Heaven Smells Like This.



            He sat with bated breath and nervous intention. Breathing slowly, or trying to, he let in a world of scent images. With each breath he could 'see' the trees along the distant ridgeline, could see the deer and the animals and he could see her. He could see every inch of her, waiting for him. He could smell her, that beautiful, encompassing scent. Her hair, breath, eyes, skin. He could smell her passion and her desire. When she was with him nothing else mattered. She could keep him close on the full moon, just by laying her hand on his back. Her scent drove out everything and he loved it. He was awash in it. No urge to hunt, no urge to track. Just the need to be here, with her, and swim in her eyes and smell and feel.

            She was the only human in all the world that knew what he was. One of only a couple that ever had. The only one that had seen him change and touched him. The only one that held him close when he was a wolf and told him she loved him. The only one who ever could. Even when his eyes went to amber and the change came. How many nights had he laid with her as a wolf? Never sex, just intimacy. She would curl up on the couch and he would just lay with her. She'd stroke his fur and they'd drift off to sleep together. She knew he needed that. She knew how lonely he was and how he so longed for someone to love him for what he was, not for some asinine lie he told about himself but for the real him, right down to the wolf. He also knew how much she needed him. Needed his strength, needed everything he had to give. She'd ask him to change sometimes, just to be with him.

            God he loved her.

            Tonight though, tonight was different. The full moon was coming and it was the only night he couldn’t control the change. She'd asked him to stay with her instead of hunt or run, which was nothing new... But she'd asked him something else as well.

            He was terrified, and so was she. She because of what she might become, because of the pain and the risk but he was terrified because it seemed too good to be true. He kept waiting to wake up. For her to change her mind. He was used to loneliness and despair, he had been alone all his life until she came and he was just so terrified of being left behind again. Of ending up alone and in the dark like before. He had planned to kill himself and had nearly gone through with it, but she had saved him and he had saved her.

            She had asked to become what he was. He couldn’t believe it when she'd said it... He had just stood there like an idiot, mouth open, slack jawed and wordless.


“You want to be like me? “

“More than anything John...”


They had talked for HOURS. He explained everything he possibly could and tried to let her know all the dangers, all the risks. He explained the process and the pain, how she'd have to come through and what it meant for both of them if he turned her. He told her everything he could to try and talk her out of it. Every syllable he uttered, every sentence he spoke left his mouth dry and numb with fear that it would be the one thing she wouldn’t do, it would be the one thing that would change her mind. He couldn’t lie or sugarcoat it though, he gave her the truth of it.

            John was a born wolf; it was in his blood from the start. His parents hadn’t known. How the hell do you tell them something like that? All he got from them was neglect and a steady stream of beatings anyway. What good would it do him? He'd gone through it all on his own. His first change, his second, everything. He'd made it, but barely. He’d even found others like him and they had told him what he was told him the rules and how things worked. They had explained things. But she wouldn’t go through that. The confusion and fear, he wouldn’t allow it. But she had hurdles just the same. When you turned a human it was a tricky matter. They would be bound together, as much belonging to the other as anything. Her first change would be fierce and painful and if he couldn’t bring her through she could die, or go feral and be lost. He had to keep her human side in the fore and let the wolf settle in, if the wolf really got out... .Well, that was something he didn’t want to think about. He'd be going through his own change at the same time, it being the full moon. That was good. It would let her see him, maybe keep the wolf in check a little, if it could smell another like it. If it could see.

            He shook his head, coming out of his reverie.. The day was dwindling down, the sun was beginning to fail and they'd have to start soon.


"Let’s eat huh?"

"God, I don’t know if I can John, my stomach's in knots"

"I know, but you have to, we both do, its important"

"All right. I love you"

"I love you to" and with that he kissed her, a long and deep kiss.

"Thank you" he whispered into her mouth and kissed her again. It was time to get ready.


They sat down after a moment or two to a large meal. Little was said. Mainly John trying to encourage her to eat. When the wolf came it was going to want to hunt. The less hungry she was the better, anything to alleviate any of the wolf's need. He asked her again if she was sure and she gave him the same answer she'd been giving him every time he asked..


"Yes, John, I love you".


This wouldn’t go wrong. When morning broke they would be together, closer than ever before and he would have a mate, a true mate. Someone like him that could see the world like he did, that would feel like he did.

