Frozen Dreams

This story has the perspective from Donnath for the odd numbered parts, and Dynath for the even numbered parts.

Part 1
Donnath's icy blue eyes snapped open suddenly as he jerked awake. Every muscle in his body ached at the realization of being conscious again and he groaned. Slowly he began to calm his ragged breath, he wiped a hand through his blonde hair, it was matted to his neck and face in a cold sweat. He tried to recall the nightmare he dreamed, but couldn't. All he could remember were certain emotions: Betrayal, death, and pain. So he pushed it out of his mind and stumbled into the bathroom, grumbling at the cramps in his muscles. Kisei and he had been out playing at the club until midnight, and it had been fun then...

"Damn!" He yelled as he flipped the light switch on, his fingers hurt much more than he'd felt in a while. He looked at them, 3 of the 5 fingers on his left hand were coated with dry blood, and the other 2 were covered in blisters. His thumb wasn't that bad, since he didn't play his guitar with that finger as much, the other 4 stung like hell.

He glanced in the mirror and grumbled still, he was not having a good morning. He took off his boxers and hopped into the shower, relaxing in the hot water. He leaned his head against the wall, closing his eyes. Something felt wrong... he had glanced out the window on his way to the bathroom and had noticed rain, it was going to be another dreary day. The only thing to look forward to was getting to see Kisei around 1 PM. They were meeting for lunch, and then were going to go practice.

"Practice, damn fingers," He growled. It wasn't anything new, he used to always play until his fingers bled, but that was back on past Earth, comparatively speaking. It was his way of hurting himself without doing something very serious. The most serious he got was when... He shook the thought away, today was going to be a good day, but he couldn't shake that feeling that something was wrong.

He stepped out of the shower and grabbed a black towel, drying off quickly. He walked into his room; the blinds were closed, except for a window on the far corner, where they were barely cracked. He liked to see what the weather would be like, and also liked to have the moonlight shining in his room late at night, and that was the window it filtered through.

Donnath opened a drawer and pulled out a pair of boxers, then a pair of baggy leather pants, then put on a dark, midnight blue silk shirt. He loved that shirt, it was so comfortable. He then walked to a different drawer, lifting his black metal wrist guards and a pair of socks.

He put the socks on, but left the guards on the dresser. He sat down on the floor and laced up his black boots, straining his tense muscles. He stood up, clumsily knocking over a cup of water from his nightstand. "Shit!"

Ginger perked her ears and jerked awake, she had been sleeping through Donnath's getting dressed. She had gotten to bed later than he had; she would always make sure he was asleep before she herself went to bed. The sheltie padded over to Donnath and licked his face, causing the elf to smile. She then sat back and got a concerned look in her eyes. That feeling was in her too, something was wrong...

Donnath began to feel eager, he stood up, leaving the spilled cup; it was only water. He walked into the bathroom and opened a can of hair gel, spreading it randomly through his damp blonde hair. He then shook his head and cringed, the gel burned his fingers. He rinsed them off, brushed his teeth, and put on his silver metal beaded necklace.

Donnath exited the bathroom of his hotel room, which was actually a permanent residence, thanks to Koro and Kan, and then walked to the little refrigerator. He opened it; there was one beer bottle, a bottle of odd colored liquor that he had bought bottled water, some fruit, and other random items of food. He had cut back on drinking; it was a hard habit to break. On the Earth he had come from he had been heavily into drinking, but now was cutting back on it. That didn't mean he didn't have some here or there...

He grabbed the water and poured it into a bowel for Ginger. He then walked over to a closet and opened a bag of dog food, and glanced at his pet. It was difficult only calling her a pet, they were as close as any good friends were, and the intelligence of the dog added to their bond. He gave her whatever she was in the mood for, or attempted to. She was getting used to dog food, but also enjoyed eating regular food, she was a very smart dog, and could even use magical attacks on her own. (That's fine.) She spoke in thought to the elf, who nodded and poured it into her bowel.

That eager feeling was pressing harder now, it was 12:30; he'd be meeting Kisei in 30 minutes outside. He decided to walk over to her room and see if she was all right, he hated to intrude, but the feeling just wouldn't leave. He decided breakfast was pointless, and wasn't hungry anyway, only nervous. Ginger scarfed down some of the food and trotted after Don, the spiked collar she chose to wear jingling around her neck.

Exciting his room, Donnath walked across the balcony to one door down, Kisei's room. He knocked quietly, and heard no answer. He knocked again, a bit louder; figuring Kisei was probably in the shower or getting dressed. He listened with his keen elven ears, and couldn't even hear the sounds of breathing. The wave of worry he was feeling was justified; his eagerness began to turn into fear.

Quickly, Donnath turned the knob of the door. It was unlocked, Kisei never kept her door unlocked, whether she was in or out. He walked in, bracing himself for something horrible. However, nothing was there.

Ginger walked in beside him, ears perked, blue eyes darting around the room. Her eyes fell on a golden piece of paper, covered in almost translucent red writing; it made it very difficult to read. She nudged Donnath, and pointed her muzzle up.

Following her gaze, Donnath saw the letter and picked it up. He read it, he knew whose writing it was already, the eccentric style was obvious.
Remember this game? She's mine now.
Try to get her and things will end the same way.
Your Friend,

Donnath's eyes flashed in fury, the sarcasm in Burll's signature pushed his anger to the limit. "Damn him to Hell!" He slammed his fist into a wall, drawing lines of blood from each knuckle. It dripped across his hand and onto the floor, parts of it landing on Ginger's tail. She whimpered slightly, then began to growl, feeding off of Donnath's fury.

"I'll kill the bastard!" He yelled, thrusting the note into his pocket, leaving a trail of blood across his pants. He rushed out of the room, Ginger following as he slammed the door behind them.

Koroshinya and Kanpeki had the next room down, and luckily, were still sound asleep. They always slept this late. They hadn't really heard Donnath. And even if they had, they just ignored it, figuring it to be some rowdy kids or a random fight.

(Donnath! You can't do this alone! Not against him!) Ginger called as she kept an easy pace with Donnath, icy blue bandana fluttering around her ears.

"Watch me," Donnath muttered as he threw his door open and stalked into his room. He went straight to the closet again, clipping his sword belt to his pants, and flinging his bow and arrow over his shoulder. He grabbed his black and blue lined leather jacket off of his dresser and roughly placed it on. His still bleeding knuckles left bloodstains on each object he just touched, due to the bleeding dripping down onto his fingers. He then shoved his metal wrist guards on over his wrists and knuckles, ignoring the pain they brought.

He quickly turned to look at Ginger, the look in his eyes catching even her off guard. Rage and wild anger were clear, but behind that she saw the depression and anguish he felt. He had never been this close to someone before, not to have them be taken by his enemy, not to mention that he'd had to go through this before, with his old girlfriend Cytana, and herself, "I don't want to loose you. Stay."

Ginger roughly shook her head, knowing it may upset Donnath she was quick to speak, (No, he won't kill me. Don't worry. Now,) She nudged her black metallic wrist guards, for they were thicker and more powerful than her blue pair, (Help.)

Donnath didn't argue, he knew it was pointless. He just wanted to leave, wanted to get this over with. He clasped the guards onto Ginger's fore and hind legs in haste then fastened the last one over her tail. He quickly tightened each of her bandanas, one on her head, one on each of her left legs, and one on her tail.

