprise.”

“You speak correctly Captain,” said Troi. “I exchanged in some telepathic talks with this Honda, she said we had a good looking ship, then she gave me small info about her ship. Captain that little ship is fully capable to take on the Enterprise.”

“Then I’m glad they are on our side,” said Picard, did she give you information about this Sinda like they called the criminal.

Deanna didn’t answer and for a few minutes it was like she had seen a ghost. Slowly she nodded.

“Captain, believe me. He is the last one we want to meet. He is an Ulfarian like Simba and would be best described as a pure psychopath, and he would kill you just to have something to do.”


When Riker, Data and Doctor Crusher emerged aboard the cargo vessel they where greeted by Hyum and Honda. Both Hundarians stared for few minutes at Data.

“We don’t sense anything from you, but you look almost human in every way,” said Honda startled and surprised.

“I’m and android, lieutenant commander Data,” said the android, it had turned on his emotion chip so he smiled back to her.

“A machine?” asked Hyum surprised. “This is the best AI I have ever seen.”

“Hyum be polite,” growled Honda.

“Have you found any bodies?” asked Crusher as she pulled up a tricorder and started to scan around.

“No, Sinda’s method is to kill and swoop the body to another dimension, if he indeed killed the crew, the bodies are now scattered through various dimensions,” claimed Hyum.

“You can travel other dimensions?” asked Riker.

“Actually we have diplomatic ties with many dimensions, for us it’s just like traveling to another country, another planet,” claimed Honda.

“And this Sinda guy, he travels dimensions too?” asked Riker.

“Yes, though he normally doesn’t go to such far away dimension like yours,” said Honda.

“Ok lets go to the bridge, maybe there are some answers what happened here,” suggested Riker and led the group onward.


Picard entered transporter room 2. He had invited Captain Simba over; the Ulfarian had accepted and was now on his way. But instead of appearing on the transporter pad, a portal opened right beside Picard and out of it stepped Simba. Dwarfing everybody in the room.

“Um greetings captain,” said Picard stunned over the Ulfarians entry.

“Actually when I leave the Kjarkonat, I drop to the title Officer Simba. I’m only with the captain rank aboard the ship,” explained Simba.

“Oh, I was under the impression that…”

“I am just a regular Police officer Captain, well almost regular. I’m in the Special police force of Ru’u, my planet and home dimension. As I said I’m only acting captain aboard a Ru’u vessel, outside it I’m Special Police officer Simba,” interrupted Simba.

“Well officer Simba, welcome aboard the Enterprise,” greeted Picard. The Ulfarian looked around and nodded.

“Tell me captain, what is that glowing platform?” asked he asked.

“It is a transporter pad, we where expecting your to beam aboard,” said Picard smiling uneasy smile.

“Oh I see, I’m sorry, we Ru’uians use our dimension traveler to get between space ships, quite handy and safer way than a shuttlecraft. I am sorry that I didn’t meet expectations,” said Simba.

“No need to apology, you were just using the technology you are used to. I can’t demand that you are using other things than you use,” Picard was confused over the Ulfarians apology.

Soon though they were in the Ready room. Even for his size, built and fierce look, Simba was polite and obviously well mannered. His voice was calm and easy going. Picard couldn’t help but start to get found of the Ulfarian.

“What can you tell me about this criminal you and your fellow officers are tracking down? I must admit I’m not liking to hear that an interdimensional criminal is making trouble here,” claimed Picard.

“Understandable,” said Simba. “Sinda isn’t actually the Ulfarian you would want to meet, and I’m glad we met before he could meet you. He would have shoot first and then talked.”

“He is wanted in many dimensions for murder, thievery, assault, smuggle, rape and many other crimes, there almost isn’t a crime he hasn’t committed. The worst part about him is the never-ending escape capability. He would be described as a fair looking Ulfarian, with a rich voice. I know many women who are cursing that he is so evil, they can’t believe why such a handsome Ulfarian is on a criminal track,” Simba explained.

“Well it is said, never judge the book by its cover, Sinda seems to prove these words,” observed Picard.

“True, Sinda can look nice, and he sometimes act innocent so it’s hard to think that you are talking to a criminal, but inside there is a sick mind that only cares about himself,” Simba sighed.

“Captain there is a vessel approaching, its pattern is similar to the Kjarkonat,” said Deanna Troi through the speakers. On equal speed Simba and Picard stood up and rushed to the bridge.

“Sir it’s shooting some kind of energy beams at the Kjarkonat,” claimed an ensign that had taken Data’s post.

“Blast him all, he’s shooting at the ship,” shouted Simba when the viewscreen showed a vessel with the same look and the Kjarkonat. Soon it had blown the ship to pieces.