            When dinner was over they moved from the table in to the living room, a cozy affair with hardwood floors covered in a number of lush rugs and low-slung, high quality leather couches. How many times had they made love here? On this floor, on this couch, on this table? Tonight would be significantly different. John's house was an old construction of black oak and deep cherries, the smell of it was what he loved, what had drawn him there. That and the seclusion. He was close enough to town to go back and forth easily, but far enough away that the closest home to his was at least 5 miles removed. But tonight, the huge doors and heavy construction was all he could think about. He checked again to make sure the doors were locked and bolted, the windows and curtains drawn and tied down. He shuffled the tables out of the way and pushed the couches back, gathering their pillows and piling them on the floor, making a sort of 'nest' in which they could be comfortable, but giving them freedom of movement enough to permit what was likely to come.

            The day was near to dead and he could feel it. The moon was hidden from view but he could tell it was close none-the-less. His sense of smell had gradually been growing more acute, his eyesight changing.  He could smell a group of deer just off the ridge, he could hear them shuffling and moving in the underbrush. God damnit. He hoped they would move along, or at least that she wouldn’t home in on them. He could feel his body changing as well, very slight, barely noticeable. His incisors had grown a little and though he didn’t have a mirror handy, he knew his eyes were taking on an amber tint. Well on his way to the change. Maybe an hour and a half. This had to be timed just right though.. Too early or too late and the change would hit her full on, violent and impossible to control. If that happened it would all be out of his hands. He had to turn her slowly, as he turned. Let the change ride out the rising of the moon so it was slow, controlled and subdued. Less pain, less fear, easier to control what was to come.

            All the time he had been arraigning the living room she had just stood against the wall, smiling but terrified. He'd explained the dangers and tried to talk her out of it but she was steadfast and adamant. She loved him with every ounce of her but this had always separated them. She would lay with him when he couldn’t help the change and stroke his fur, calming him and keeping him close but she couldn’t do it forever. She had to do this, for her sake and his. He'd never admit it to her, but she could see it, very slowly.. He was going feral. His sorrow and pain and fear were eating at him and it was driving the human back and the wolf forward. He'd told her how so many like him eventually give in to the wolf and just fade away, changing one night and never changing back, just disappearing. She'd watched him spend more and more time in true wolf form for no real reason, just be like that. She watched as he grew less and less tolerant of other males and the wolf got stronger. He was fighting it for her, but he was slowly losing just the same. He would shatter heaven and earth for her, but he was still terrified she didn’t accept him, couldn’t. If he had a mate like him, he'd know. He could relax and smile and maybe enjoy life a little. She longed for that smile of his, but it was rare and growing even less frequent as the days passed.

            And it was exciting. The change, the wolf, it was all exhilarating, and somehow erotic. She had watched him change before, the slow change into the hybrid form and it had turned her on. The thought of her body like his, her face and hands, a tail! It was surreal. He’d kissed her once in his hybrid form, just once. He'd broken the embrace, afraid she would be disgusted or afraid or angry.. She hadn’t been. She’d liked it. He looked different, smelled and felt different but it was still John. He was pretty sexy regardless. After tonight though, after tonight they could be together any way they wanted to. Fuck the danger, it was worth it.


'"Chelle, Its time to get started".


His voice, shaky but so excited, broke her out of her reverie and brought her back to reality. His voice had gotten a little lower, it had a growl to it. She knew it was getting late. She turned and walked over to him, kissed him on the neck, licking him just a little as she pulled away.


"Guess so.." She said.


John slowly took off his clothes, throwing them into a heap by the window. Normally she would bitch, John was a little disheveled most of the time and she tried to keep him organized, but tonight wasn’t the right time. He was completely naked in a moment, showing those strange tattoos of his. A tail, starting at the small of his back and running down his ass and his leg. A wolf's paw, high on his right shoulder near the neck and the word Entropy across his shoulder blades. She remembered seeing those for the first time. Seeing his body for the first time. He was in excellent shape, 5 11' carrying 200pds or so. Good muscle definition without being ridiculous or unnatural. An athletic and strong build.. He had a tan (at her insistence, John was normally white as a ghost) and a very liquid type of movement to his whole frame. Oddly enough there was something almost feline about the way he moved. Graceful and fluid. He frankly resembled the human interpretation of a wolf.


"You gotta do the same madam" He said while raising one eyebrow. "I'm not the only one getting naked tonight".