Now Donnath dashed out of the room, closing his door behind him, Ginger right on his heels. He paused as he reached the balcony ledge, and stepped up to it. "Kill him this time. Kill him. Destroy him!" Were the only thoughts going through his head at the time. He leaped off the edge, Ginger dropping after him. He normally prepared his flight spell before he jumped, but today he felt like feeling the rush. He mumbled the familiar spell in elven, and bright red light flashed around Ginger and he. They both corrected their plunge and flew off towards the forest where Burll dwelled in a cave. Donnath had seen his cave once before, and could easily remember its location. As he flew he was mostly blinded by rage, yet he could not shake the feeling of failure that he knew this would bring.

Part 2
Dynath walked off from Burll and Kisei, after glancing back once more at the female Saiyajin. Burll had her chained to a wall with what appeared as regular chains, but were actually guarded by a powerful spell. Dynath could break it, but he had no reason to. Kisei was proving to be much more stubborn than they had hoped... No, he corrected himself, much more stubborn than Burll had planned.

He walked deeper into the cave, the glowing red light fading to darkness, lit by only the shadows from the center room. This was his area of Burll's cave. It wasn't much, only a pile of cloth he called a bed in one corner, random magical items and pouches lying here or there, his staff, some extra clothes, and a sword. He never used the sword; Burll gave it to him at a young age, in case he ever would prove worthy to learn the magic of channeling energy into the sword in an attack. Burll himself didn't want to, for he relied on psychological strength over physical. Dynath could easily use the sword, even without the spell, but hardly ever did. He needed to perfect his magic further.

At the foot of his bed were a set of 4 red robes, 4 capes, 4 shirts, 4 pairs of pants, and 2 pairs of metal leg guards. That was all he needed, really. If he ever needed something different he could create it on his own, but that was too time consuming.

He was dressed in his robes today, and had disregarded his metal leg guards. He was simply dressed in loose red clothing. He took off his robes and placed on a pair of black pants. Normally his attire was red, but black was also an option. He sat down on his bed and leaned against the cave wall, shivering slightly at the cold feeling the stone gave off. His eyes closed as he tried to tune out Burll and Kisei's talking. Elven hearing could pick up most conversations from 50 feet away or more, at a stretch.

The room smelled of spices, due to Burll and he's mixing of potions. The smell wasn't new, he had grown up with it. He sighed faintly. His encounter with Donnath was still fresh in his mind. He wasn't sure if taking Kisei was such a good idea... but every time that surfaced he remembered who Donnath was. The one who abandoned him, left him, deserted him. He was alone, he had always been alone, and would always be alone, or so he thought. That covered it. His doubts on Burll left, replaced by fresh hatred for Donnath.

Burll walked towards Dynath's side of the cave, talons clicking on the stone floor. He didn't overthrow Dynath's spell of security, even though he easily could. Instead he waited for the elf to let him in, which he did with a quick flick of a wrist. "Yes sir?"

Burll sat down against an opposite wall of Dynath, glancing to him with his mis-matched silver and lime green eyes. "Donnath comes. And I have an idea."

Dynath raised a brow. Burll always came up with interesting ideas. "What might that be?"

"A holographic projection. We'll mask Kisei's power level, and keep her hidden. Meanwhile, a holographic form of her will be struck dead the moment Donnath enters, by me. You, will watch. He will be angry," Burll smirked, revealing rows of needle sharp teeth, "But that's more the fun. Understood?"

Dynath nodded, blinking his icy blue eyes. This would get Donnath back for what he went through... "Should I aid you sir, if need be?" It was obvious Burll could take care of himself, he was much more powerful than Dynath. But at times Burll enjoyed giving Dynath a challenge, and allowing him to attack a more powerful enemy.

"No. Unless Donnath directly attacks you. You never know, with him. Be careful," Burll nodded to Dyn as he rose, robes fluttering behind him. His silver hair gleamed in the dim light as he left, smirking.

Dynath decided to wear this robe set today, instead of changing again. He pulled on a set of robes and didn't tuck them in, leaving then open and fluttering around his waist and onto the floor. The crimson red material matched the small amount of light that filtered into the room. His chest was left bare as he snapped his pair of red metal leg guards over his black pants, his black boots were already on. A bit excited at the idea of seeing the battle, Dynath picked up his dragon head staff and walked into the main chambers, leaving the spell of protection in his room. He felt Donnath nearing, and an odd feeling rushed through him, he felt as if he was making a mistake, yet he quickly shoved it off, tensing.

Part 3
Donnath neared the cave, gripping his sword in one hand. His knuckles were turning white due to his tense grip. His eyes flashed, seeming to glaze over in crimson. Ginger flew beside him, worried, yet feeling Donnath's fury only pushed her on. She followed him, she always had.

Landing outside the cave Donnath proceeded to the entrance, but was cut off as a blur of red knocked him to the ground, almost causing him to drop his blade. Whirling around he leaped up, swinging his blade to guard his face. He saw the familiar grin of a wolf muzzle.

"Fotia!" He roared, swinging the blade again towards the anthrormorph. He was enraged, and even more ticked off that Burll wouldn't face him, that he would send his 'guards' to protect his cave.

Fotia smirked. She was a beautiful, seducing red wolf anthromorph, with blazing hair, made of fire. Her eyes were a piercing gold, and she was dressed in her normal attire; black slitted skirt and a short black tank top. "But of course, Donnath. Burll's cave isn't that easy to enter." She leaped at him, sending a wave of fire from her forepaws.

Donnath glared at Fotia, he didn't feel like fighting her. He wanted to get to Burll. At this notion of mental thought Ginger slammed into Fotia, throwing her balance off. Howling in fury Fotia blasted the crimson fire towards Ginger, yet the sheltie was more than quick enough to dodge thanks to Donnath's magical gift of speed he constantly supplied her with. (Quick Donnath! I'll follow!) Ginger snapped, keeping Fotia's attention by dodging each blast of fire she sent towards her.

Donnath ran into the entrance of the cave. He could see the familiar crimson light far off, and the smell of the cave made him realize Burll was nearby. He ran ahead, a bit surprised that Aries, Burll's other guard hadn't attacked. He didn't care. He only wanted to get to Burll, and kill him. What about Dynath? Would he be here? The thought crossed Donnath's mind, he paused, his running slowed. "It doesn't matter! He won't be here," He thought, quickening his pace.

The center room was close, he could hear the sounds of arguing... he recognized Kisei's voice. This pushed him further, he gripped the sword, beginning to loose feeling in his right hand. The tightness of his grip began to tear the cuts from his knuckles open, and a thin line of blood dripped down them, through his wrist guards.

What Donnath saw petrified him. He had never felt so terrible in his life. The feeling was new, odd, nerve wrecking. Burll struck Kisei dead with a blast through the heart. There was no blood, Burll was too clean for blood, Donnath knew that. Kisei simply slumped over and all signs of her power level, and life left. Donnath screamed, Burll turned, smirking widely. That smirk... he would kill Burll so that he would never have to see it again. He would avenge Kisei's death by killing Burll. He would not fail this time.

Donnath's leg muscles tensed as he sprang off the floor, swinging his long, black blade towards Burll's head.

The mage easily evaded, and used a simple spell to throw the blade from Donnath's hands and pin it to the ground. He laughed, not yet attacking. "Donnath! My friend. You came. What good timing!" Donnath didn't speak a word, the rage in his eyes blinded him. He realized he was crying, not tears of sadness, but of anger and contempt. He suddenly jumped at Burll and swung his fist, spikes on his guards aimed at the Dingo's head.

Burll smirked, he knew this attack. He brought up his wrist, also covered in a guard of golden metal. Donnath's spikes hit it, should have reflected, but didn't. Instead they dug into Burll's arm, drawing four lines of blood through each puncture wound. The spikes almost passed all the way through Burll's arm, the mage for once, called out in pain.