“Transport the away team from the cargo ship, and raise shields,” ordered Picard.

“The away team is in Transporter room 3, as are the two Hundarians who were with them,” claimed Lieutenant Jake from his post.

“Good now…”

“Captain the ship is hailing us,” claimed Deanna.

“On screen,” said Picard with a grim voice.

On the screen appeared an Ulfarian. He had the same basic look as Simba but many would say that Sinda was somewhat, because this was Sinda, more fair looking.

Cannot say he’s ugly, Picard thought. But the eyes can’t deceive anything.

Sinda snarled when he saw Simba alive and well on the bridge of the Enterprise.

“Your human friends will regret their interference,” snarled Sinda and cut him self from view.

“Captain he is firing at us.”


Chapter 2: The Fight

"Shields down to 50 percent," shouted lieutenant Jake as the Enterprise rocked once more when Sinda fired again.

"Are we doing any damage to him?" snapped Picard; he could only remember at least two reports that they had actually hit the little ship.

"His ship is to fast and maneuverable, we can't get a good weapon lock," claimed Jake.

"Try target the aft section of his ship, it will make enough damage to get a power failure in the ship," suggested Simba, he had not left the bridge since Sinda had started attacking.

"I'm trying to simply target the ship," muttered Jake.

"He's coming about again, shit that ship is fast," observed the ensign currently in Data's post. The android had not yet reported to the bridge since beaming aboard.

"Geordi do we have warp?" shouted Picard through the comm system.

"The warp drive was just going offline from the last impact sir, the fastest I can give you is impulse," was the Chief engineer's answer.

"This is mighty powerful ship despise its size," commented Riker who just stepped into the bridge.

"We got hostile neighbors," claimed Simba, the Ulfarian looked embarrassed.

"I hit him," shouted Jake. "Right in the aft section."

And just like Simba said would happen, Sinda's ship died down. And was silent, Picard quickly ordered a tractor beam to lock on it but suddenly the ship powered up again but instead of attacking again it jumped to what looked like warp space.

Everybody looked at Simba who was equally surprised. Then he suddenly smacked his forehead like he had forgotten something.

"Of course, I forgot the dimension traveler," the Ulfarian growled.

"What do you mean?" asked Riker.

"Sinda must have used his dimension traveler to get a temporary power to escape, our dimension travelers are just big batteries, we can use them to power up our vehicles," explained Simba.

"Conference!" ordered Picard and headed to the Ready room. He looked at Simba.

"Capt...erm Officer Simba would care to join us," the captain offered. The Ulfarian nodded.


Seconds later the senior officers where all in the Ready Room, also there where Simba, Hyum and Honda. Captain Picard had a grim expression on his face.

"Well clearly we have situation here. The ship was small, but he did more damage than even I could expect. We must stop him before more are attacked," he claimed.

"Easier said than done, he totally disappeared from our sensors, he must be able to get to warp 6 on no time," explained Data.

"Not warp 6," came from Simba. "But similar."

"I have been looking at your warp speed cart, our speed cart could be about plus or minus 6000 light years for your each warp speed. We use Gakor speed and base it on our dimension traveling technology; basically he jumped partly to another dimension. I would say 1 Gakor is around warp 2 for you, he clearly jumped to Gakor 5, which is the maximum for this kind. Gakor 6 is around warp 9," explained Honda and crossed her arms.

"Mighty fast ship," grinned Riker.

"Fast?" the expression on Hyum, Honda and Simba indicated that this was not fast for them.

"These are our slowest ship," claimed the Ulfarian.

"All right lets not get into debate how fast our ships are," claimed Picard and raised his hand. "But is there any fast way to locate him?"

"Well, we could simply warp after him," suggested Simba. "On Gakor speed you are limited to one direction and it takes time for this model to power up, especially because Sinda is probably using his dimension traveler. All batteries will drain eventually."

That information could have been shared sooner, Picard thought but instead of saying it upload he looked at Geordi LaForge.

"How fast can we get warpdrive?"

"Well I can give you warp 3 right now, but it will take few hours until we can reach maximum warp," explained the chief engineer.

"So we have lost him," growled the captain.

"Well Sinda did recently escape jail," claimed Simba suddenly.

"Oh?" all eyes where on the Ulfarian.

"And we could say he has soft spot for females...especially those professional ones," he explained.

"And as you said he has been in jail, so he must not have been in contact with a female for some time," grinned Riker.

"And on battery power he isn't going very far, so where is the nearest place to get some action?" Hyum asked and grinned.

Sinda cursed heavily when the ship suddenly dropped from Gakor and the space became normal. He was far, but not far enough he thought.

"Now where am I, the records clearly said I was near some borders of some kind of an empire," growled the Ulfarian.