"You just wanna see my boobies".

“Well, yeah, of course. Duh ‘Chelle, duh,” He said and laughed a little.


She pulled off her shirt and bra, then her pants and panties, then socks, necklace, belly button ring and the band she wore on her finger. She was tall, 5 10, just a hair shorter than John, 140, long and lean. She was toned and fit, her breasts weren’t huge or ungainly, they were a modest large B but they were perfectly shaped, as was her ass. She was ivory from head to toe with long, sleek brown hair to her shoulders. She had a tattoo at the base of her back, a small butterfly. John watched from a few feet removed. Normally he'd have been full erect by now, the site of her always stunned him but not tonight.. He was so nervous that that little act, so often involuntary would need some coaxing.

            He moved in to her, kissing her and pulling her head to his neck. She hadn’t even seen him do it.. There were two small cuts he must have made while she was undressing. A small amount of blood was already seeping out. "Drink it 'Chelle". She had to take his blood, and he hers, so she leaned in, putting her mouth over the wounds. It was instantaneous. A shock went through her, shaking her to body and mind to the core as soon as the blood touched her tongue, it shook her whole body, but she didn’t let go. There was a sudden rush of sound and a huge field flashed in front of her eyes.. A long, old expanse of grass ringed by trees the world hadn’t seen in untold ages. She didn’t even feel John bite her. She was licking the blood now, using her tongue to probe the tiny wounds and keep it flowing. Moaning low she managed to mumble the word grass. "That’s the wolf 'Chelle, she's old and she's primal. You’re seeing through her eyes.". The field was flying by her at impossible speed. She could hear, smell and sense other wolves with her. They were hunting. Ahead was something akin to an elk.. She could smell the scent of its fear and its flesh and she knew she had to take it. The others broke off, flanking the animal and hemming it up, she went forward. All of a sudden a wolf, much larger than the rest, black as midnight and for all the world seeming to run like water through the tall grass appeared in front of the elk, it had been waiting. She realized it was John! She knew what he looked like in form.. None of that registered though, none of it. She was the wolf now, she was on the hunt. On seeing the big wolf, the Elk let out a scream and turned a full 180 degrees, right in to her.

            She leaped for it and felt her teeth sink in to its neck, felt the blood run down into her mouth. Smelled its musk and its fear. She could hear its heart, hammering in its chest. She could see its eyes and she bit down. She felt the flesh give way and the blood come in great, huge gushes, she could feel it shudder and try to shake her loose. She could feel it fighting her, still running, but it wouldn’t get far. Oh no, the pack would feast tonight. Its heart was already slowing. The jackhammer beat was weaker now, fading.

            John.. Where was he? How was he here? Somewhere in the mass of images flying by her human side started to gain the upper hand. Started to ask questions. She was still awash in the ecstasy of the kill but she was beginning to think rationally. Out of the corner of her eye she saw him, he was a few feet removed and staggering, like he was hurt. The Elk hadn’t gotten close.. How had he got hurt? Then it hit her. The field disappeared along with the trees and the grass, the smells changed and the world snapped back to reality. It was violent and sudden. She pulled away from John's neck with a scream, his blood in her mouth, down her throat and chest. He staggered back, trying to steady himself,. She screamed again and rushed to him  "JOHN?! Are you ok? Oh fuckfuckfuck what did I do?? I'm SO sorry, please, please be ok". He reeled and nearly tipped. All that kept him standing was her, rushing in and grabbing him. How the hell could she hold him so easily? He was 60pds heavier than her and she had never been that strong to begin with. She could smell the blood and for an instant all she could think about was biting him again.. Oh Jesus what was going on? "No 'Chelle, I'm ok, just gimme a sec, I'm ok".

            He broke her grasp and shook himself, she could see the wound on his neck, a large, nasty thing now after what she'd done.. It was already closing up! It was healing that fast. John was getting his legs back now. He looked up at her and smiled. "It’s started, you found her 'Chelle and you won. We still got shit to do, but you won". And with that, he collapsed to his knees and shook his head. "That's where I was afraid I'd lose you.".

            She started to cry, bringing her hands up to her face.. She stopped abruptly. "Wholly shit John.." She stared at her hands. Her fingers were longer than before, and her nails were gone.. She had claws now. She looked down at her feet, "Oh fuck". John stood up, now seemingly himself again. "It’s started, look at me 'Chelle". His eyes had gone full amber, his hands looked like hers and she could see his ears and feet changing, slowly. "It'll hurt the first time, but I'm here. She's gonna come back 'Chelle, Your wolf, she's gonna try to roll you again but you made it through the hard part, now you just gotta stay with me.”

