Hey, watch out, now, this is adult stuff. It's slightly violent (only near the end) shower sex, with two males, and it's in an army-esque boot camp. If you don't like any of this, or you're not an adult, you should maybe think of not reading this, but it's worth a little read otherwise.

It was nice to know I'd finally be able to get out of this filthy uniform fast, our training crew approaching the dorm showers at the side of the building, for obvious purposes. I had seen a few guys from other crews getting to third base in the showers, if you know what I mean, and once, a girl from all the way on the other island treat a lucky guy. Since the testosterone was always going, the men around here, and the few women that showed up, didn't mind being watched. I had actually been invited once, into a wet raccoon and lupine sandwich, which I had regretfully turned down.

"So you saw how amazing that room mate of yours did in the course, right?" my fox friend shouted out next to me, loudly, so all of our crew could hear, "Damn, I totally didn't think a fatty like him would be so fast through the course. Damn nimble if you ask me. I guess it's just from him being a puss, though, you know!"

"David, shhh.." I whispered, David's cackling quieting down, I felt his green eyes settle on me, "What, nothing to be ashamed of, he knows he's a fatty, I know he's a fatty, you know he's a fatty, what's the problem?"

The cat looked down and away from the fox, the rest of the crew sporting unsure and confused faces, not knowing what to do.

I was ashamed, of course, as I had a belly, which was kind of hidden by the abs growing on me as I exercised through the training courses more and more. I had never actually been fat fat, but I've always been hovering a few pounds above the overweight line, and I've had a lot of overweight friends, and they didn't appreciate the criticism either.

"Drill pushed us hard today, though," the recruit in front of me said, obviously trying to distract the fox from pushing on about the kitty.

"Oh, yeah, I haven't sweat like that.." I thought, "Well.. ever."

The crew just laughed, moving into open showers. Since the place was all men anyways, it didn't much matter who saw them, the benches through the wide hall leading into the lockers, then later into the open showers. When I behind me, I noticed Sgt. Drill was walking with us, belt wrapped around his huge bicep, already pulling his shirt over his head. I couldn't help but stare at the wolf's magnificent body in front of me; his rock-hard abs, light grey-beige fur, looking almost white on his belly, enticed me, even if the Serge didn't, himself.

"I'll be showerin' with you today, boys," his shirt pulled over his head, shaking his head so his grey-blonde hair panned out again, messily, "You weren't the only ones who worked up a sweat. Good job, by the way, Nick."

The cat softly nodded, looking to Sgt. Drill, then quickly looked away. My guess was, he was shy and didn't like the attention. I knew underneath his big body, there were big muscles to go along with it, and since he was a cat, even if he had a big build, he'd still tick like a machine.

"What about me, Cap'n?" David blurted, smiling at him.

"You were awful, Roy," the Serge said, stroking a clawed paw through his hair, just showing his huge muscles off more.

"Uh, no, it's David, Sgt. Drill, sir," the fox said loudly, eyes dashing left and right, then finally down.

I could only laugh. I immediately passed the bench, but a few of the team sat down, and Drill dropped his shirt before the side of my vision failed me. Nick was starting to slow. The recruits here didn't just share rooms, they shared everything, and Nick and I were no exception.

"Don't have the key today either?" I said, smiling at the cat.

He shook his head no, and I nodded.

"Yeah, I'll go ahead and open it for you," I said, ruffling my hair, as he rubbed the back of his neck.

David was already stripping down, pants quickly falling down his ankles, even though his locker was two rows ahead of mine. I shook my head, reaching up to our locker, slipping the key around my neck off, sliding it into the keyhole.

"You know, I wasn't surprised," I softly said, eyes looking up at him, clicking the locker open, and sliding the key back around my neck with the dog tag.

"Hmm?" the cat tried not to acknowledge what I was saying, as if to avoid the conversation going on too long.

He opened the locker all the way, and took a paw through his hair, which then migrated to his neck, pulling off the sweaty shirt from his back.