"Stupid elf!" Burll raised his hand, muttered a few words, and an invisible force flung Donnath back and into a rock face.

Dynath watched, his eyes narrowed. He kept telling himself he didn't care. He shouldn't care. Donnath was the one who deserved to be destroyed, not Burll. Burll hadn't abandoned him, he hadn't left him to die. He had raised him, Donnath hadn't. He smirked.

Burll snarled and lifted his arm again, slamming Donnath into the rock. He heard the elf's ribs snap, his shoulders crunch, his back crack. He then flung Donnath out of the cave and into the grass outside, where Ginger was still evading Fotia. In one fluid movement, one Donnath could barely follow in his dazed state, Burll took Ginger with a spell and sealed the cave, "You loose Donnath!"

Donnath could hardly see, he was sweating so hard. He tried to wipe his face, but only succeeded in smearing blood across his eyes. He could hardly move. He was alone. Fotia was still there, glaring at Donnath. Burll commanded through thought that they rid themselves of the elf, by any means but death. Fotia snarled, glancing down at Donnath as a fiery red -tailed hawk antrho swooped into view, leaves cracking underneath his feet. He glanced at Fotia, "Destroy?"

Fotia shook her head, "Banish." She raised a paw, "Donnath. I give you 1 minute to leave my sight." Aries glanced a bit surprisingly at Fotia, she was not one to show mercy. Yet he himself could see Donnath's state. He was shaken, shivering, cold, alone, hurt. Blood ran from every area of his face, all of it his own, except for the small bit of Burll's on the blades of his wrist guards.

Donnath pulled himself up, "Ginger!" He choked, his throat was dry and every word hurt to speak. He tried to swallow, but that only hurt more. "Ginger..." Tears began to stream down his face as he thought of Kisei, now Ginger...

"Gone. Leave! 1 minute elf!" Fotia snarled, "Do not take advantage of my kindness. You stand no chance against me."

She was right, Donnath didn't care anymore. He saw Burll take Ginger, saw the spell hurt her. He saw Kisei die. His own son still hated him, and there was no way he could defeat Burll. He rose, not really feeling the pain. It wasn't much, or he just couldn't feel it through his tears. He thought for as long as Fotia gave him, and disappeared from view in a teleporting spell the moment both she and Aries blasted the ground on which he had just stood with fire.

Part 4
Dynath glanced at Burll, keeping his distance for the moment. "Sir?"

Burll glanced up, his eyes glazed over in a quite unusual hue. He started laughing as he slid off his wrist guards, revealing deep gashes in his right hand.

Dynath took a step towards Burll, his icy blue eyes bright. He had never seen the mage act this way, yet then again, he had never seen the mage hurt by more than a scratch. He almost felt proud... why he didn't know. Something along the lines that it had been his father that brought such an injury to the powerful Burll. He gasped suddenly, being slammed to the floor on his knees.

"Powerful Father! You idiot!" Burll pressed Dynath into the floor, a bit of his blood coating the back of Dynath's robes as he kneeled. "He is the Father that abandoned you, Dynath! He destroyed life for your mother and for you. She died after giving birth to you! Who took you in? I did! And you like the feeling of me being given pain?!" Burll pressed with the spell harder, hearing Dynath's leg guards scrape the stone floor.

"Sir, it is you that raised me, you that are powerful, not Donnath, I apologize. Please, forgive me. It was only a thought, I did not welcome it." Dynath's eyes flashed slightly as his leg guards cut into his flesh. He was completely unaware that what Burll had just said was a complete lie. It was the only thing he knew in his life, so he knew not that his life was only a group of lies.

Burll began to loosen the pressure, he began to regain his composure. His plans were beginning to crumble, he would not let that happen. Dynath would remain his, Donnath would not get him back.

Dynath had never known anything else but Burll, the vague memories he had of his mother, Cytana, he thought of as only dreams. He was only 1 year of age when Burll took him to fulfill his vow of revenge against Donnath, and the reason the memories faded were due to the mage's spell of aging he had cast upon the young elf. Dynath did not know that it had been Donnath that had hurt Burll in the beginning, and that the tables had turned once the mage grew to his full power. He was submissive to Burll, for the dingo was like his father.

Burll suddenly remembered everything that had happened as a muffled whimper escaped from Ginger's throat. Donnath was lost, he wouldn't live past tonight... Burll knew the elf. He released Dynath. "Good." He turned, silver bangs covering his left eye. "I will see to Kisei, you see to the dog. Do not kill her." He walked off.

Dynath took a deep breath, and began to rise. He was tired, confused, and feeling pain from the cuts his guards had caused. He would have to get the metal clasps re attached. He blinked his icy blue eyes as Sleet put her arms around his shoulders and helped him rise. She was in her elf form, her skin a very pale peach, almost white. Her pale blue eyes took in Dynath, as the equally pale blue hair fell around her face. "Are you alright?"

Dynath nodded slowly, leaning on Sleet. Burll's spell was intended not only to pin Dynath down, but to also drain his energy. "I must see to Ginger." Sleet growled faintly, the sound wolfish. She in truth was a majestic white wolf, but had been given the abilities to morph, and use magic. Dynath met her in the forest one night, a lone wolf, hurt, and alone. He took her home, healed her, and she stuck by him. Eventually Dynath revealed her to Burll, and together they gave her the powerful gift of magic, which in the process, had highly boosted her intellect. "I'll handle the mutt. You get some rest."

Dynath shook his head, "My task." He stood from Sleet's shoulder, a bit shaky on his feet, and walked to Ginger. The sheltie was curled in a corner of the cave, bound by magical bonds of translucent red. Blood seeped from her shoulders and back, a bit from her tail as well. Dynath picked her up, and walked to a back corner of the cave, slowly, Sleet walking by him, occasionally keeping him on his feet. Her red bandana hung around her face as she walked, dressed in a short top and tight leather pants. She, at times, also wore a red robe, but had only been at home today, so found no reason.

Dynath placed Ginger in the back room, opposite of Kisei. He knew allowing the dog to be near the Saiyajin would bring both of them a vague feeling of happiness, so that was to be avoided. He sat Ginger on the ground, a bit gently, for the sheltie was half unconscious and bleeding. He walked away, leaving a spell to seal Ginger in. The barrier was invisible, and as he walked away he glanced back, Ginger was completely unconscious now.

Dynath knew Burll was his rightful master, even if Donnath was his biological father it did not matter. Donnath didn't matter, Dynath hoped he would never see him again. His Father was only causing complications in his once simple life. Sleet followed him into his room, where she gave him a potion that she claimed would heal his wounds. It did the promised, but also sent the elf into a deeply needed sleep.

Part 5
Donnath re appeared on the balcony of the hotel. The sun was going down. He almost collapsed to his knees, but somehow stood standing, leaning on the brick wall that lay to the side of the balcony edge. Even the moon wasn't out tonight, yet the sky was still bright towards the city. Donnath glanced down the balcony, tears streamed from his eyes. He had lost everything he cared for. Through everything he had had something. He had his music... he had relied on that in the past, relied on it with Ginger. Now he had no Ginger. He had never felt love, never felt the true feeling. He thought he had, but realized he hadn't. Ayana hadn't felt like this to him, neither had Cytana. Kisei held a special place in his heart, without her he wasn't whole.

