************************************************************************* This is my first story. It’s been a fantasy of mine for a while and it’s nice to get it on

* paper. I hope You guys enjoy it!.

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Contains M/M sexual interactions.



M/M, Group, Mild-NC, Aphrodisiacs (Not really), Light Bondage, Spooge, Anal, Oral


Initiation  - \xA9Nuv 2005


We threw a bottle at the front door, laughing as some twerpy tranny tried to dodge it as he entered.  I snarled my teeth and took a drought of my beer, “Come out and fight yah prissy bitch!”


We weren’t bigots. We had been accused, but we had gay friends.  But they were ‘assimilated’ so to speak.  They weren’t…well. queer. Hell, they even did this with us every once in a while. It was a rare occasion, and we weren’t proud of it, but a few beers and few inebriated decisions later we found ourselves chiding the gay bar.


Mike was the only other guy with me tonight. He was busy standing at the door of some fox’s car, keeping him from getting out and staring him down. The twerp’s eyes were wide and his frame shook as he contemplated how to escape the confines of his car. Mike could probably lift the compact the guy was in. He was intimidating to the point that sometimes he scared me. It was kind of ironic considering I was a tiger, but he was 7’ 9” and 290 pounds of cut ‘beat the shit out of you’ muscle.


The barkeep came outside and threatened to call the cops on us. He knew us actually, he ran a couple bars. Wasn’t even gay himself that we knew, just needed the profit. I stared blankly at him, not sure if I should comply.  I didn’t think about what he had said too much and he left.


I stopped throwing beer bottles but still kept on trying to pick fights with the skinny fags trying to get in. Mike was now blocking his car in with himself, as the occupant was now vainly trying to get out of his parallel parking job without bumping into my friend.


Then the barkeep came out again.


“If I give you guys free drinks will you leave us the hell alone?”


Mike was soon to leave the poor fag in his car alone, coming to the door and placing his order. He got a bottle of vodka and I a bottle of jack.  We then saluted the equine barkeep and went on our way.


We started drinking them at the door and walked our way back to the bus stop. We didn’t make it far though. Drunk beyond rationality, first Mike dropped, trying his best to lap out more of the vodka from the bottle before he finally passed out. I stared at him, drank a few more mouthfuls of my drink before my head began to swim and I sat down against a wall near him.



I woke up with the massive hangover I had expected. My eyes were crossed from the pain in my head and I was exhausted. Where I ended up was a mystery of course. If I was lucky there would be a vixen stretched out beside me.  If I was unlucky, there’d be an ugly pig next to me. Most likely I was back in my apartment, alone.


I turned to look for a clock, rubbing my eyes. The room was dark however, slightly unfamiliar, and the bed was stiffer than I remember. I decided to get up and call Mike to make sure he was alright.


Something stopped me though.   I tried sitting up and found my waist immobile. Confusion hit me like a sack of bricks. Around my waist and the base of my legs were straps, holding me to the mattress. Also, when I felt around a little more, I found my sheath and concluded quickly that I was naked.


I sobered up fast after that. The bed below me began to feel VERY unfamiliar and so did the feeling under my tail. Turning, I looked to see Mike, passed out and strapped to my ass.


I began to struggle, but the straps were tight and I was still a little dizzy from the previous nights drinking. Mike’s balls were right under my ass and the feeling almost made me ill; his sheath rubbing against my tailhole only made me more desperate to escape.


Suddenly I froze, I heard Mike moan.


“Hey honey, you should wait ‘til I give consent,” he crooned, thinking he had bagged himself a piece of ass.


I hit him across the face, “Wake up you drunk fuck! I’m trapped on your cock!”


Mike blinked and stared at his crotch. He followed the tail thrashing across his chest, looked up the striped back contorting in attempts to escape.


“What’s wrong baby?” he stuttered, “Why do you have me chained to the bed girl?”


I had to hit him again, “It’s ME! Jarred!  WAKE UP! You’ve got to…do something….you’re starting to get a boner you horny fuck!”


Mike blinked and started struggling himself, “When did you turn queer!?! What kind of sick fuck are you!”


“I didn’t do this asshole!  And quit…AHHH! Stop it with the dick man!”


Mike suddenly humped up and grunted, “Well maybe if you wouldn’t squirm like a little bitch!”