"Oh, I'm sorry.." I said, unsure again, "It's just, you do look fit, and.."

Nick falsely smiled, and nodded back, rolling up his shirt, tossing it into the locker onto a hook. He quickly undid his belt. As I watched him, I didn't know what to say. The orange and grey fur on him gleamed with the sweat that could breathe now, without the shirt. Softly, I took my own clothes off, and he had gotten his boots and pants off before I even had a chance to touch my belt.

As I closed the locker again, then locked it, I heard Drill's crushing feet near me.

"Roy's a good sport, right?" his voice beamed to my side.

"Uh, yeah, he should be, at least, making fun of everyone else on your crew, right, sir?" I shyly walked beside him, though not because I wanted to.

The Serge was making an obviously conscious effort to walk beside me, which made me even more shy, as I'd never seen his naked body before, and I was naked too. Drill simply laughed his full and robust laugh.

"Hah hah hah, a smart recruit is a good recruit, I always say," he moved down the hall, to the large shower room, his tail swatting my package as he walked off.

I cringed.

"Yeah.." I could only watch his even rock-hard ass strut away from me, even though I'd avoided looking at his pec, if you know what I mean.

Gently, I made my way to the reserved furthest-to-the-right shower, where I always showered, where I had a good glimpse of everyone else, and no one would notice me staring at them. I reached up to the overhanging shower, and turned the cold on almost full blast, just like I liked it.

"Hey, hey, you guys are lucky I didn't bring a towel with me, you'd all have red asses by now," David's loud voice echoed through the shower, slapping the edge of the wall like an ass, before walking, regretfully, over to my direction.

He leapt at the shower, knocking the hot water on, and the shower forward. Some of the water got on me, and I yelped, jumping back.

"Watch it, David, gawd," I glared at him.

"Tss," he grabbed the shower as it came back, before the steaming water had a chance to touch him, and he turned the cold as much as the hot was turned.

He flicked a paw playfully through my shower, and scoffed.

"I don't know why you have the cold on so high anyway, you scared you'll get a boner from watching all the hot guys like me bathe in their birthday suits?"

David wasn't actually hot at all, he was thin for a recruit, and he lacked the careful touch it took to maintain a fur-colored face. His fur was nearly orange, and his thin, barely muscular stomach had the same effect as his face. But, he was right, that was why, sans the looking at him part, I had the water so cold. Watching was a hobby of mine, and it always was and still is one of the stimulating parts of my day, whether in the shower or not. People are just interesting to observe.

The cat ahead of me adjusted himself, washing blue soap down his legs, cupped hands on his stomach. When I looked at his face, I couldn't help noticing it was facing square at Drill, who was washing his legs too, ass to me again. Without my control, I felt the member underneath me begin to stiffen. There was a new sensation the Serge gave me, and it felt warm and gooey, even in the cold water, but I tried to fight it off, with the loudmouth fox standing beside me. My eyes moved back to the cat, who was fiddling with his legs, trying to keep his own nether regions covered, though, he blatantly stared at Drill, washing his legs up and down. I wasn't so foolish, and I grabbed the soap in the alcove closest to me, and started dripping it down my chest, putting the bottle back, scritching it through my torso.

Drill slowly leaned back, tail twitching, and made a sigh, looking around himself. It was obvious he couldn't avoid Nick's staring gaze. When I looked at Nick, it was obvious he was staring right at Serge's crotch, member harder than mine was, though mine was starting to catch up.

"Well, can't say you haven't earned it," he said, looking down at himself, then at the cat, rubbing himself, soaking the soap through his solid, but flaccid member, running his claws through his scrotum, eyeing him.

The cat foolishly continued to stare, and when Drill opened his mouth, it caused a few of the crew to look around at who he said it to. I leaned back more, playing the soap through my stomach, and sides, feeling like I was inside an adult fairytale.

"You homo or something, kitty?" his gruff voice stung into me, my member fully hard, rosy, and in full sight if anyone chose to look, as was Nick's.