He hated the word empire, in his experience that indicated the government had too strong security system. But now he could only guess where he was, he had jumped to Gakor with a straight line away from those borders. So according to the map he got from that cargo ship he was in the middle of this Federation space, not that it did him any good.

Suddenly he noticed a ship slowing down near him. A green light indicated that he was being hailed. He pressed a button and on a small screen appeared a yellowish humanoid face, with pointed ears and weird looking eyebrows. The humanoid showed no expression as it spoke.

"Greetings traveler, this the Federation vessel U.S.S. Tubor. I am captain Tular, are you in need of assistance?" asked the Vulcan, for it was a Vulcan though Sinda had no idea and didn't care very much.

What the heck does he...Sinda stopped, he realized that he was in an alien dimension and shouldn't refuse help on the spot. Especially first his hated enemies where on his tail.

"Yes," he said. "My ship is damaged."

"What is the nature of your problem?" asked the captain.

"My power generator was shot down. I have no idea who the aliens where, but by the look of the ship, it was scrambled together by many various technology," Sinda being expert in lying and of course being totally alien for the Vulcan, had no trouble making this up. After all, he was known for being a good liar.

Tular even though being a Vulcan with their splendid insight, could not see thought Sinda's bluff and believed the Ulfarian.

"Your ship is small enough to fit into cargo bay 4 of my ship. The ships chief engineer will assist you on repairs. Though we might have to dock at a spaceport if the damage is serious," explained the calm captain.

It was getting on Sinda's nerves how the Vulcan showed no expression what so ever, but he remained calm. He needed his ship repaired.


Chapter 3: The Ferengie

Tak thanked his lobes and the teaching of his father that he escaped the enraged Klingon. The Ferengie had been selling the warrior some barrels of blood wine, but the Klingon wanted to have sample first.

Tak tried to convince the Klingon that he didn't need to sample it, but the Klingon broke the top of the barrel with his bare hand and got some of the wine in his hand and tasted it.

That was Tak's cue to run, for the blood wine was no blood wine at all, but only soft drink he had bought from a human trader. Of course the Klingon decided to kill Tak for this treachery and ran after Ferengie.

But the Klingon had to watch Tak being beamed away. And because the Klingon was stuck on the space station (his ship was being repaired, and he was on a Federation space station, meaning he wouldn't get to borrow a shuttle to seek out his revenge) he couldn't follow.

"That just proves it, never fool a Klingon, it's not worth it, not for the whole latinum in the world," sighed Tak as he sat in the pilot seat.

"How did it go?" said a female voice. The captain's seat turned to reveal a Klingon female.

"Ill my equally greedy comrade," sighed Tak. "That damn Klingon didn't trust me and wanted to taste the drinks first."

"As well, we have the saying, never trust a Ferengie," grinned the Klingon.

"Yea, yea," groaned Tak. "What shall we do next, I don't believe we are going to be selling wine for some time."

"Well we still need latinum to buy your brother from the prison. Of course my offer still stands, and my brother would be more than happy to battle the prison guards," claimed the woman.

"No but thanks anyway, we can't risk having Romulan D'Deridexs hot on our tail. I say we still should buy him out. After all the Romulans did give a reasonable price, now just to find a fool to give us the money we need," Tak hated to admit that the woman's offer was tempting. But the Romulans nowadays had so strict security system that even a Borg attack seemed futile.

"We shall meet my brother in orbit of Risa, he is making some 'business' there" said the woman. "Engage warp 7."

"Fine," was Tak's only reply.


On board the Enterprise repairs had gone well and much faster than expected. But maybe the arrival of the U.S.S Rebellion had something to do with it. Captain Ymzad, the rather emotion closed Betazoid had sent his chief Engineer, Ka the hot tempered Andorian over to help Laforge.

Captain Ymzad being a former crewmember of the Enterprise had also beamed over to meet his former captain. He was introduced to Simba, Honda and Hyum. The Hundarians where surprised to see how Ymzad was closed being a telepath and all.

"You said you where following a mad criminal here," confirmed Ymzad. "Maybe we can help."

"Maybe you can," said Simba. "Our only clue for what Sinda might be doing is to find a place were he could fulfill his rather filthy needs. And we need to know where we could find such place."

"Well I'm not very familiar with underground movement, but we have crewmember who might be able to assist," claimed Ymzad, then he hit the commbadge. "Ymzad to Nig."

"Nig here," said a rough voice.

"Nig, could you beam over to the Enterprise, here are officers you might be able to help," said Ymzad.

"I'm on my way," growled Nig.