            The first lance of pain shot through her.. John was with her in a heart-beat. She screamed a little and started to get scared. He kissed her, hard, bringing his right hand up to her breast and cupping it, his left on her hip. "Let it come, don’t fight it" he whispered in to her mouth. She kissed him back, trying to drown the mounting pain.. She could feel her feet changing, bending as the bones re-arranged themselves. Her weight tipped forward onto the ball as the back of the foot lengthened and changed. She wrapped her arms around him, dragging her hands down his back, leaving long, deep tears in the skin. She didn’t even notice. New pain shot through her at the small of her back. She tried to turn and see what was happening. John stopped her. "It’s just the tail 'Chelle".

            She didn’t know where she was. She could smell water somewhere, a lake, and she could hear the tiny waves authored by the wind as they lapped the shore. She was in a clearing it looked like, somewhere private and old, no, not old, ancient. Some place past old. Way past. Her back was to the largest black oak she had ever seen. John was there with her as wolf, his hackles up and his teeth bared. She realized why.. She was circling him, moving to hurt him. What the hell was going on?  She pounced and snapped at him. He danced back, issuing a warning bark and growling low and menacingly. She was mad.. Who did he think he was trying to take her? Fuck him, and she lunged again. This time so did the male. The fight was fierce and violent. She growled and bit, trying for the neck, trying to kill him. The waves forgotten, everything a blur as she tried to kill this upstart male that thought he was alpha. She sunk her teeth into his shoulder and was satisfied to taste and smell blood, but the male was a big wolf, strong and careful, he bulled her over and pounced on her in a heartbeat. In the blink of an eye he was over top of her with his teeth on her throat, issuing a low warning growl, putting just enough pressure into the bite so if she tried anything, she knew he could snap down and hurt her, hurt her really bad. She was on her back, and she was pissed but she was completely helpless, what could she do? The big male loosened his grip a little, but wouldn’t let her up. His eyes were fixed on her with something like menace and extreme fear all rolled into one look.

            She snapped back to John's living room, she was on the ground with john above her, his hand on her throat. His shoulder was slashed badly and she could see the blood from the claw marks in his back. He was smiling again. "'Told ya she'd try to roll you again, She’s tough ‘Chelle, she hasn’t accepted me yet, she wont be dominated.. Remind you of anyone?”

            She staggered to her feet and nearly fell. She stood wide mouthed and amazed at what she was.. Her arms were covered in a thin felt of fur, she could feel, and move her TAIL! She was standing on new feet, new legs. She felt her face.. Nothing there had changed yet. She looked quizzically at John, who was now in high spirits for some reason. His change was further advanced than hers though. His face was changing already. A muzzle had formed and his eyes were complete wolf now. "Its coming 'Chelle, its coming". Still, all she could do was marvel at her new body. Her breasts were largely unchanged, save the small amount of fur, but her stomach was tighter, her torso seemed longer than before somehow.. She could hear things! She could hear everything! Every breath she took ushered in a series of images with data attached as to place, distance, direction, everything. It was like a whole second vision. Wholly fuck. She felt like she could run a marathon and not even break a sweat. She felt like she could lift anything, jump a building.. It was amazing. It was euphoric, it was erotic.

            She walked over to where John was standing and took him in her hands. He was erect in an instant. His hands came up automatically to her breasts and he kissed her ear, something he never did. She realized why.. Her ears had changed too, she hadn’t even noticed. His face was fully changed and he was pretty much completely in hybrid form now, so he snaked his long tongue out and licked the base of her ear, she shuddered from the sensation, it was like nothing she had ever felt before. He pushed himself closer to her and bit her, so lightly, so delicately in the same place and she moaned, leaning her whole body into his. She had his cock in her hands and she began to slowly stroke it. Being mindful of her claws. She could feel herself getting wetter by the second and she wanted nothing more than to fuck his brains out, but John had other plans. "You still aren’t done 'Chelle, this is just a little downtime while your body adjusts.. I don’t know when it'll pick back up again, but it'll be soon". She moaned again and thrust her hips into his as he moved from her ear to her neck, licking and biting her at the same time. She could smell his desire and he could smell hers. The musk of wolf was strong and intoxicating. It made it hard to think.

