F/F non pornographic

Characters are \xA9 Jillian Rennie



            I admired myself in the mirror. Hard to believe it was my birthday. 17. It didn't sound right. I felt like I was 8. Or 48. But not 17. 17 and I’d never had a steady boyfriend. There’d been a crush here, an equally unwelcome crush there, but never anything I’d be able to look back and smile on.

            I tied my unruly hair back into two pigtails and sighed. No wonder I’d never had a steady. I didn’t have the kind of look that attracted any guy.

            I shrugged my backpack onto my shoulder and headed for school. The weather was warm for the first time this year. Quite unusual for March in my area. I took a deep breath of Friday air, and headed for school.

            No one remembered my birthday. I wasn’t the least bit surprised, because I hadn’t told anyone.

            It was lunch hour when I got my surprise. I was on my way out the door to spend the remaining of the hour in the computer lab when I was halted by the call of my name. It was a girl I knew, but wasn’t really good friends with. Sometimes I saw her at her locker and waved at her. Sometimes she saw me in the hall and said Hi. Actually, she was in my swim class but was assigned three locker bays and two lanes over, so I didn't see her much. Her name was Abbi and she was famous for filling out her regulation swimsuit better than any other girls. She was an incredibly beautiful vixen, about the same age as me. I didn't notice her for her beauty so much as I did for her kindness. She always seemed to be doing things for other people. I knew her as being smart, sweet, funny…

            I’d often wondered if she came in size ‘male’.

            “Jill! Wait up!” I heard her call. She had such a nice voice. I wondered if she sang.

            I stopped and waited. Abbi stumbled over and rummaged through her lunch bag until she found what she was looking for. Unwrapping a rather mangled looking cupcake from plastic wrap, she set the offering on the table to shove a candle into it.            “I’d light it,” she explained, “but I’d be suspended before I could say ‘Happy Birthday’. Umm…Happy birthday, Jill.” She smiled, blushing a little bit. 

            I really didn't know what to say. I couldn’t imagine how she found out, or why she cared.

            “Wow…Abbi…I don’t know what to say…. Thank you!” I was genuinely thankful, but clumsy with my words. “Uh…would you like some of it?” I sat down at the table and waited for her to join me. Her pretty eyes sparkled as she smiled at me. I broke a piece off and gave it to her. “How’d you know it was my birthday? I didn’t tell anyone.”

            “I have my sources,” she giggled as she licked the frosting from her piece. “Listen…would you like to go swimming with me tonight? I have access to the keys to the pool…the coach wouldn’t mind…”

            “Umm….” Think…I didn’t have anything to do tonight, strangely. Mom was working the midnight shift so there were to be no birthday festivities this evening. “Yeah…. Yeah, Abbi. I’d love to.” I smiled when I saw her happy smile.

            “Great!” She had such a cute smile. “Meet me by the service doors at 7 tonight.”

            I smiled as she hugged me. “I’ll be there.”

            Cool. A date.

            The rest of the day dragged by as I looked forward to this evening. I’d always dreamed about using the pool at night, when 30 other girls weren’t crowding it.

            I may have had a dream or two about Abbi as well.

            I ate a small dinner of fast food at Arby’s before heading to the pool. Crossing the school parking lot to the pool wing, I sat on the floor, leaning against the wall by the service doors, waiting for Abbi. It was getting a little chilly out, and I couldn’t wait to get into the cozy poolroom. It was a bit after 7 when Abbi came hurrying around the corner of the building. She was wearing one of her skirts and a little shirt and looked like she might be a bit cold. She threw her arms around me in a hug, nearly knocking me off my feet. I hugged back, finding myself rubbing her shoulders a little. She was a good hugger.

            We released and I smiled, a little apologetically. She grinned and tucked a wisp of black hair from her face, before fitting the brass key into the lock. She pulled the heavy service door open and we felt the heat of the thick pool air smack us in the face.

            “Happy Birthday,” Abbi said again. We both walked around the deep end to the shallow end where the bleachers were. I kicked off my shoes and socks, and Abbi did the same.

            “Uhmm…one thing, Jill…. I don’t have the key to the locker room. The coach wont let me have it because that’s how to get into the school from here.”

            “But…I don’t have a suit.” Why didn't she tell me this? I could have brought one.

            “You don’t need a suit. I never wear one when I come here after-hours. It’s only us….” Abbi pulled her shirt over her head and shimmied out of her skirt. My jaw dropped as she bent over to get her clothes and fold them to set on the bleachers. She wore surprisingly modest underwear…plain cotton braw and panties, but she quickly stripped of those too. She had an incredible body. Perfect breasts, hips, legs…part of me was jealous, and another part was drooling. Her red and white fur looked so soft and clean. Something in me wanted to hug her again, while she was like this. She smiled over her shoulder at me and slipped into the water, barely making a ripple. “C’mon!” She called simply, as if I wasn’t standing there with my jaw on the floor.