Few minutes later, a Ferengie in Starfleet uniform entered. The pips indicated that he was lieutenant commander. The Ferengie had a rather grim expression on his face and looked at the Hundarians and the one Ulfarian with no sign of interest.

"Nig, I know you abandoned your peoples believes after Romulans killed your father, but I know you are sometimes in contact with your brother, and we might need his help to locate a criminal," explained Ymzad.

"My brother is a profit-seeking moron, he would sell a part of his body to just get enough latinum to buy a ship. He would never give any information with out a huge prize," grunted the Ferengie.

Ymzad sighed, Nig was a really closed person and getting through him would not be easy.

"Nig, this criminal, would gladly cut the limp of for your brother with out taking a prize," said Ymzad, the Ru'uians had explained how Sinda was to the captain.

"And surly you must know of some underground activities through him, after all Tak has always wanted you to join him," came from captain Picard, but he had been silent.

"Actually no, currently Tak is trying to bribe the Romulans to release our oldest brother Jark. He is in a Romulan prison, and better stay there," claimed the Ferengie.


Tak saw a Klingon bird of pray decloaking in front of them. On the viewscreen appeared an image of a huge klingon. He smiled to the klingon female who smiled back.

"Ah Re'Lura, great to see you, did you manage to sell the wine?" asked the Klingon.

"No, that petaQ you said would buy it wanted to taste it first, and of course then Tak's life was risked," growled the woman.

"Not good, not good at all. We can't risk that Leskit comes after you; surly he must know what ship Tak beamed to. Erase all logs and beam over, let the Federation take care of the ship," explained the Klingon and disappeared from the viewscreen.

After all logs where deleted, Re'Lura and Tak beamed over to the Klingon ship, which in turn decloaked and warped away.

Re'Lura and Tak were barely on the bridge when the ship dropped out of warp. Re'Lura's brother ordered the ship to be decloaked.

"We are not alone," growled the Klingon.

Suddenly a small ship was in view. It had just appeared, not flickered in view like when ships decloak. Or so the Klingons and the one Ferengie thought.

"That is not a Federation vessel..." claimed Tak.

"It's hailing."

On the viewscreen appeared Sinda's face. He looked around and suddenly his eyes narrowed on Tak.

"I want to speak to him," growled the Ulfarian.

"He must business, talk to him...or what ever that is," whispered Re'Lura to the startled Ferengie.

"You are Tak right," growled Sinda.

"Who wants to know?" asked Tak.

"Just answer," snarled the Ulfarian.

"Yes I am Tak," sighed the Ferengie.

Finally, Sinda thought, he had been hailing dozens of Klingon ships. His only information on that Tak had been that he traveled with a Klingon group of exiles.

"I was told that you could sell me what I needed," claimed the Ulfarian. "And that better be true."

"What is it you want?" asked Tak and tried to bring up his business face, but it was hard, he couldn't help being a bit afraid of the creature.

"A female," claimed Sinda. "Permanent, not temporary."

Oh dear, that's not the deal I made with the girls, thought Tak startled.

"Um...what kind of female, we got few species," said Tak and looked around for support. Both Re'Lura and her brother nodded to back their Ferengie friend up.

"Why not just let me see them," Sinda's voice disturbed the Ferengie.


Finally though, Nig decided to cooperate more. He explained that this brother Tak, traveled with a Klingon family, exiled from the Klingon Empire. This family had rather a Ferengie line of thoughts, and the word honor equalized to profit for them.

"They sell everything, even women, for filths like this Sinda who you are casing," finished the Ferengie his explanation.

"There where logs about Tak on the cargo vessel, and some information about him, they were in fact met him few hours before Sinda attacked them," explained Riker who had joined the conference.

"But they didn't say that Tak has what Sinda currently wants," claimed Picard.

"Actually, the captains personal log explains his thanks to the Ferengie for the female company he got during Tak's last visit," said Data.

"Sinda is far from being slow, he must have understood that Tak must be in that kind of business," claimed Simba



Chapter 4: You can run but you cant hide

The jungle surrounding was no hinder for Simba as he silently walked among the plants, ready for anything. Suddenly a huge creature attacked, Simba swiftly stepped a side and had the creature hoped for an easy victory it got very disappointed because the Ulfarian had already stabbed it in the back, killing it instantly.

 Simba looked around when another creature attacked. Simba did not bother to retrieve his knife instead he hammered his fist into he creatures jaw breaking it.

“Computer freeze program,” said the startled voice of commander Riker. “You know, it took Worf an hour to complete this level for the first time, you are completing it on less than twenty minutes.”

“With only a knife,” claimed Simba and rescued his knife from the ground. “Though knifes are more Sinda’s style.”

“I suppose you Ulfarians are pretty strong creatures,” grinned the commander.