His eyes flashed suddenly, he whirled around, hair barely moving, since it was matted to the back of his neck with blood. In one fluid motion he threw off his wrist guards and swung his fist, powerfully, twisting his back and using his momentum to use such a punch that would knock any adult unconscious or dead. His fist collided with the brick wall. Sounds of cracking bone and crushing brick echoed through the dead night air. Blood ran down his hand, gushing. You could almost see the bones of his hand against his skin. They were broken, his hand was numb. He cried still, sobbing now.

Had Koro and Kanpeki been here, they would have heard him, seen him. Yet they weren't, they were out for the evening, they had been out since last night. They had no idea of the situation.

Donnath felt his shoulders shake, felt his body tremble. He opened the door to his room with his right hand, almost calling out in pain. His look of anguish turned to a smirk. He walked to the small refrigerator and took out the liquor, gulping some down. He smirked still at the burning it left in his throat.

The smirk slowly faded, his face flashed with remorse. He was lost, he had nothing. Nothing! The phrase kept running through his head as he clenched his left hand. He could still feel it; that would have to change. He swung in the same powerful stance, cracking his mirror. It shattered into pieces, hurting his ears. A few of the pieces of glass dug into his hand, into his arm, into his knuckles. He pulled back his fist and looked at it, eyes flashing as he saw blood pour from each hand.

He again took a sip of the liquor with his right hand, cringing. He drank it again, more this time. The alcohol wasn't influencing his mood at all, his emotions were too strong, nothing could change how he felt. He shivered. Alone... cold...

He grabbed a piece of glass that was lodged in the front of his left knuckle, forcing his broken right hand to clench. He gritted his teeth, tears still flowing down his face, falling off his cheeks red from colliding with the blood on his face. He pushed the glass in deeper, until it wouldn't go any further, touching the bone of his knuckle. Teeth gritted tightly, he stumbled back, landing on his bed, dizzy. The lack of blood was getting to him.

No light filtered into his room, it was dark, black. He had faded away from everything else. No one could hear him. No one cared. No one listened to him. Nothing mattered now. He was alone, hiding inside himself.

He grabbed the glass and pulled, trailing it up his arm. He gritted his teeth more, drawing blood from his lips. He dragged it up to his elbow and paused, his breathing ragged. Tears still fell down his face, his normally beautiful blue eyes were turning bloodshot. He grabbed the liquor, and drank more. His gaze went back to the glass. "No one needs me... wants me... they don't hear a word I say..." He mumbled in his choked voice, pulling the dagger around to the underside of his arm. He pulled the piece of glass, covered in crimson, down the smooth flesh of the underside of his arm, until he reached bone. Only a small bit of the glass remained exposed as he pulled.

The glass hit his wrist, digging into the main vein. Finally transfixed by the pain he was causing, he spasmed, dragging the glass roughly through the main vein. He gasped, and would have cried out had his throat not have been so dry. He choked, yet gritted his teeth, the blood dripping more from his mouth. He tasted the salt against his tongue, he blinked his eyes, tears still flowing. He pulled back up the palm of his hand, then released with his right hand. It was numb, in pain, bleeding. There wasn't a spot on the elf that wasn't covered in blood. His eyes rolled back into his head as he fell back, the glass still protruding out of his hand. "Safe now..." He thought, finally falling into unconsciousness, a dark pool of warm, crimson blood forming around him.

Part 6
Dynath's eyes opened suddenly as he heard yelling in the distance. It was Kisei's voice, and she could hear Burll's low tone of arrogance echo through the hollow cave. The Mage had obviously regained himself. Dynath groaned and began to sit up, shaking his head slightly. He was dressed in his black pants only, and his legs were bandaged. He had no idea the would had been that bad. He felt odd. While he had been asleep he had been dreaming, odd dreams... of pain, and an empty sorrow. Not of himself, but of someone else. The last words of his dream echoed in his head, "Safe now." He began to review the dream, confused, as Sleet interrupted.

"Finally awake, I'm glad you got that rest. You needed it." She spoke quietly, in her anthro form at the time, pale blue clothing covering her white fur.

Dynath growled slightly, groaning as he sat up. "How long have I been out?"

"All night. Don't worry, you haven't missed anything. Kisei just woke and Burll is speaking with her," Sleet motioned towards the other end of the cave, "And that damn dog wouldn't shut up, so I casted a spell to sound proof her pen."

Dynath nodded slightly. He couldn't shake that weird feeling. He decided doing something would get his mind off of it, he'd have to make sure it was. Burll was telepathic, and he had a dreadful feeling the dream was about Donnath.

He glanced at Sleet and quickly hugged her, "Thank you my friend." Then walked out of the room after slipping on his open red robes. His eyes adjusted to the brightness of the light that flashed around Burll's area of the cave.

Robes fluttering around his back he walked up to Burll, who kneeled in front of Kisei, his eyes narrowed, his muzzle twisted in a sick smirk. She sat pressed back as far as she could into the wall, a gash down her arm.

Dynath blinked his icy blue eyes as he entered, "Sir."

Burll glanced to Dynath and smirked, glancing at Kisei, "She's pregnant, Dynath. Isn't that interesting?"

Dynath's eyes widened. Pregnant... and they had her captured. He quickly hid his thoughts, not wanting Burll to sense them. "Pregnant?"

Burll nodded, sensing Dynath's confusion, he elaborated, "She disobeyed and I sent a blast towards her. She used every mean possible to avoid being hit, instead taking it in her arm. That gave it away, then I scanned her mind, and true enough. 3 months pregnant, with a boy."

Dynath's eyes glazed over almost as he looked at Kisei. Kisei was his mother in law... This child would be his step brother. He pushed the thoughts away, Burll could hear them. "Does it matter, sir?"

Burll shook his head, then smirked. "Too bad the children won't have a father."

Kisei quit backing away. Her oddly colored, mis-matched blue eyes widened. "What the Hell are you talking about?"

Burll smirked and leaned closer to Kisei, his snout inches from her face, "We projected a hologram of your death. Your power level is masked. I threw him out after he attacked me. He left, and went home. Heartbroken. And Kisei," Burll's smirked widened, revealing rows of sharp fangs, "I monitored him mentally through the night. It was not pleasant, it scared even me." Even through his smirk, it was clear that the dingo was serious, his tone rigorous. "He killed himself... all for you. What a parody this is!"

Kisei's eyes glazed over, she screamed, "You're lying!!" She pulled against her restraints, hot tears streaming down her face in rage. "No, Kisei. I am not." Burll spoke quietly as he stood, motioning for Dynath. Dynath paused, looking at Kisei. He felt sympathy. Was Donnath really dead? He decided he should find out. He walked quickly after Burll, leaving Kisei alone. She felt as though she too, was now truly alone.
Part 7
He shivered. He saw her, he saw faces crying. Why? Why would they weep over him? No one cared. Only she cared. Why should anyone care? He was cold. Cold and alone. The light brightened and then faded to blackness. He felt dizzy, sick... something pulled him back...

"Donnath!" Kanpeki yelled, her eyes widening in fear. She kneeled beside the fallen elf, feeling sick to her stomach at the blood that coated Donnath's room and body.

Koroshinya's blue eyes widened a bit as he went beside Kanpeki, then looked to Donnath, "Kan-chan, he's lost more blood than I did..."

In other words, Koro was admitting that the situation was hopeless. Donnath couldn't possibly survive from the amount of blood he had lost.

"Donnath," Kanpeki's voice was stern, she could fight back fear, she always had. Her hands went to his shoulders, and became coated with blood. Oddly, fresh blood still flowed lightly from the wound on his wrist. "Donnath," She repeated, the elf's eyes opened, bloodshot, pupils rolled back in his head. "Tell us what happened... try."