Nick faltered, and his eyes moved, finally, but only for a second, before he cleared his voice, and bravely said "Sir, yes, sir."

Serge reached up to the shower, and slowly tipped the water off.

"Good to know," he said gruffly, moving to a shower closer to the kitty, turning that on shortly, barely five feet away from him.

I licked my lips, and in turn, so did Nick, who had already forgotten about his soap, staring blatantly at Drill's drill, which, finally, was starting to grow, within its large sheath.

"Oh m--" I grabbed the fox's mouth with my soaked paw, and just watched Drill's eyes massage the cat's.

"Like I said, kitty, you've earned it, so if you want to make a move, go ahead," he licked his lips back, finally, and took a finger across his member, starting to fill the sheath around it.

Almost immediately, Nick's knees started to buckle, and he reached a paw out to Serge's hip, the other readying to catch his large body from falling. His knees safely touched the concrete floor, paw doing the same, and he was face-to-face with a monster of a drill, paw moving through its owner's beige fur.

Gently, the cat looked up at Serge, and he wolfishly nodded the cat permission, which made Nick's eyes fall back to the cock in front of him, only half hard. It obviously didn't matter much to him, though, as he opened his mouth, and took in the tip of Drill's member, suckling on it lightly, back being torched by the warm water behind him, face receiving the water dripping off of the huge wolf's stomach. His tongue swirled over the cock's tip, as his muzzle worked up on the taut muscle. Sgt. Drill made a gentle grunt of relief, tail moving behind him. Nick's tongue slid further up, before nose was pressed up against Serge's pubic fur, loudly taking in the scent I could only dream to guess at.

David, pushed my paw away, pushing against my side a bit hard, before turning all the way away from the scene, facing the wall, as he soaped up his body again. I looked to the fox for only a second, then looked back, member oozing, a few other members around the two large men fully hard and probably dripping too.

Drill moved his paw through his chest, soaking the fur blue, the uneven water spilling over Nick's head, forcing his hair into his face even more, as he slurped down, taking the member out of his mouth, licking his lips. I was able to tell the member was fully hard by now, but the moment was all too short, before Nick eagerly went back to the dog's cock, which was now making him lean back, probably a good six or seven inches, possibly even an inch and a half thick. The cat lathered his thin tongue around the cock in front of him, having to move back and put another paw on his leg, scratching his inner thigh. Sergeant murred appreciation, finally put a large paw on the cat's shoulder.

"That's right, kitty," he grinned wolfishly down at the cat, who tried his best to suck in half of the large dog's cock, which was obviously much more of a feat than last time.

Both of Nick's paws were on the Sgt., which seemed even more of a feat, as my own paw was already stroking my meat. His, one directly under Sgt's scrotum, the other holding his hips, were moving through the thick beige fur, with happy claws. Eating down Drill's cock, Nick loudly slurped his tongue around the wolf cock like a spiral, and down, which made the wolf yelp out in pleasure, closing his eyes. The cat's thin tongue moved out of position, then he tried again, to slide his lips down the wolf's meat, almost making it before obviously gagging a little, pulling back as much as Serge would let him before the large paw pushed his face back into his cock, which was loudly slurped again. Eagerly, Nick's tongue explored more and more of Drill's member, with each movement forward with his wet muzzle. The matted orange-brown hair in Nick's face, along with the water from Sgt. Drill above him, made him force his eyes closed, making him force away the thoughts of looking at the delicious, wet cock he was sucking on. His head bobbed around the sheath-covered meat, tongue doing much more work than the rest of Nick's muzzle, though the rest was doing more than enough by itself. Almost like an expert, Nick knew how to please and tease the Serge's heavy member, which was pulsing in his muzzle. Sucking down, almost fully, the cock was making his throat adapt to the large meat that was sliding up and down his throat and his tongue. Slowly, his tongue lapped down and off of Drill's member, and his nose pressed up against the cock above him, lapping, now on the large orbs below the cock, washing the beads of water off of them. His scent was obviously affecting Nick again, his tongue moving up on his crotch, sliding his thin tongue almost completely around the cock, cold nose sliding up with it, almost making the Serge shout, moaning loudly.