“Well, we don’t brag very much about it. Our ancestors where the size of an earth animal called bear, if not bigger,” Simba didn’t seem really interested to speak about his kind.

“Bigger than a…” Riker decided not to go further into that subject. “Ok you are good as done with level 20, how about trying level 30.”

“When do you think we will arrive?” asked Simba.

“Well we are on top speed, we will be there in few hours,” said Riker.

"Then lets try another level,” Simba got ready with the knife.


“I’m telling you these are finest women you can find the whole quadrant,” claimed Tak as he showed Sinda five scantly clad female humanoids. Two Bajorans, one Bolian and two Orion.

The Ulfarian didn’t seem at all impressed he grunted as he looked at each female. The Bajorans where the closest for him to look human, he wasn’t all to found of the blue skinned alien. And the Orions also didn’t meet his eye for long.

“Got nothing more human,” growled Sinda, they was probably the only species he was familiar with that existed in this dimension.

“Well we did have some humans but they were recently sold you see,” Tak gulped when Sinda looked at him and growled.

“I know a lie when I hear one,” snarled the Ulfarian, “don’t try any salesman trickery on me.”

“Yes sir,” whispered Tak. Yees, he’s more short tempered than a Klingon.

“I don’t understand why such a handsome warrior like you, would want a weak human,” claimed Re’Lura from where she stood.

Sinda started to laugh. He laughed so hard it was a surprised he hadn’t already fallen on the floor. He grinned a most unpleasant grin and looked at the Klingon.

“Tar’yah uilka terriano aloka,” said Sinda suddenly. “Ulfarian for, never corner a human.”

Tak and Re’Lura looked at each other rather surprised. What had the Ulfarian meant with these words? But before Re’Lura could ask, like she intended to, Sinda suddenly grabbed his dimension traveler and looked at it for a moment.

Great it has recharged, he thought and opened a gate to his ship.

Quick like a snake he jerked one of the Bajoran women into the gate and was soon gone through himself. The gate collapsed and before Tak or Re’Lura could react the room was flooded with red light.

Red Alert, the ship is under attack.


“Put us on orbit,” ordered Picard. He turned when Hyum entered the bridge.

“We have arrived at Risa, hopefully we will find Tak before Sinda does,” said the captain.

“Oh if we don’t find him, he will find us,” grinned the Hundarian. “So Nig said that his brother operated his business from here?”

“Yes and…”

“Captain, a Klingon bird of prey is decloaking, it’s the Rotarran,” interrupted Data. “It’s hailing.”

“On screen,” ordered Picard and an face of an aged Klingon appeared on the screen and it smiled widely.

“Captain Picard, it’s and honor to meet you,” said the Klingon.

“Leskit,” Picard had to admit he was a bit surprised. “I didn’t know where the captain of the Rotarran.”

“Only temporarily, I’m an old dog who has no need to be in command. So I only took the temporarily duty of a captain, I’m actually going to fetch my new captain. As soon as I have fixed the face of an rotten Ferengie petaQ I’m chasing,” claimed the old Klingon.

“Does the Ferengie answer to the name Tak?” asked Hyum suddenly.

“Yes it was him, I remember now and how unfortunate of him to tell me his name, everybody know that Tak lives on Risa,” Leskit gave a huge roar of laughter. “How did you know?”

“My kind is telepathic, I sensed a fierce anger from to towards a Ferengie named Tak. Though I do not support unneeded slaughter, I hope you will track him and give him his heart after you ripped it out,” claimed Hyum. Everybody on the Enterprise bridge looked stunned at Hyum. Leskit stared for a moment at the Hundarian, not sure how to react, then roared in laughter.

“You understand Klingons my boy, and for that I salute you. May we meet again and toast with bloodwine,” claimed Leskit and would probably smile wider if he could.

“But Captain, the reason I hailed was hoping that you knew the location of Tak. I have been circling Risa for hours now and he has not returned to this house, all we found was his abandoned ship.”

“We are ourselves searching high and low for him,” Hyum here and his partner are chasing a criminal who might probably engage in business with Tak.

“So Hyum is the name,” Leskit smiled again broadly to the Hundarian. “May honor always shine on your house.”

Hyum obviously has won Leskit’s approval by his words, Picard thought.

“Captain I propose that we will search for the Ferengie scum together, two ships searching together are better than two searching alone,” offered the Klingon.


Sinda tied down the Bajoran and sat back into the pilot seat cursing and swearing. Tro like woman claimed to be named had hit him shortly after Sinda had destroyed the Klingon bird of prey, no survivors. She was lucky Sinda hadn’t slain her too, but at the moment he had other needs to fill.

“Where are you taking me?” asked Tro finally.