Donnath was deranged, confused. Why was this woman shaking him? What did she want? He didn't care. She had pulled him away from the lack of pain, he was fine. She pulled him back! He growled low in his throat, the sound a mixed gurgle due to the blood lodged in his mouth. "..Leave.." He choked.

Kanpeki narrowed her eyes and pressed Donnath more firmly, causing him to groan. He was in severe pain, she had to get through to him, "It's me, Kanpeki. Kisei's mother. Tell us what happened."

Donnath's eyes wouldn't work, he couldn't see well... everything was blurry. The name hit him, Kisei. Tears once again fell down his face, stinging his eyes. "..Gone... My fault..." He twitched suddenly, the pain was so severe... he had welcomed it earlier, but now wanted it to end. He just wanted to rest and be with her again. These people needed to leave him alone.

"Gone? Gone?!" Kanpeki's voice rose in anger and confusion, "What the hell happened?" Her fists clenched as Koro's hands went to her shoulders.

"He needs us, we can worry, and get answers, later. For now, we have to help him," His voice was calm, he knew how to handle hard situations.

Flashes of RazorWing came to Kanpeki's mind, and she was thankful that Koro had been able to deal with that better than she had. She put her trust into him. "Ultima Heal won't work... nothing will, Koro. Look at him."

And Koro did. It made him cringe. Donnath's body was covered in blood, his clothing was crimson, the sheets underneath him the same tinge. The blood had even leaked onto the floor, from the bed. Koro's eyes went over Don, then landed on a piece of glass lodged in his upside down hand. "Kan... He did this to himself."

Kanpeki's angered expression dropped. She was not one for sympathy, but she felt it... she hated it. "To himself? How do you know?" She could tell, now that she looked at the wound, instead of the blood that had drawn her attention. No cut was that precise.

Koro new she understood, and he reached down, feeling Donnath's right wrist, not the one slit. He had a vague pulse, very vague and fading quickly.

Donnath began to mutter, his words slurred as he tried to force them out through the blood in his throat, "...don't... save... tired... leave... want to... die... go..." He sank back against his pillow, he was dizzy, his head throbbed, his arms were numb, so were his legs, and he couldn't see except for random colored blurs.

Koro closed his eyes, the bottled up anger inside of him wanting to surface. He pressed it down, "He wants to die, Kanpeki. We should leave."

Kanpeki's eyes glanced down, her eyes a duller blue than usual. "We can't let him die."

Donnath didn't have anything. He kept thinking that to himself. He wanted these people to leave him alone. He just wanted to rest, he was so tired... they had woken him up. Slowly his eyes rolled back into his head as his pulse began to slow.

"Koro!" Kanpeki almost pleaded, yet the male Saiyajin simply shook his head and lifted Kanpeki to her feet gently. "We should not have been here, this was a by chance meeting. Let him be."

They began to leave, as suddenly Donnath groaned loudly. Something pulled him away from the peace he wanted, something inside his mind.

Tsk Tsk you silly elf. It isn't time to die yet, my game isn't over. This ought to keep you from death, but still leave you the pain you so stupidly caused.

A surge of pain swept through Donnath's body, causing him to call out in a choked, gurgling voice. Burll! He spoke in thought. He could still recognize the dingo. He began to cry, why couldn't he be left alone?

You are a coward Donnath, you hide from your fears like a child. You should face them, use more thought. I'm not as indestructible as you'd like to imagine. My vow to destroy your life is being amended, are you having fun yet? Burll's voice left Donnath's head as suddenly as it had come.

Donnath attempted to move, but the pain was intolerable. He fell back, dizzy, he felt as though his head was going to explode, as though his legs weren't there, as though one arm was on fire, the other gone, and his vision was blurred.

Kanpeki placed a hand on Don's right wrist, his pulse was raised a bit. She looked at Koro in shock. "How?"

Koro shrugged slightly as he lifted Donnath's limp body into his arms, blood immediately coating them. He walked towards the door, Kanpeki at his side.

Donnath glanced across his room, blood covered his bed, floor, dresser, shattered mirror... Ginger's bed lay untouched. The tears returned, he remembered why he did what he did, his losses... his life... gone. And the one thing that could ease his pain, death, couldn't be granted to him. He truly believed his life had turned into a living Hell.

Part 8
Burll glanced over at Dynath as they took seats opposite each other in the red oak chairs they had crafted. Burll's eyes gleamed against the metallic red light that entered the cave, through the center. The light was held inside of a dragon claw, and it floated mid-air.

"Sir, if she is pregnant-" Dynath began. Burll quickly raised a paw, silencing the elf. "We will not kill her." He completed, his brows raising, "She will be used as bait." Dynath brushed one of his blonde bangs from his face, but it promptly fell back over his icy blue eyes, "To whom? Kanpeki and Koroshinya? For we have no argument with them."

Burll smirked slightly, revealing his sharp fangs. "Do you really believe that I would allow Donnath to die?" The elf mage smirked slightly, placing his hands inside each of his baggy sleeves as he crossed his arms, "Did he actually attempt to die?"

The dingo mage nodded, silver hair fluttering in his eyes, yet he didn't push it away, it didn't bother him, "Yes. He was dead, but I decided that wouldn't be a proper end to my vow. I must kill him, not have him kill himself."

Dynath slowly nodded.

Burll's gaze suddenly lowered, an urgent and unusual deep manner surrounded him as he spoke, "It frightened me, Dynath. I could not stand the pain. I had to leave his mind for a while."

Dynath blinked, he hadn't heard Burll this serious in quite a long time, if ever. "Sir, what did he do?"

Burll shrugged slightly and sat back up a bit, "Something no human could tolerate. Slit his wrist, arm, lost so much blood I was barely able to restore him to consciousness. We'll see what happens now, for Kanpeki and Koroshinya will aid him." The dingo glanced around the crimson glowing room, his eyes landing back on Dynath, "Summon Fotia and Aries. They will guard this place when the 3 come."

Dynath nodded as he lifted his red mask from a pocket in his robe and tied it to his face, covering his face from the nose up. It acted as a bandana as well, and the extra pieces hung around his neck, his blonde hair now spiked up. "Yes sir."

Burll stood and walked from the room, glancing back as Dynath exited, walking firmly, his head held high. The mage had raised Dynath without much care, but after being with him for almost 5 years, began to feel himself actually caring for him. Burll snuffed slightly, then shook his head, taloned paws clicking on the cold stone floor as he left into his room.

Part 9
Donnath's eyes fluttered open, and the first thing he felt was pain. He quickly closed his eyes, his head was throbbing. He opened his eyes to slits, glancing around the room he was in. The walls were lined with white and blue striped wall paper. There was a TV higher up on a stand, and beside him were various tubes connecting him to a machine. He was in a hospital. Damnit! Fuck them all! This is not what I wanted! I'll kill Burll, that damn bastard!

His eyes glanced down, causing his entire head to throb again. His vision was still blurry, not only was he almost dead, he realized, but he was also hungover. He could make out needles stuck in his wrist and arm, underneath bandages. He couldn't feel his right hand still, and his left was momentarily numb, yet he still felt as if someone was digging needles into his skin. Damn human drugs. Don't they notice I'm an elf? My fucking ears give it away.

He left his eyes open, welcoming the pain it brought to his head. He felt soft sheets against him, and realized they had taken his bloody clothes, because he saw them, now clean, in a pile at the foot of his bed. He blinked, and was amazed at the amount of pain it brought. It was interesting. His eyes stung, and as they did his head throbbed. I wonder how long Burll will be able to keep me alive. He may have won this time... but the next will not be so simple. I'll get it down quickly, not slowly. I'll use a-. His thoughts were interrupted as Kanpeki and Koro walked into his room.