            Reluctantly I undressed, careful to cover my less than perfect body and stepped off the ceramic ledge into the water. Abbi was already swimming laps. I watched her. She was an expert swimmer; everything about her strokes were perfect. I wished I could swim like her. She was flawless. A water nymph.

            She swam back over to me and smiled as she slicked her black hair out of her face. “Race you to the deep end, “ she sang.

I grinned widely. “You’re on.”

We both pushed off the wall and raced across the pool. Of course she got to the deep end first. I knew she would. She pulled herself up and sat on the ceramic ledge, grinning at me. I pulled up to rest my elbows on the ledge and rested my cheek on my forearms, smiling back at her.

I began to realize how real she was. She was so beautiful. Not ‘hot’, that’s something totally different. She was really, honest to goodness pretty. And yet she gave a vibe that said she didn't want to be attractive. I watched as she covered her chest subconsciously, as if reading my mind. I couldn’t put into words the feeling she gave me. When she smiled and laughed, did good things for people and looked so real, with out the eight pounds of makeup other girls wear…she made me really like her. I know its sounds weird…but I couldn’t really explain it to someone…

“Hey,” Abbi touched my shoulder. “You awake?”

“Hm?” I snapped out of my dream. “Oh…uh…sorry.” I pulled myself up on the ledge to sit and fidget with my tail, blushing brightly. I’d been staring at her.

Abbi smiled to herself and gazed out at the water. I followed her gaze and sighed softly. I reached out and touched her knee. “Whatcha thinking about?”

“Just…the water.”

There was a moment of quiet.

“It’s just so comforting…you know?” she continued. “ I come here all the time, because the water is just…so nice. It feels so good when you’re in it…-“

“The way it wraps around you and makes you feel weightless.” I finished.

“Sometimes you never want to leave it. Its so warm in the water…”

I turned to look at her. “ And the rest of the world is so cold.”

Abbi turned and looked at me. She out her paw on my knee and kept it there. Then she did something that surprised me. She leaned over and kissed me. Right on the lips. I pulled away and gasped, nearly slipping of the ledge and back into the pool.   

The look on my face must have been an awful one, because Abbi looked so hurt. She immediately turned her head aside and I thought she was going to cry. “I’m sorry,” she choked. “ I don’t know what came over me…”

I reached and took her paw in mine and used my thumb to caress her knuckles. She turned back and looked at me, a little confused. I reached my other shaking paw to touch her cheek, and nervously pulled her close for a kiss. This one we held longer, closing our eyes and leaning into each other. I loved it. I felt this unbelievable feeling, this warm shiver rolling down my naked spine. Our kiss ended, but I wish it didn't. I wanted to feel her lips again…God it was wonderful.

Abbi’s white cheeks burned bright red and she smiled sheepishly. Without a word, she ducked and slid back into the water and coasted a few feet before surfacing and swimming in the direction of the shallow end. I pushed off the ledge and dove in, chasing after her. At about the 4’ mark I pushed off the floor and pounced her, wrapping my arms around her hips from behind and both of us went down. We surfaced and I held her close in a tight hug. Abbi was overcome with giggles as we held each other the way we had in the parking lot I kissed her again, holding her close, feeling her heart thump against my breast.

I was in heaven. I knew for the first time in years, I was happy. I stroked the girl’s wet hair and knew that this was what I wanted form life.


\xA5 \xA5 \xA5 \xA5 \xA5 \xA5 \xA5


“Almost…. okay…yeah! Got it.” I pulled open the door to the coach’s office. Without a key, we had to jimmy the cheap lock. Abbi had her arms across her chest and was shivering. I didn’t like to see her cold, so I had broken into the office to use the fur drier. While she stepped into the heated corner, I went back to get our clothes from the bleachers. Within minutes, she was warm and fluffy dry and getting dressed. I stepped in to the drier to warm my fur by the blowers, and watched her dress. I too slipped into my clothes, but only put on my tank top, not my hooded sweatshirt. I gave that to Abbi…she was wearing that little shirt and all. I didn't care if I got cold. I cared about her more.

We made sure to leaves the pool room as spotless as we had found it then left the school. We walked hand in hand to Haley’s Desert Parlor for ice cream. We didn’t mind the funny looks we got from people. Who are they to decide whether or not I have ice cream on my birthday?