“Somewhere more quiet,” snarled Sinda and pushed a large button on the panel. Suddenly a huge glowing gate appeared in front of them and Sinda flew through it, soon Sinda and Tro where in another dimension.


“Wow like the vessel we were on when we were training for space missions at the academy,” commented Hyum after he and Simba materialized aboard the Rotarran. He and his partner decided to join the Klingon side of the search, Honda had not been really interested to go aboard the Bird of Pray and decided to help the Enterprise crew.

“So you will right at home,” commented the Klingon that was there to greet them.

“Oh I have seen it worse,” grinned Hyum. “I hope the beds are hard enough.”

“I think you will find them hard enough,” growled the Klingon and started to walk out. Simba and Hyum understood that they where to follow even though the warrior had shown no sign of it.

“You are surely getting in touch with them,” whispered Simba.

“Telepathy helps,” grinned Hyum.

“And the fact that Hundarians value honor almost to the same level and they do,” smirked Simba.

“Oh you Ulfarians are nothing better,” joked Hyum.

“True,” confirmed Simba.

“Greetings and welcome aboard the Rotarran. This vessel was once the disgrace of the Klingon Empire, now it’s one of our finest ships,” said the powerful voice of Captain Leskit as he greeted Simba and Hyum when they entered the bridge.

“Greetings yourself, and thanks for the honor to allow us aboard,” said Simba.

“You’re welcome, anybody who are on an eternal hunt for an criminal scoundrel are welcome onboard my ship,” growled Leskit and grinned.

“So I can see,” Simba smiled but instead of the interdimensional gesture (not showing his fangs and the sharp ripping teethes) he let his teeth show. He had noticed that the Klingons always smiled showing their teeth, and Simba saw that it would be save showing his predatory fangs.

“Damn you always give me the creeps showing these,” mumbled Hyum. His tooth's resembled more humans because of his omnivorous diet.

“Lets not waste time, we have our selves a criminals to capture,” commented Leskit and turned to the helmsman.

“Lay in the course Captain Picard gave us, full warp speed.”


“Captain Picard, I have reason to believe that Sinda has jumped back to my home dimension,” claimed Honda as she stepped into the bridge.

“Oh?” Picard was surprised.

“Yes, I have been in weak contact with my planets mother computer, the one who records new dimension discovery. We Ru’uians travel rarely to such distance dimension and recently the mother computer showed sign that there was a dimension jump either to or from this dimension. More likely from,” explained Honda. “But I think he took a passenger.”

“What, how can you be sure?” asked Picard startled.

“Because,” Honda looked at her traveler. “The mother computer is sure it where two life forms that made the jump.”

“Well then he’s sure to have taken somebody from this dimension,” claimed Riker.

“True, this dimension is outside our regular traveling zone,” said Honda. “And there is one problem.”

“What is it?” asked Picard.

“My partners and me need a spaceship to get back home, because we came here using a space ship and were not on a planet. The dimension traveler would open a gate into an empty space,” explained Honda.

“I see your point,” claimed Picard.

“How big starship can your traveler handle?” asked Riker.

“Oh mine is and old model, AW-593zB. It can only open a spaceship gate for the small ships. Though if enough power is diverted through it, it could open a gate for a big cargo vessel,” claimed Honda.

“Big enough gate to get the Enterprise through?” asked Picard.

“Yes why?” asked Honda not sure that the captain was going about.

“Oh I have every intention to get Sinda into your hands, after all he killed Federation citizens, and I was getting news that an unknown alien attacked my good friend Tular. Tular lived long enough to describe him and his ship, Sinda his now wanted by Starfleet by attacking and killing Starfleet officers, I guess the best I can do is helping you catching him,” explained Picard.


“Here your Sinda killed and attacked a Federation vessel, the U.S.S. Tubor,” explained Leskit as the Rotarran came out of warp.

“Sinda is sly, he must have asked for help first, then he attacked after his ship was repaired,” claimed Simba as he started to tap on his traveler.

“I am getting faint dimensional signs, he jumped to Gakor that’s for sure,” the Ulfarian sighed.

“I’m getting a telepathic connection from Honda,” claimed Hyum suddenly. Everybody looked at him.

“Sinda has returned to our home dimension, he has possibly an hostage from this dimension. They are going to take the Enterprise over,” claimed Hyum. “Captain Picard wants to help getting him after what Sinda did.”

“Ahh and who says being telepathic is useless,” Leskit grinned once more.

“Honda asks if we wish to return to the Enterprise,” said Hyum.

“What!” shouted the captain. “You are not getting rid of the Rotarran so easily Hyum, take us over too, who knows maybe this hostage is Tak, and I’m not letting him slip so easily from my fingers.”