Donnath glanced up, Kanpeki was dressed in jeans and a silver tank top, while Koro wore his usual baggy black pants. There was relief in their eyes as they saw Donnath awake. Even Koroshinya seemed a bit relaxed, it was hard to get to the male Saiyajin.

"Donnath, good, you're awake," Kanpeki spoke as she sat down in a chair beside his bed, her hair falling like a cape across her shoulders. "Please, tell us what happened."

Koroshinya took a seat nearby to Kanpeki, his arm going around her shoulders. Whenever he was around her he found it almost impossible to not touch her. "Please, Donnath."

Closing his eyes momentarily, the Qualanesti elf took a deep breath. "Burll took Kisei. I went for her, since you two were not home." He conveniently added that part in, since he had not been worrying about them at the time he found out of Kisei's capturing. They would have wanted to have been alerted, had they been home. "I saw Burll.... kill Kisei.... right when I got there... He killed her..." Tears fell across his cheeks again, his breathing became ragged, his voice was hoarse, "Burll threw me out after I attacked him. He is more powerful than me. I failed. He then took Ginger. His guards gave me time to leave, and I did." His eyes glanced at Kanpeki and Koro, Kan's eyes were glazed over with tears as she leaned into Koro, tail curling around his waist. He then continued, "I went home... and then... That damn mage kept me from dying! He had to pull me back! I'll fucking kill him!" Each of his cries was choked, his throat dry. It brought him pain to talk, to see, to hear.

"Burll... kept you from dying? Donnath," Koro's voice became firm, "I know what it is like to wish to die. When you feel as though you have nothing, and the pain is intolerable. Yet, it is a cowards way to end life. You are not a coward."

"I am a coward with nothing. I need nothing. I just want to die," Donnath spoke, his words flowing without thinking. He was speaking what he truly felt.

"Is all of your hope gone Donnath?!" Kanpeki's voice raised in anger, she had wiped the tears from her eyes, "Damn you! She was important to me too!"

Koro pulled Kanpeki into his arms, quieting her. Her temper made it difficult to talk sense to her when she got into a mood like she was in now. "You and I, Donnath, will go find Burll, when you regain your strength. We will kill him, in vengeance for my daughter, your wife."

Kanpeki looked up, eyes bright, "I want to help."

Koro gently brushed a hand through her hair, "Kan-chan... You are 8 months pregnant. You cannot. I will not let you." His voice was stern, Kanpeki sighed. She could not change his mind, and he had a point.

"Let's go," Donnath spoke, attempting to sit up. His head spun, he felt dizzy, congested. However, he still managed to sit up, he could handle the pain.

Koro stood, and almost gently pushed Donnath back down against his bed. "When you have regained most of your strength we will. You will need it."

Donnath growled, yet reluctantly agreed, for Koro was right. His eyes closed as he drifted off into yet another night of restless nightmares.

Part 10
Dynath glanced skyward, his red robes fluttering around him as a gust of wind picked up. The sky was dismal; gray, with a heavy overcast. It would storm soon. For some reason Dynath kept thinking that this weather suited his mood. He shrugged the thought away, he had no mood, he cared about nothing but perfecting his skill. Nothing mattered. Nothing.

Fotia and Aries landed side by side, fire flaming around each of their heads, acting as hair. Fotia, the red wolf, was first to speak, "Why do you summon for us, Dynath?"

Arms crossed, Dynath barely glanced up, "Burll orders you to guard the cave, for he expects Donnath, Koroshinya, and Kanpeki to arrive."

Aries and Fotia both raised a fiery brow, this time Aries spoke first, "I was certain that Donnath was dead, sir. May I inquire what happened?"

Dynath's eyes narrowed, he glared at Aries, "The situation does not concern you. Perform your task." He turned, stoically walking back into the cave, leaving an angry red-tailed hawk, and a puzzled, yet intrigued, red wolf.

As Dynath re-entered his cave he was met by Sleet, in anthro form. Her white fur matched her pale blue clothing and eyes, as she took stride with him. "The female requests to see you, Burll allows it."

Dynath's eyes went to Sleet, she never glanced up at him, something was bothering her. He cared for her, that much he would admit to himself; yet he didn't know how much, he didn't understand any other feeling than anger and calm. "I will go." His metal leg guards, which attached to form his boots, clicked on the ground as he entered the area of the cave where Kisei lay chained to the wall. His eyes fell to her, he kept his thoughts on the task at hand.

"You asked for me Ms. Asshi," Dynath began, before Kisei angrily snapped at him.

"It's Aldaris you bastard."

Dynath's eyes didn't change, yet he was feeling a bit... nervous. Kisei's eyes were flashing with an almost purple tinge, her face gave off a look of pure pain and anguish. She had bitten her lip long enough to make it bleed, he supposed she wanted to taste the blood. He realized, she wanted to die. "What do you want, Ms. Aldaris," He emphasized the last word.

Kisei snarled slightly, her hair had long fallen out of its ponytail and swam over her shoulders, jet black. "This child is mine, but is also yours. For it... he..." She corrected, "Belongs to your Father. I swear, when I get out of here I will hunt you down and kill you for what you've done. You let your own Father die! You fucking bastard!"

Dynath's eyes narrowed, he glanced away, briefly catching a concerned gaze from Sleet. He angrily looked away from the anthro, thinking.

Kisei choked back tears, her eyes were already bloodshot, she couldn't cry anymore, she was out of tears... and severely dehydrated. Dried blood coated the wound on her arm, as her oddly colored, mis-matched, light and midnight blue eyes gleamed with a purple hue against the red light of Burll's cave.

"Donnath's death was nothing I could have controlled," Dynath stated, his voice still apathetic. "He meant nothing more than any other person did."

Kisei's eyes flashed, completely glazed with violet, "You asshole. I hope you die and go to Hell."

Dynath glared at Kisei, brining his face inches away from her's suddenly, he smelled strongly of cinnamon, and other odd spices, "I may be going to Hell, but I'll see you there," He turned, robes fluttering about him as he quickly left the room.

Part 11
Donnath's eyes snapped open, his face beaded with cold sweat. He was getting annoyed at these dreams. You fucking bastard, get out of my head! He snarled, speaking to Burll who so cleverly entered his mind during his deepest sleep, only to leave as he regained consciousness.

Donnath knew he would kill Burll, with Koroshinya's help they could over power the anthro mage. Donnath knew the mage was powerful, yet he also knew that Burll had never full out attacked a Saiyajin, a SSJ3 Saiyajin at that. He could only hope. Hope, such a senseless emotion, it's not something I need. The Qualanesti knew that with Burll gone he could end his life without worry, and would once again see Kisei. That thought enough brought him shakily to his feet.

He stumbled, and cursed angrily. "Weak fool..." He growled, tearing the IVs from his arm, bringing the tape and needles out with a hiss. A bit of blood splattered the wall, he didn't care. Blood was becoming a very common sight.

Donnath threw off the gown he wore and slid on his baggy black jeans, noting that someone must have sewn then back together, for now patches placed the tears. They hadn't been able to save his shirt, which was in shreds, and since Koro never wore a shirt, they hadn't had a spare on hand. Koroshinya and Kanpeki had decided not to return to Donnath's hotel, therefore, he went shirtless.

Koroshinya entered Donnath's room, his sky blue eyes narrowed. "Let's go." He was dressed in normal black baggy pants, lined with the same sky blue as his eyes. He had a mask of stoicness, yet underneath was deeply troubled. Kisei was his daughter. He would avenge her death, not to mention, he was a bit angered at the elf. Yet, he continued to tell himself that it was not Donnath's fault, and when he looked at the Qualanesti's ragged state, those thoughts went fuller into play.