            He pushed her down and on to the pillows, she lay on her back and for a split second was very nervous, it was too submissive, what if he wanted to hurt her? But her head cleared quickly, it was the wolf talking.. Her wolf. She could trust him. Kissing her on the mouth was awkward and strange since he had a muzzle, but he managed it, making use of the long tongue. She licked his teeth and the roof of his mouth while he caressed her tongue, cheeks and teeth, always slowly, longingly, teasingly. He broke the embrace and moved to her chest, biting her left nipple, walking the line between pleasure and pain. He ran his fingers over the other, the short, black and sleek fur tickling her body all over. He ran his tongue out, the full length of it and literally cupped her breast, sliding it over her tit slowly, then moving down, drawing a line with his tongue on her stomach, until he was between her legs.

            He used his hands to grasp her hips and snaked his tongue between her legs and into her. She bit her lip and tried to twist away. Jesus it was amazing. He caressed her clit in a long, unending motion where the tip of the tongue would ride over it, then further in to her, deeply, all the while the tongue itself traveling over the clit, its rough texture driving her crazy. When he was in as far as he could go, he'd give the tip of his tongue a flick and pull it out, slowly, just the way he put it in. She had doubled up, pulling her legs around him and holding him with her thighs. She moaned and writhed as she felt an orgasm building. She was digging her hands into his neck and head, leave sharp and deep imprints from her claws but she didn’t even notice and John didn’t stop. Then the pain came.

            It felt like her face was on fire.. She screamed and clenched, but John didn’t stop. In and out, he was riding her through it. She arched her back and screamed "Oh god" at the sensations of pain and the building pleasure. She could feel her teeth growing larger, her face extending and she screamed. Her hips were rocking in tune with the pace of him as he ate her, and the orgasm hit like a tidal wave. The pain was flushed out completely in shock of that orgasm. She was grinding her hips against him, her back arched and her head back as he suddenly pulled his tongue out of her and she lost the feel of him between her legs. She pulled her head up, just in time to see him reposition and before the first orgasm had run its course, push his cock into her to the hilt. When he was human, John was average, he knew what he was doing and was great in bed, but he wasn’t particularly big, but when he was like this, he was quite large indeed and he pushed every inch of himself into her, quick and hard. It brought her again, immediately. She whimpered and uttered a small bark of pleasure, reveling in the sounds and sights of it all. He started to pump in to her, slowly at first, rhythmically, but increased his speed and ferocity as he went. She managed to pull herself up and wrap her legs around him sides and stomach, and her arms around his neck so they were face to face. Kissing with muzzles was difficult but not impossible and they managed it, entwining their tongues together and nipping at on another's neck and ears. Slowly Johns pumping began to become less controlled, more frantic, he growled in to her ear that he was about to cum but didn’t want to cum without her, his voice was thick and labored. No sooner had he said that than he lowered his head just a tad and bit one of her nipples, hard. She yelped in surprise and bit his ear. He grunted a little and laughed. She was starting to feel a tightening in her belly, she could feel him inside her moving in and out, she could feel his hands on her hips, moving up her back, trailing one claw over the skin as he went. She could feel his tongue on her nipple and his breath on her chest. He kept going. She knew how hard he was resisting the urge to cum, how much he fought it. His whole body and will was bent to the task. The sensations built and built, John’s smell the night and the moon. It all built and she came again. The moment her hips clenched and tightened on him he lost control and came inside her, long and deep at the apex of a thrust, she bent her back as far as she could and the rode the orgasm, John’s hands on her back to support her. He leaned over and bit her neck, not hard, not in menace or malice but just to say "You're mine, and I'm yours". She fell back and he pulled himself out of her, she wriggled a little at the sensation and made a noise low in her throat. She was lying on her back breathing very hard, staring at the ceiling, content and a little bewildered as he cleaned her off and then moved to do the same for himself.

            "The night is young yet 'Chelle" he said as he came back to her. She was sitting up and panting a little bit. Still staring around the room with her new eyes. "This is what you see?" He gave a little bark of laughter and took her paw in his, kissing it. She started to stand, shakily at first, still unsure and untried in her new body. She moved her tail around so she could see it, turning her head and back as best she could.


"I have a fucking tail.."