“Simba your model is newer, and would handle the ship better,” claimed Hyum.

Simba started to tab on the traveler and soon in front of the ship was a huge gate. Leskit grinned even more as he gave command to steer the ship through.

“Do not engage your cloak though,” warned Simba. “The military might consider it an hostile movement. And though the Rotarran is a tough ship, I doubt it can handle twenty heavily armed space stations and sixty battle cruisers that are on constant patrol in our solar system.”

“That’s mighty good defenses,” laughed Leskit. “May I guess, you want to show your enemies that you are a force to be reckoned with.”

“Yes that is true,” claimed Simba.


Sinda quickly cloaked his ship and could only hope that the huge battle cruiser that was going past him wouldn’t use cloak scans, he would be easily spotted with them. Compared to the cruiser Sinda’s ship was like comparing an elephant to an fly. One shot from this gigantic ship would blast him to oblivion.

The Ru’u Defenses had not been at all pleased to have to build so huge ships and with those powerful weapons, but after two wars with neighboring alien races that still hold grudge against Ru’u, there was no choice. If the people of Ru’u wanted to be safe, a bigger and better army had to be developed. Thus the cruisers and the space stations where born and now twenty stations and sixty cruisers where now stationed in this seven planet solar system.

“Looks like we are going to have some privacy,” grinned Sinda and glanced at Tro.

“Go to whatever hell you believe in,” growled the bajoran.

“Be glad I’m in good mood now, normally I would kill after remark like this,” snarled the Ulfarian.

The passing cruiser suddenly came to halt. Sinda peered through the window and saw in dismay that an awful familiar vessel was in front of the huge ship. The Enterprise had arrived. And soon a Klingon bird of prey joined in.

“Those fools,” snarled Sinda. “They have brought those idiotic friends with them. They think they can capture me like that?”

Suddenly a warning signal indicated that a cloaking scan was being made. Sinda couldn’t jump to another dimension, his traveler was drained and the ships inbuilt traveler was still down. He had only one choice, Gakor out of here.

But the drive didn’t work. Sinda turned to see that Tro had somehow unleashed herself and was tampering with a computer console. By pure luck she had managed to take the Gakor drive offline.

“You will regret this,” hissed the Ulfarian and out of his many canisters on his cloaking belt came a knife, which Sinda now possessed in his hand.

Tro would have been impaled if she hadn’t disappeared in blue sparkles of the Enterprise transporter beam. Sinda growled and hit a large gray button marked “emergency shields.” Nothing happened so he must have blocked the Enterprise from beaming him out too.

Then his ship rocked around and Sinda was flunked out of the chair. He was being attacked.


“FIRE,” yelled Leskit once again.

“Remember we want him alive,” reminded Hyum.

“Don’t worry Hyum we are just going to hurt his pride a little,” grinned the Klingon.

“Sinda with a hurt pride is not something I want to see,” mumbled Hyum to himself, nobody noticed it.

“Sinda is coming about, he’s probably going to return our attack,” observed Simba, he had gotten a console on the ship. After quick tutor he was now familiar what each klingon letter said on the console.

“Can he detect cloak?” asked Leskit.

“Not on this vessel,” claimed Hyum.

“Then cloak, lets play a little cat and mouse,” laughed the Klingon.

“He can cloak as well,” reminded Simba.

“The better, what’s the fun hunting if the prey can always been seen,” every single Klingon on the bridge roared in laughter by their captains remarked. Simba laughed too.

“Hunters, I will never understand them,” mumbled Hyum.

“The Enterprise is asking if we need help, as does the Battle cruiser,” reported a Klingon.

“The more the merrier,” smiled Leskit. “Lets catch ourselves a grisnah cat, oh has the Enterprise gotten the hostage?”

“Yes a Bajoran woman, she claims that Sinda has killed Tak and destroyed the ship he was on,” said the Klingon.

“Aah, so we got a targ on our hands not a grisnah cat, the better. Though I would have wanted to kill that rotten Ferengie petaQ myself,” growled Leskit.

“Sinda is firing, what took him so long,” came from Simba.

“Our targ is getting afraid of being caught,” smiled Leskit. “Angry and frightened targ is much more fun hunting.”

“Or he was searching for us, remember cloaking is no hinder for him targeting us,” said Simba. Leskit nodded.

The ship rocked but obviously Sinda was having problems with his weaponry because the impact had no effects on the ships hull.

“Sinda cloaked,” reported Simba. “Our battle cruiser is now making a cloaking scan.”

“Wasn’t he cloaked before?” asked Leskit surprised then remembered that the Ulfarian had dropped out of cloak when the cruiser had scanned Sinda’s ship the first time.

“There he is again,” pointed Hyum.