The horse cock under me was starting to peek from its sheath. Pre was soaking the base of my tail and I could feel the head flare against my sphincter. I stopped moving, too afraid he would get harder.


“There, I’m not moving!”


“What the hell happened?” Mike demanded.


“I don’t know! You passed out and so I was gonna watch yah to make sure you were okay. I dozed off and woke up on your horny ass! Does it look like there’s a buckle on my back?”


He looked around and shook his head, “I don’t see shit man, but I think there’s one under me. Where are we?”


Suddenly light flooded the room and the sound of footsteps circled our bed. My eyes adjusted and I saw before us several naked furs, all men, all horny.


“Hey Jarred!” a bruin called, moving his way to the front of the line, his thick dick hard in one hand and a bottle in the other. The group surrounded us closely. “Turn them over,” the bruin commanded, his rotund gut shaking as he let out a chuckle.


A thousand hands began feeling me up, as they lifted Mike and turned him over on top of me, not even bothering to uncuff him. His arms crossed and I found myself smashed under him, hands groping my crotch roughly.  My feelings betrayed me and I became quickly aroused, sighing heavily and unconsciously humping into the hands teasing my cock.


Mike grunted again, his cock and balls were pressed against my ass, “Dude! Don’t move!”


My mind went blank, the feeling of his genitals resting against my rump was weird, but I found myself reluctant to pull away from his crotch. “I can’t…they’re doing it to me…” I lied, rubbing back against this balls and cock, feeling it once again harden my mind turning itself inside out as I suddenly wondered what I was doing.


Mike thrashed, “What are you doing to my ass!”


The bruin laughed as his companions started climbing on the bed, two of them immediately silencing us by planting their tongues in our throats. While they lay on their sides, kissing us in our imprisoned state, others began surrounding them. The fox kissing me winked and I suddenly recognized him, the same guy we had kept in his car. While I watched his cock was swallowed by a panther of similar build to me. A bull beside him lifted the fox’s leg and began eating him out, everyone moaning around us.


Suddenly I felt a finger probing between my ass and Mike’s hardening dick. A hard object was pressed lightly against my anus and pushed in easily, a slick finger lingering to tease my insides.


The fox stopped kissing me and started panting as he was also teased by the bull, who was rubbing his dripping dick along the cleft of the fox’s butt.


“What was that?!?” I demanded, panting heavily as I felt a mouth envelope my cock.


Suddenly the bruin was in front of me, crawling on the bed and sitting just in front of the fox, which began licking his ass passionately. He lifted Mike’s mouth to his and fed him his finger, and to my surprise, Mike began suckling it. “It was a suppository, an aphrodisiac. It’ll give you some stamina too…” He moaned and took a pill from the bottle and put it in his own ass before spreading his cheeks once again for the fox’s tongue. “Feelin' it yet?”


It took a little bit, but I felt a wave of heat envelope my skin. My cock swelled to its full hardness and the tongue swirling endlessly around the tip caused me to thrust forward hard. As I did, I felt a cock pressed against my face and a hardened horse dick beginning to push into my rear. Intoxicated by the drug, I began licking the slick flesh in front of me, trying in vain to pull the massive balls into my mouth and desperately wanting the horse dick up in my tail.


I pushed back against Mike’s swollen member, the tip of his cock already flared and ramming my tailhole open. He had a lot of pre, and his head slipped from side to side as his hips turned, trying to get inside me. To my surprise, when it finally got in, it didn’t hurt. The feeling firstly was just, full, then it evolved as his member grew, crawling deeper into me, coating my gut with his pre. Then I couldn’t help it, I started trusting on and off his cock as far as the straps could let me. I felt Mike's hand on my ass, feeling his cock with fascination as it went in me. Attention turned on us and I began sucking the bruin’s dick in gratitude.


The straps loosened and fell to the sheets. The cuffs unlatched and slid off the bed, Mike’s hands wrapped around me and my balls, as he began deeper thrusts into my rectum.


I looked up as I molested the bruins balls only to see the barkeep, a stallion as well, being serviced by Mike, who was already able to deep throat the whole 14” cock and lick around his sheath and balls at the same time.   I too found my throat relaxed and could easily down the cock in front of me, which had to be at least as thick as my forearm.