"Ah, fucking right, mm.." Sgt. Drill licked his lips, and watched Nick attack at the orb again, tongue lashing against the testicle in his mouth lightly.

The large wolf took the member in his own paw, and jerked it, watching him still, the cat massaging the other side of his scrotum delicately, but hard enough to entice the wolf's jaw open. Before the wolf could further enjoy the cleaning, Nick's tongue lashed back up, and along his cock.

"Mm, careful, kitty.." Drill murmured at the cat.

Deftly, the thin tongue lashed up against the thick meat again, not having a chance to gag fully once back in his mouth, muzzle and tongue sliding all the way back up the cock immediately. The cat's muzzle moved up again, sucking, licking on the tip of the Serge's sheath. Inadvertently, the sheath popped open, but his tongue continued to lash along the tip, making the large wolf above him howl.

The room around the two of them was silent other than the loud sex noises they were making. A lot of the showerers, by now, had turned away from the scene like David, and a lot were already finished, escaping back into the lockers to get dried up and dressed again.

Nick's tongue effortlessly screwed back around the Serge's cock, forcing pleasant noises from him, and his pattern went back into motion, head bobbing back again, over the now-open cock, which made Serge all-the-more excited and thrilled from a muzzle like Nick's. As Nick lapped over Serge's cock, pink now, I could feel it oozing, Nick's face smiling with satisfaction, all the more reason to suck and lick harder on his Sgt's member.

Slowly, the paw on Nick's back migrated up his head, to the top back, near Nick's ears, growling, and murring his appreciation louder now.

"Mmmhh, you're so close, kitty, keep it coming...." Drill growled.

The cat's ears perked up, the cock unexpectedly moving as he sucked down, muzzle coming into contact again with the Serge's pubic fur, scent triggering him more, along with the taste dripping through his mouth. Nick instinctively moved back, but Sgt's hand gripped the hair on the back of his head back forward, his teeth scraping up lightly, tongue lapping around the cock. Nick made an uncomfortable noise, but continued to suck the cock, a little faster now, though the Sgt.'s movements back to his muzzle made his job easier. Sgt. Drill started to move further into Nick's mouth, Nick having to speed up to his thrusts, tightened hair forcing him to want to hurry it. His tongue swirled around Drill's member as best as it could, lips vibrating now against the pumping cock in his mouth, pulsing, growing hot. The wolf was growling again, and the cat's muzzle tightened around the cock, Drill fucking it hard, tongue scraping around every corner of the cock. Opening wide, the wolf moaned out loudly, and his balls tightened to his cock, which were cupped by Nick's prodding hands. As he gripped the shower head tight, he could feel his climax settling in, and neither of them could take it any more. Yelping masculinely, with a short grunt, Drill's cum shot out heavily into Nick's mouth, as he grabbed the cat's hair back to make sure he savoured all of it.

Nick winced, but licked at the tip of Drill's cock as much as he could, swallowing back the load. Another shot of thick and salty cum forced it's way into the cat's muzzle. Already, Sgt. Drill was starting to hump his mouth again, as cum began only oozing to the cat's tongue. Slowly, his tongue lapped over the cock again, and Drill relaxed back shortly. After a moment, the Serge let go of Nick's hair, and patted his muzzle, which slid off after tightening his tongue and ebbing out the rest of Sgt's cum. Nick's eyes were forced down, panting.

I looked down at my cock, and it was pink, and tight, but now wouldn't be the time to release it. I could see other cum spots on the floor, half washed down by the showers. Only a small collection of five of the crew were left, and I turned my back to all of them.

"Mm.. Definitely well-earned, kitty..." I heard Sgt. Drill pat Nick on the back.

I raised my paw up to the showerhead, and turned the cold water up more. I'd need it now.