“Drop cloak, Fire torpedoes,” growled Leskit then he turned to Hyum. “Does your cloaking scan disengage cloaks?”

“Yes, the scan interferes with the energy that cloaks our ships,” explained Hyum.

“I see,” smiled Leskit.

“We better keep visible first you need to drop shields to cloak, we might not get again so lucky with Sinda’s shoots,” said Hyum.

“Lets end this hunt before our targ can wound us,” smiled Leskit and give again signal to fire.

Sinda had obviously some problems, the fast ship was hit instantly and now drifted dead in space.

“Our targ has been beaten, not as tough as I hoped him to be,” mumbled Leskit.

“Enterprise is hailing us,” was claimed.

“On screen,” growled Leskit and grinned.

“Good fight on your hands Leskit, we have beamed Sinda to sickbay,” said Picard as he appeared on the screen.

“What? Why?” asked Hyum and Simba both confused.

“He’s ill, seriously ill. That might explain why he didn’t fight more than he did, our doctor has determined that he has caught a bajoran cold,” smirked the bald captain.

“Huh?” Both Simba and Hyum had no idea what Picard was getting at.

“Obviously Ulfarians don’t have strong resistance towards the common bajoran cold germ, he was lucky our doctor had an antidote to get him better with,” explained Picard.

“Be better give you two an antidote too, you might not want to risk yourself from getting ill,” claimed Picard and smiled.


Soon Hyum, Honda, Simba and Sinda had been given doses of antidote against all possible germ that they might have gotten while their stay on Enterprise dimension. Also they where fumigated in case they wouldn’t carry any nasty visitors to their world and by accident start a outbreak.

Also the crew of Rotarran and the Enterprise where fumigated in case the Ru’uians had carried harmless germs to them but dangerous to the aliens. They also got medical supplies from the battle cruiser in case a germ had gotten through.

Then Simba, Hyum and Honda went over to the battle cruiser with Sinda after having said farewell to both the Enterprise crew and the Rotarran crew. Leskit did not say goodbye until after Hyum and Simba promised to pay a visit to the Klingon home world and go on a targ hunt with him. The Ulfarian was quick to accept but Hyum had to convince himself before finally accepting.

The battle cruiser provided a dimension gate for the two ships. Who soon was gone through and the gate collapsed. Hyum and Simba both held Sinda who was still a little woozy after the germ.

“To believe I was brought down by a microscopic life form,” growled the criminal.

“The biggest heroes are brought down by them,” smirked Simba and the two officers handed Sinda to two Ulfarian military personnel. “Give him a comfortable brig cell, I don’t think he will survive the harsh ones.”

“So when are we going to this targ hunt you got us in?” asked Hyum when Sinda was gone.

“Tomorrow perhaps, after all we got two months worth of vacation left,” said Simba.

“I’m never going to forgive you this,” grunted the Hundarian.


“Well this was fun,” said Riker.

“Not as fun as seeing this end, to think a single individual killed all those people,” claimed Picard.

“And most of them he didn’t need to kill,” pointed Troi out.

“The Rotarran is hailing,” reported Data.

“Captain, I must go and retrieve the new captain of the Rotarran, may we meet again,” said Leskit as the aged Klingon appeared on the screen.

“Thanks for the help Leskit, this might not have gone as well if you hadn’t helped,” thanked Picard.

“Ah always a pleasure to capture a stubborn targ captain,” growled Leskit and soon was gone off the screen. The Rotarran disappeared as it jumped to warp.

“Lest hope our new friends from the other dimension will hold Sinda in jail,” claimed Picard. “But somehow I don’t think it’s the last we have heard from this Ulfarian.”

“Captain while I was talking to Tro, she said Sinda said an interesting sentence before kidnapping her,” said Troi suddenly.

“Oh,” Picard was all ears.

“Tar’yah uilka terriano aloka, he said and then translated it, never corner a human,” explained Troi.

“Now what did he mean by that?” asked Riker confused.

“He said this after one of the Klingons Tak was with said something about humans, them being weak or something,” claimed Troi.

“Hmmm, maybe Ru’uians have different experience from humans than the Klingons does,” claimed Data.

“Who knows, Honda said they knew over 2000 different earth dimensions,” said Riker.

“Over 2000?” Picard looked at his first officer stunned. “They sure know how to travel.”

“Plus they have way over 50000 dimensions in their traveling database, and then there are of course unknown dimensions, but we are not on their dimensional globe,” said Data.


“Yes, we can say that we are on a different reality track, it’s actually risky for them to travel here, to much change that the gate will collapse on them,” explained Riker.

“Well I’m sure glad that they are friendly, I wouldn’t want to be on their bad side,” said Picard.


The end for now