"Ya gotta nice ass to" he chuckled and ducked out of range as she swiped at him with a claw. He turned his back a little to avoid the blow and she saw the gouges running down his shoulders..


"Oh god,, did I do that? Are you ok?" her voice was concerned and scared.

"Its fine 'Chelle, Its fine. You just gotta get used to things. We heal quick, I'll be good as new in an hour tops".

"I didn’t mean to hut you John.." She was close to crying now.


 Looking at her hands and only then really seeing the fine tinge of red her fur had taken on from the blood. He took her paw again and drew her close to him, she rested her head against his chest and let go a deep, long sigh. "You just have to relax 'Chelle, you didn’t mean to hurt me, no harm done. Once you get used to all this - he leaned back and motioned to her new body with his hands - you'll learn to control it.". He smiled. So did she. This was just amazing.


"C'mon 'Chelle, Its time to hunt".



She looked a little bewildered before it really dawned on her.. She wanted to hunt, wanted it, needed it.. She could hear he deer, smell them. They had to be two miles away but with every breathe she took it painted a picture of them, of exactly where they were, what they were doing. Nothing meant more to her than killing and feeding on one of them. She looked at John and through a strengthening red haze realized just how much he had fought himself to stay with her those nights. Just how strong the pull was. "Can you smell them? There’s a female, she’s ovulating, she'll be slower than the rest". "I know.." she growled, falling on all fours, her hands beginning to shift. No pain now, she'd changed once, she could swap to true wolf easily, and she was doing it, right in front of him, like it was natural, and hell, now it was.

            Her back arched and elongated, her legs changed and her face lost all the human overtones it held before. In a moments time she was wolf, John reached his hand down and put it between her shoulder blades, rubbing her back. It seemed to bring her around a little, but the pull was still strong. "'Chelle, control it, think. You have to keep your head tonight, remember your part human to, if you let the wolf go things could get complicated. She'll get easier to control, but you have to be on guard for now.., Are you ready?" Her eyes cleared and she gave her ascent. He moved to the door, opening it slowly incase she bolted. She walked by him, completely sure of herself, even in this new form.. She was progressing very quickly.

            John whistled, getting her attention as he dropped to his knees, then hands, and brought on his own change. For the first time they looked at each other as wolves. He barked sharply and took off at full speed. No warning, he just ran. He'd see just how far she was progressing. He was fast, very very fast and he outdistanced her quickly. He cut and moved, changing his direction and moving without pattern or reason. It made her think before she acted, it kept her mind half human and half wolf. Don’t just listen or smell or see, think and reason, "Stay with me 'Chelle.". He said as he cut sharply to the right. Meaning to come in to her flank and surprise her.

            He yelped and went down, she was on his neck, but playfully, just fucking around.. How the hell? She'd been right with him the whole damn time! He hadn’t been fooling her, shed been fooling him! God damn but he loved her. She never ceased to surprise him. Screw that though, he wasn’t ending up on his back, oooooh no. He rolled over, coming out from under her and nipping at her front paws, She was just as fast as him, something he'd never seen in another wolf before, but he was still stronger, he bulled into her, knocking her to the side, she barked and yipped and bounded out of the way, biting at his haunches. In a moment they were rolling on the ground together, biting and barking and enjoying the night. Heaven looked like this. Honeysuckle was strong in the wind, the deer were close, they were safe here, no predators, plenty to eat, they had each other. Heaven looked just like this. They slowly rolled to a halt, both panting, mouths open, winded already, just laying together. John on his stomach and Michelle next to him, laying her head on the back of his neck. She nuzzled into his fur, enjoying the smell and feel of it on her muzzle. He was strong, a good provider, though she didn’t really need him to be. He’d die for her and she for him. She loved his smell. It meant everything was ok. Everything was the way it needed to be.

            She could still smell the deer though, their scent was strong on the wind now, they were close. She nudged John, who was just laying in a semi-stupor. He ignored her at first, but she nudged him harder and growled a little to get his attention. He knew what she wanted. He stood up, stretching and fixing his eyes on her. This was her hunt, she would lead it. She knew exactly what he meant and smiled inwardly and was off like a shot. She could smell the female, it was a strong, intoxicating musk, it filled her mind, it showed her where the deer was, what she was doing.. She homed in on it effortlessly. John was right on her haunches, waiting for her order.