My loins began to stir and the mouth below me backed off before I could reach climax. I whimpered desperately as I sucked hard on the bruin’s dick. He rubbed my ears lovingly, humping gently and whispering little encouragements as I slathered his mushroom of a head with my sloppy tongue. I kissed it, mouthed it, nuzzled it, and nipped at it, feeling a sudden urge to have his load in my gut, to have as many loads as possible in my mouth. The taste of his pre, the feeling of being fucked, the orgy taking place around us, I couldn’t help it anymore!


The bruin started to hug my head to his crotch and I felt his dick rub the back of my throat. I molested his dick with my tongue, finally feeling the first spurt jet into my mouth, filling it quickly. My hand reached up, hugging my face to his waist and squeezing his sack, feeling another, larger jet flood my mouth and spill out around my lips. I held as much as I could in my mouth, my cheeks literally bulging from the pressure when the bruin finally pulled out, his cock spraying me in the face, coating my neck and chest in his pungent scent and flavor.


I was drunk on sex now and began licking his cock clean of his own seed. Suddenly he was gone and a new cock was in front of me, the fox’s.  He sat in front of me; his ass upturned a little to show off his coated anus. His eyes fell over mine and he winked again, nodding toward the animal mating me.


The sensation was different from having your cock stimulated. It was this inner feeling I had never felt before. I felt warm while being mated, full (very full now that Mike’s 12” cock was at full mast), and at the same time I felt this completely irrational feeling of ecstasy, just from being fucked. My dick felt pleasure, but my body screamed it as it was rammed relentlessly by his huge cock.


I looked up at Mike, his head resting against my shoulder as he sucked the meat being rammed down his throat. My lips began to press against his neck, then his cheek. Words came out of my mouth, “I love you Mike…” Mike suddenly withdrew from the cock in front of him, his mouth planting against mine, a wash of pre and tongue flowing into my mouth as he wrestled against my surprise induced restraint.


The barkeep was jacking his cock and pressed it between our lips. Instinctively we both began to lick his cock, kiss it, rub against it, before it exploded, our mouths opening for the onslaught of cum, our tongues half trying to catch our prize, half trying to catch each other.


We were covered quickly.  The barkeep, though he was smaller than Mike in stature, had balls the size of grapefruits and we were drenched in his seed.


The smell, the feel, the cock, all of this got to Mike who gripped me hard around the waist, forgetting any inhibitions he had and began fucking me brutally. It was a shock to be ravaged so relentlessly, my only comfort coming from the fox’s cock I was suckling. Mike’s head flared, his cock knocking the wind out of me. His balls seized up, jostling me before he tensed, slamming one last time before he finally came.


A hose went off in my ass.  The sensation caused me to squirm with delight as I felt him pump what felt like a gallon of his sperm into my insides. He held me so tight to his crotch he nearly pulled me off of the Fox’s cock who had, in turn, lost his own load to the sight before him. Swallowing and being injected with cum, I felt oddly at ease with myself, peaceful. I had satisfied my friend in an intimate way. The concept had never crossed my mind, but now it had happened and I was happy for it. I squeezed my ass around his meat, feeling it start to slow its onslaught. Cum seeped out of every orifice in my body, and I felt happy.


I found myself kissing the fox, the bruin, the barkeep, as did Mike. We were eventually pulled apart and left to gaze at the remaining men as they fucked and sucked each other. My ass wasn’t sore, but tingled still as if I had been climaxing for an hour.


Suddenly I felt the bruin next to my ear. He licked it as he was being fucked by the panther and whispered, “Those were just sugar pills.”


I didn’t feel betrayed, “Instead, I kissed him, and nuzzled him gently.”



It was later that night.  Mike was carrying me to his apartment, nosing me and squeezing my rump as we entered his home. We were soon undressed, and in his room, rolling on the bed, Mike's cock freely erect, pressed against mine.


“You don’t feel weird about what happened last night, do you?” he asked suddenly, looking into my eyes innocently as ever.


“I’m just glad it was two of us… Only God knows what would’ve happened if I had been in that alone and you had found out.” I teased.


He rolled over onto his back, pulling me on top of him. His legs spread and raised high above me and he squeezed my rump toward his ass.


Pleading eyes looked at me as he subconsciously began suckling his own cock, “I want to return the favor…” he said.


I happily complied.


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