Donnath reached for his wrist guards, and slid them on, the inside of them gleamed with an unusual crimson against jet black, stained by the flow of the elf's own blood. He felt dizzy still, and his vision was not yet fuller back. His head throbbed, and his arms and hands ached. The painkiller's weren't working, as he had said before, humans are at times a stupid species. "Alright."

Kanpeki rushed in, and handed Donnath his sword, bow, and arrows. Then, she walked to Koro, and extended her katana. "Take it."

Koro's eyes gleamed over, the stoic mask fading for a moment as he gripped the katana in one hand and pulled Kanpeki into his arms with the other. "I'll be back, love." He kissed her, and trailed a hand across her stomach, before taking to the air.

Kanpeki's normally arrogant air was gone, and worry filled her beautiful face. Her midnight blue eyes glanced to Donnath, who she found was staring at her. "Take care."

Donnath felt tears well in his eyes as he thought of Kisei, yet soon he pushed back the tears with blind rage. This will all be over soon, destroy Burll and you will be free. He chanted quietly in elven to himself, swung his bow and arrows across his back, gritting his teeth in pain, hooked his sword at his side, and then took to the air in a flash of red flame after Koroshinya.

Part 12
Dynath leaned against a wall, watching Kisei sleep. She had finally collapsed, and was leaning her head on her shoulder, sleeping uneasily. He could kill her now, he decided. Why did Burll want to keep her alive? And that odd dragon... FlameStrike, who was helping torture her. Why did they want her so? Donnath would be killed either way, and the pain had been inflicted to him. Therefore, why were they keeping the female Saiyajin alive?

Dynath whirled around as he heard talons clicking on the ground behind him, his face angered at an interruption. Yet the angered expression faded as he saw it was Diosa who stood in front of him, her young face radiating with beauty, a beauty Dynath found himself falling for. "What do you want?"

Diosa didn't flinch anymore, she had realized how harsh he could be, and she understood. Yet she also knew that he treated her a bit differently than the others, and that drew her to him, like a moth to a flame. "Just stopping by, you seem a bit edgy..." Her aqua eyes looked to Dynath, whose expression didn't change a bit. "How is the situation progressing?"

"Nicely," Dynath growled, shuffling Diosa out of the room where Kisei slept. He preferred to talk about such sensitive cases in privacy, in case the Saiyajin was faking to sleep, even though he highly doubted it.

Diosa kept stride with Dynath, her bushy red tail swaying behind her, as her fox ears slid back against her red and black hair, "And by that you mean...?"

Dynath entered his area of the cave, allowing Diosa in with him before re-sealing the room with his spell of protection. "Kisei believes Donnath dead, and he would be if Burll had not pulled him from death."

Before he could continue Diosa interrupted, crossing her paws, "How did he almost die?"

Dynath sensed that she was retaliating against him. Diosa had always believed that the usage of others in a war against one person was not needed. Therefore, she found that bringing Kisei into the situation of the war against Donnath was not needed. Yet in war, he knew, it was. "Suicide."

Diosa sighed, and seemed to cringe, "How horrible..."

"He is weak," Dynath stated bluntly. "Suicide is an escape, an easy way out of a situation. The weak choose it."

Diosa snarled, her eyes flashing, "Weak?! Dynath what IS your problem?!"

Dynath's icy blue eyes widened, he backed up a step, leaning against a wall, completely caught off-guard by this unusual outbreak of the normally complacent Guruo.

Diosa stepped towards him still, eyes narrowed, flame colored hair seeming to match this odd mood, "He is a living being. He has feelings, emotions, problems. How would you feel if the person you loved the most in your life was destroyed?!"

Dynath began to regain himself, he growled at Diosa, "I would definitely not handle it in such a weak manner."

The fox Guruo shook her head, stepping back from Dynath and turning her back to him, hugging her paws around herself, and curling her tail about her waist, "You never have loved someone, have you Dynath?"

Dynath said nothing, simply looked off towards a wall.

"I didn't expect a reply," She walked out of the cave, not needing to get Dynath to take down the spell. He had given her access to his area of the cave.

Dynath's eyes followed Diosa, "Diosa..." He slurred, he felt himself tremble. "What have I done...?" He leaned against the wall, closing his eyes as pieces of blonde hair fell over them.

You are doing the right thing, Dynath. Our vow will be completed. Revenge will be our's! She is a fool, young, childish. Ignore her words! Burll's voice rang through Dynath's head, as the Qualanesti elf's ears twitched as he thought.

Yes sir, he replied, gathering his robes about him as he gripped his staff, heading towards the exit. Donnath and Koroshinya were approaching at rapid speed.

Part 13
Donnath gripped his sword tightly, feeding off of the fresh pain it brought to his arms and hands. The deep gash in his wrist was freshly stitched, and he could feel the threads pulling against his flesh. "Koroshinya, be aware of Burll's guards, Fotia and Aries, they most likely will atta-"

Donnath was cut short as a flash of red flame shot by him. He jerked his head up, his icy blue eyes meeting with Fotia's golden orbs. "You return, how stupid are you elf?" She shot down from the sky towards the elf, sending with her a blast of crimson fire.

Koroshinya engaged Aries, easily overpowering the anthromorph. "Use this elf," the male Saiyajin called out between breathes, coating the elf with a spell as black light snaked around his arms. "Ripple of Darkness!"

Everything went black, not even Fotia or Aries magic could break through the spell. Koroshinya saw through it of course, since it was his spell he was using. He shot twin ki blasts towards the anthromorphs, easily knocking them unconscious.

"Now, to destroy Burll!" Donnath snarled, flying towards the entrance of the cave, using the spell Koro had supplied him with to see through the darkness that was beginning to fade away.

"Not so fast!" A new voice exclaimed, causing Koroshinya and Donnath to jerk their heads towards the origin of the sound.

"FLUKE!" Donnath's rage leaped to a new level, "You bitch! What the Hell are you doing here?!" He darted towards the anthromorph dingo, the pain from his arms feeling nothing but numb against his new fury.

Fluke giggled, stepping gracefully to a side while a grin played across her lips, "Aw, no hug? No hello? I suppose you are a bit mad at Burll, he's such a meanie sometimes." Her silver hair overflowed from her red headband, contrasting with her lime green eyes.

"You are not part of this, Pyrite! This is between Burll and I, not you!" Donnath snarled, everything was blank. He hadn't ever felt like this before, yet the feeling didn't bother him, but that was simply due to the effects it was having on his mind.

"And neither is he," Fluke pointed at Koroshinya, eyes gleaming, "If my own brother is not of my concern, then neither is the dead one's father."

'The dead one's.' The words echoed in Donnath's mind, "I swear I'll-"

Koroshinya placed a hand on Donnath's shoulder, "I'll handle her, then follow. You go on to Burll."

Donnath glared up, he almost matched Koroshinya in height, but the Saiyajin had him by a few inches. Normally the elf would have opposed to such an action, but his mind kept telling him to attack Burll, kill him... So he decided he would. He left Koroshinya, dashing into the cave, fire still flaming around him.

Fluke surprisingly allowed the elf to leave. At least, it was a surprise to Koroshinya. He didn't know that Burll was throwing orders at Fluke left and right, mentally. The dingo took on a fighting stance, slitted skirt swinging around her paws. "Let's go." And she leapt at Koroshinya.