            They hit the ridgeline at a dead run, the deer just a little ahead, startled and scared. They hesitated before turning to run but it was already too late. The two wolves came on them so damn fast they were too close by the time the deer knew anything about it. 'Chelle ran straight in for the female in the rear of the small herd, the one they were after. Her eyes showed terror and she froze for a moment before instinct took over and she bolted and ran. Didn’t matter. John had run to the left on Michelle's nod and was heading straight for the deer. The rest of the herd had already taken off, it was just her and them now. The doe saw John break through the low brush cover and turned again, but Michelle cut her off. She ran back towards the ridgeline and into the open field, the direction the wolves had come from. It was over now, in open ground nothing could match the wolves and they ran the deer down moments later. Michelle took the kill, coming up under her neck and going for the jugular. The blood was amazing. It was right. It was what she was supposed to do. What she wanted to do. The deer was down in short order and they both fed. Michelle's wolf didn’t try to take over, she didn’t try to blind or roll her.. She just accepted it. She saw in John an Alpha worth accepting, she saw the same in 'Chelle herself. Her wolf was settled already. Settled and content to sleep and dream of the old world and the ancient fields and forests. To lose itself in time that had lost itself to man’s memory. The wolves were here before us, but it was likely they wouldn’t survive us.

            After they had fed it had taken John a while to calm 'Chelle down. For a while after a wolf made a kill it was euphoric, intoxicating, almost like you were drunk or high and it was all the stronger for it being 'Chelle's first. Worse still since she had struck the killing blow and felt the animal bleed out and die under her. He managed though, it had taken some persuasion, but he got her to her feet and off her back - she had been rolling in the grass - and led her behind his house to a small pond at the rear of his property so they could wash the blood from there fur and clean up. Morning was coming and it would do well to get inside and under locked doors. Michelle was taking to this like a fish to water and she absolutely loved every moment of it. She hopped and ran about, biting at John's legs, paws and ears, barking and yipping. He was more subdued but only through careful control. He had never imagined anything so great as this.. Anything in all the world being so perfect and right. He just worried if he let go and they both took off, they'd wake up, naked, in human form 10-15 miles away, having done god knew what in the interval and have to make a very annoying trek home. John would be able to take wolf form again immediately, but 'Chelle would be too exhausted, she wouldn’t be able to change again for days. Not something he wanted happening.. So he restrained himself. He playfully growled and bit back, but he tried to keep himself as composed as he could and keep her from just taking off into the forest.

            They reached the little pond and washed up, then he began leading 'Chelle back to the house. He could see the dark beginning to thin to the grey haze of morning and he could feel himself growing weary. 'Chelle was having a much harder time of it than he was, this being her first change. On a full moon the change cant be helped and for some reason, unknown to John or any of the others like him he'd met, when dawn broke the next day a wolf was forced back into human form, exhausted and completely spent, where-as voluntarily changing back and forth any other time, though tiring, was easily done.

            'Chelle was staggering by the time they reached the door. John brought on his change to hybrid, still unable to go back to human, so he could open the door. It took but a moment and he towered above her. She started to try to change as well, but he told her no, just relax, he’d take care of it from here. Save her energy and just relax. He opened the door and reached down, picking her up effortlessly. "I think you weigh more now than usual 'Chelle. Your gettin fat". She bit him, but not too hard. He carried her in to the bed and laid her down, she was so tired she couldn’t see straight, it was all she could do to keep her eyes open. She saw John crawl into bed, at the same time doing that slow, silky shift to his true wolf form, and walking to her. She sighed into his chest as he stood above her and whimpered slightly for him to come to bed with her. He obliged, curling up beside her, his face alongside hers, laying on her paws. He licked her muzzle once, and they were both out like lights.

            It would be nearly 30 hours before either of them woke up again, still exactly as they had been when they went to sleep, only back as humans and both having to pee something fierce.


"That really happened?"

"Yeah 'Chelle, it did.."

"I love you."

"I love you to".

"When can we do it again?"


John laughed at that. A real, genuine laugh. No fear or worry, no sadness or sorrow, just happiness. "It'll be a day or two, but in the meantime we can work on your shifts. It won’t hurt anymore, but you can learn to change like I do, smoothly, quickly".

            "I love you"

"I love me to". He ducked a pillow and danced out of range of further projectiles to make them both something to eat for breakfast, or lunch, or dinner, or whatever the hell time of day it was.