Part 14
Burll's mis-matched eyes flashed, Donnath approached. Sleet entered the cave, in anthro form, casting an angry glare towards Dynath, one of the elf didn't pick up on, he was surprisingly distant, eyes glazed over.

"Burll!" Donnath snarled, gripping his blade as he entered the main portion of the cave, "I'll kill you! You fucking bastard!"

"What would you go through to kill me Donnath?" Burll hissed, a smirk on his muzzle, "Dynath, take him."

The young elf was caught a bit off-guard by this command. Yet he reminded himself of who Donnath was, how he deserved to die. His anger fueled, the Qualanesti mage gripped his staff and walked in front of Donnath.

They were strikingly alike in appearance. Donnath's hair was wilder, and Dynath's longer. Both had the same styled bangs, same icy blue eyes, almost same height, and almost the same build. Donnath had used more physical fighting, and therefore was at an advantage over Dynath in such an area. But as far as Dynath was concerned physical power was nothing. Mental was everything, or so he had been trained.

"You will be destroyed, Donnath," Dynath hissed, red light flowing around his staff as he chanted.

Donnath could speak elven, he could tell what Dynath was muttering, but not enough to make out the spell, for he wasn't fluent in magic. His mind was racing, the rage was still there, yet so was remorse now, he couldn't attack his own son, even if he was an enemy... he couldn't...

Dynath unleashed his spell, red light engulfing Donnath's body, draining his strength and slamming him back into a wall. He would destroy Donnath now, and his goal would be completed, he'd live in satisfaction for the rest of his life.

Donnath snarled, not wanting to show pain, he didn't feel it, not until he tried to protect his head with his left arm. "Shit!" He snarled, cringed, and glanced at his wrist. Blood poured from the newly stitched cut, gushing down his arms as it was ripped open by rock. He looked up, eyes flashing, "Dynath, let me fight Burll, this should not involve you."

"I have my orders," Dynath simply stated, feeding of his apathy as he sent a blast of fire towards Donnath, causing the older elf to cringe and bite down on his tongue and lips, blood beginning to flow from his mouth.

"Dynath, please..." Donnath quietly spoke, he couldn't bring himself to attack Dynath. This is how I'm going to die. I would have rather it been at my own hands... not at my own son's. He thought, I loose...

Dynath powered up a spell that would easily finish Donnath off with a blast through the heart, however Burll suddenly stepped between them, clapping. "What a show! Donnath, you are such a stubbornly smart idiot. I respect that."

Donnath and Dynath both looked at Burll, clearly confused. "I love those looks of pure confusion, makes me feel satisfied." The dingo smirked, "Donnath, your love for Kisei truly is pure, and your love for your betrayed son is stupid, you are merely trying to cover yourself up for your past actions, yet... your stubbornness is admirable."

"Dynath, your persistence and loyalty is honorable, you would have won the battle, that shows to both of you which form of life, yours," He looked to Dynath, "Or yours," He growled, glancing at Donnath, "is more powerful. And it is his, Donnath, not yours. You would have died. But," The mage extended a hand as FlameStrike carried Kisei who was gagged and still in the bonds out to Burll, "This round of the game is over."

Donnath's eyes widened, he found that he couldn't breathe... he was so happy, he felt as if he had been born again, as if his life was beginning for the very first time.

FlameStrike sat Kisei down with a scowl in front of Donnath before stalking back to Burll. It had taken much convincing from the mage to the dragon that they would turn Kisei back to Donnath if he did as predicted.

Donnath took Kisei in his arms and began to leave, but glanced back, his eyes meeting Dynath's, as he turned and left the cave.

Part 15
Donnath exited the cave and motioned towards Koro, as Fluke was already on her way of retreating at Burll's command. The fight had been even, both warriors almost equally powerful, surprisingly enough.

Donnath gently took the gags off of Kisei, and unwrapped her bonds that fell against his touch, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her with a powerful passion.

Kisei kissed Donnath in an equally strong manner, as she fell into his arms, crying tears of joy. She felt Koro's hand on her back and couldn't stop the tears. "Donnath... I thought you were dead... They told me you were dead..." She mumbled as Donnath kissed her repeatedly, arms around her.

"Shh..." His finger went to her lips, "We'll discuss it later." Donnath realized how happy he was, and then his eyes widened as Ginger came bounding towards the group, pouncing Donnath to the ground and licking his face.

Kisei smiled, as Koro hugged her closely. She rested her head on his shoulder, then let go and put her arms back around Donnath as he stood, gently petting Ginger with one hand. She took a deep breath, taking in Donnath's scent. Her eyes widened as she looked at his arm, noticing it for the first time. "You're hurt..."

Donnath closed his eyes and buried his face in Kisei's hair, breathing deeply, "Don't worry about it. We have much to talk about," He took her in his arms and began to lift into the air, Koro and Ginger taking to the air behind them.

Donnath allowed a smile to play on his lips, he was happy again, the feeling seeming new. He held Kisei tightly against him as he flew, not ever wanting to let her go.

Part 16
Dynath glanced at Burll, his eyes flashing. "I wasn't expecting that, I must admit sir." Burll smirked, walking by the Qualanesti with FlameStrike at his side, "That was the goal. We will return later, we have business to discuss with Matri."

Dynath watched the two leave, and noticed that Sleet was also gone. He was alone, and with Burll gone his thoughts would not be monitored. He went to his room and leaned against the cave wall beside his bed, sliding across the wall until he sat down.

"Why did I almost kill my father? How could I? What if Burll's wrong? What if Donnath never did abandon me? No.. Burll wouldn't lie, he wouldn't... " He shivered, pulling his arms around him. "Get yourself together... but... what if..."

Diosa peered in Dynath's room, quietly entering. She sat down beside him, she knew he knew she was here, but why he wasn't reacting was beyond her. "Dynath, I heard you mumbling... I didn't mean to overhear, but, you'll never know who's right, Burll or Donnath, just do what you feel that is right. Right here," She trailed a talon across his neck, down to his heart and left it there.

Dynath glanced up, his eyes glazed over in tears, "I don't know anymore, what if I did the wrong thing? I could have killed him, could have killed an innocent life... all for what? Burll's liking? But I have to obey Burll, I have to, he took care of me, I'm his apprentice, I'm going against all of my training..."

Diosa placed her talon on Dynath's lips, silencing him, "Calm down. You need to rest."

"How can I? I'm so confused Diosa..." He rested his head against Diosa's shoulder, eyes shut tightly.

Diosa ran a hand through Dynath's hair, gently trailing it through, "Shhh..."

Dynath knew one thing amongst his confusion, he knew he felt something he hadn't ever felt before... an odd emotion. He cared for Diosa, he had grown so close to her over the past month that Kisei had been in their captivity. "Diosa," He glanced up, "There is something I'm not confused about."

Diosa's aqua eyes focussed on Dynath's crystal pair, "What's that?"

The elf didn't speak another word, but pulled Diosa to him, kissing her gently, and a bit awkwardly. He had never kissed anyone before.

Diosa's arms went around Dynath as she kissed him in return, falling into his arms as he leaned back on his bed.


"Pleased to meet you Disaru," Matri Guruo smirked, revealing needle-sharp wolf like fangs. "Burll approaches, your help will be greatly appreciated."

Disaru Aldaris grinned, an evil grin that caused Matri to smirk more.

"I can't wait to help," Disaru smirked, running a hand through his wild blonde hair, and narrowing his icy blue eyes.

Kisei, Koroshinya, and Diosa (c) RazorWing, Donnath, Dynath, Burll, Kanpeki, Sleet, Disaru and story (c) SilverWing as finished on May 28, 2000.